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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 18th – George Makes a Stunning Nomination

Will and Booger talk privately about how alone Janie is now, and that she needs them. Boog still seems to want to take her out of the game now though. Will’s working him hard, trying to convince him that James is the one who should go. Danielle and Erika come up, and it’s an all-out Janie bash-fest now. Will tries a couple of times to turn the conversation around, but no one listens to him. Tonight is a perfect example of the love/hate relationship fans have with Will. He doesn’t make personal attacks, but he really does seem to like to weaken people and then attack when they’re down.

Janelle is having a glass of wine and sitting quietly, listening to people talk around her. George is trying to say things to make her feel better, and she’s just nodding occasionally. He says, “this isn’t a funeral!” and I want to smack him upside the head with a bucket of slop. Janie is talking with him though, and even smiling a couple of times. From the way he’s talking to her now, saying that they’re both alone in the house, it seems like he wants to offer her an alliance. Janelle has suddenly become hot property.

The storage room is open, and there are three bottles of wine in there. Danielle decides that it’s one bottle each for the women. Oh, there’ a good idea. Let’s get drunk when emotions are running high.

Everyone’s outside now, and Erika suggests that they all get in the hot tub. Danielle doesn’t seem keen on the idea, and Will asks Janie, who says no. As everyone is either in the hot tub or getting ready to jump in, Janelle and Dani sit and talk about wine for a few minutes. Then Janie lights a cigarette and is once again left alone. She’s still crying, wiping stray tears from her face so no one will see them.

Danielle and James take a walk back into the house, speculating on who Booger will nominate. Neither one of them knows for sure, and they think that if things don’t work out he’ll use his special power to change the noms at the last minute. Danielle starts talking about the S6 strategy, saying that she assumed they’d all come in playing for themselves. The way they went about playing the game doesn’t make sense to her, because it’s not the way she would have done it. Ugh.

Janelle is inside now and sitting on the couch in the bathroom. She’s sobbing again. James comes in and acts like a true friend, even though he seems a bit uncomfortable. She really breaks down, saying she wants to leave. Will comes by and asks if she needs anything, and she says “a shotgun”. Will agrees and says he’ll plan a mass suicide with her when he gets out of the DR. She’s not joking though. She’s telling James that she’s been thinking of suicide, and it’s not just about she and Howie being blindsided. James doesn’t know how to handle this, but he does a good job of trying to get her to see that she’s stronger than this.

Janelle goes from the bathroom to the red bedroom where Dani and Erika are talking about their audition tapes. They try to console Janie, and Erika even starts crying too. Weird. Will comes in and tries to convince Janie to go up to the HoH room with him and Booger to listen to some music, but Janie wants to get a bed ready for herself in the tarantula room. She ends up taking Booger’s old bed. Yuck – doesn’t she remember what he does in there every night?

Will stays with Janie, trying to divert her attention. She keeps saying that she’s sick, she has a fever and feels like she’s going to vomit. She wants out of the house, wants to take a voluntary exit. She mentions suicide again, but Will won’t indulge this conversation. He changes the subject, and suddenly they’re talking about county fairs and going on rides. And Janie is laughing a little bit. Then they talk about living in the Midwest, and how cold it is, and about skiing etc.

Suddenly all feeds go up to Booger and Erika spooning in the HoH bed. Thanks a lot camera people. Here I was enjoying the fact that Janelle was finally smiling, and you give me this? Yuck-O. They’re laughing at Howie, and I don’t have the stomach to watch it.

Thankfully we go back downstairs, where Will is saying that they have to be up by 9:30 tomorrow morning for something. He’s not sure what, but it’s probably the nomination ceremony and then the veto comp. Janie decides to go outside for a cigarette, so James and Danielle slink in to talk to Will. James wants to know if this is real or if Janie is faking it. Will looks at James like he has a second head on his shoulders, and says it’s real. He explains that Janelle is an emotional person, and a lot of things have hit her today all at once. He says that it didn’t help that she was close to winning HoH until a little person hit her in the face with a chocolate pie and everyone else cheered. Bastards.

Will says that he’s not sure what Booger is going to do with the nominations, but his ideal would be for Erika and Janelle to go up together, and then use George as a replacement if one of them gets the veto.

Janelle comes back inside and takes a shower. She just looks wrecked, like she doesn’t give a shit any more. She goes back outside afterwards, and Will joins her again. Janie says that Danielle makes her feel physically sick. Hee – there’s that spark coming back! But then Dani comes out to chat with them, and Janie is mostly silent again. They talk for a few minutes, and then Janie puts out her cig and goes inside.

Will and Danielle talk about the nominations briefly, and then Will says that he wouldn’t even be here now if Dani hadn’t told him to go up and convince Janie to fall in love with him. Now I’m the one who feels like vomiting.

Janie comes out and asks Will to come play cards with her. He agrees. Inside, Janelle is telling James that all their friends are gone and she wants to go home. Will comes in and they go to play War with the cards. Janie says she’s done, and quite loudly tells him that she’s finished working for him and Booger. Will asks her when it was that she actually fell in love with him, and she ignores him. She keeps asking him to vote her out, but he refuses. He says that he needs her, and she retorts that he has Booger.

Will promises to be Janelle’s muse, to light her fire again. She’s not biting. He says he has a plan, and she says, “okay, after you put me up and vote me out …”. This is hilarious. She tells him to deal with what he’s done on his own, and then adds “good bye and good riddance”. She adds that everyone was talking about putting him and Booger up and forcing Boog to use his “power”. Will wants to know who said this, and she says everyone – Danielle, Erika, James, George. She’s really snippy with him for once.

Now they’re talking about splitting the money again. Janie says that he can talk money to her, but please spare her the stupid stories and false promises. Snap! Will is telling her that he’s planning to go into sequester to rally the votes for Booger to win. Janelle thinks that won’t happen, and she also thinks James will go up this week and win the veto, and then she’ll laugh at them. Go Janie!

They go outside, and Janie tells Will that he can either offer her more money or send her home. Hee. He says he doesn’t want an employee, he wants a partner. He says that Booger is jealous and thinks that Janie is coming between them. Er, what? Danielle comes out, and Janie asks her to vote her out. Danielle refuses, and tells her she needs to get back in the game. They all laugh over Howie’s “spool of lies” thing, and then discuss George’s strategy or lack thereof.

Danielle leaves, and Will goes into full flirt mode. They’re both playing each other now, and it’s fun to watch. I like these two together. Not as much as Howie and Kaysar, but they could really do some damage in the house if they could cut everyone else loose. Not that it would happen of course. Will finally tells her that they’ll talk again in the morning, but he will try and keep her safe this week.

Will goes in to bed, and Janie walks around for a while looking glum. She goes to the bathroom and gets ready for bed, and a few minutes later we have a silent house of sleeping hamsters. Whew – what a day!

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