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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 18th – George Makes a Stunning Nomination

It’s now two hours until the vote. Only two hours left of watching Howie this season. Not to sound like an obsessed fan, but he’s one of the only really genuine people left. It’s going to suck watching the rest of the house tear into Janelle and then try to out-scumbag each other to get to the final two.

Janelle goes to talk to George, and she’s happy and thanking him for sparing her. He apologizes for putting Howie on the block, but says again that there was no one else. George starts blowing smoke up Janie’s butt, telling her what a champion she is and how much he admires her.

Oooh! One of the feeds gives us a quick shot of the backyard, and there are little people dressed up as gnomes running around throwing pies. Nope, I’m not hallucinating. At least I don’t think I am …

Janie makes one last attempt at securing Chill Town’s votes. They confirm that they’re keeping Howie, and she tells them she has to be sure because they flipped the vote on her last week. Janelle, I adore you, but you need to buy yourself a clue where these two are concerned. You’re about to lose the only person in the house who is truly loyal to you.

When Janie leaves, Will says that if it were up to him, he’s turf Erika this week and then put up Danielle and James with the Coup power and vote out James. Booger is surprised, but Will says that he can control Janelle, and Janelle can control Howie. James shows up and tries to pitch the idea of keeping Howie, but Boog says that Erika will go after Janelle so they need to keep her. James says that if he wins HoH, he’ll put up George and Erika with the plan of backdooring Janelle. Danielle arrives and puts the kibosh on any discussion involving keeping Howie in the house. She says “it’s done” – they’re keeping Erika.

And it’s now time for flames. And then trivia. Bye Howie, I’ll miss you. The flames last for quite a while, as you can imagine, and all of us “internet people” are wondering if they’ll come back before Sunday’s show. On a side note, I talked to the people at Real.com to ask them if the feeds would be coming back, and was told repeatedly that they were still up. When I pointed out that no, there was trivia and a never-ending loop of BB theme music, they quoted the user agreement at me that CBS has the option to do this. So I just gave up, because it didn’t seem that they understood my questions at all. Fun times.

Anyway, the feeds do indeed come back after a few hours. Howie is gone. I am sad. But not as sad as Janelle, who is crying like it’s her job. To make matters worse, Booger is the new HoH. I know – he actually won a comp! But what a crappy time to do it.

Will and Booger are sitting together talking about getting James out of the house. Interesting. Boog doesn’t trust James at all. From the sounds of it, they’re not all that sure of Danielle either. They want to try and work Janelle’s hatred for Danielle and Erika, and maybe use her to get rid of them down the line. Could Janie possibly be safe this week?

Poor Janelle. She’s crying really hard, with her face crammed into a pillow. Danielle and Erika come in and try to cheer her up, promising a girls’ night with nail polish and ice cream, and hopefully wine. Erika adds that maybe they’ll even make out, but the boys can’t watch. Shut up Erika. You can’t say things like that and then call Janie a whore behind her back. It doesn’t work that way.

James appears to be truly upset about Howie leaving. He’s trying to comfort Janelle, and he really does look sincere. That James is one complicated person. James leaves her alone for a while, and she wraps herself up in a blanket and just sobs. Gut-wrenching, shaky sobs. She really didn’t see this coming, and now, with Will and Booger voting for Howie to leave, she’s completely alone in the house.

In the kitchen, everyone else is making fun of Howie and how inappropriate his behaviour was. Apparently he whacked Booger’s hat off his head or something on the way out. He didn’t take it well at all. Can you blame him? Will says that Howie was truly blindsided, and George mumbles that it’s too bad. Shut up George. Go back to your slop. Will says “A little person just hit me in the face with a chocolate pie”, which brings giggles from the others.

Cut to Janelle, still crying by herself. Booger comes in to join her and says something about being afraid of Howie coming after him. This is clearly the wrong thing to say, and Janie gets even more upset and yells at him. Heehee. Boog backpedals, saying that Howie gave away their alliance and reacted badly to being nominated. He apologizes and leaves Janie alone again.

Now it’s time for Will to turn on the charm. He comes in and tells Janelle that he doesn’t blame her if she hates him, but he’s truly sorry and feels terrible about breaking his word to them. Then he compliments her, saying that she’s a princess and looks cute in her blanket. Janelle sniffles and says that if Howie had stayed, he would have been loyal to Chill Town.

This goes on for quite a while. Will is really good at this – he’s weaving bits of truth into what he’s saying, presenting it all as something positive and good for Janelle. He says that now she’s alone and can commit to Chill Town. They’ll all work together. Janie doesn’t want to hear it though. She’s still crying. He says that he feels like crying every day in this house. It’s getting deep in here folks. Bring your own shovels.

Danielle, Erika, and Booger are discussing how Janelle is acting like a spoiled little girl because things didn’t go her way. They don’t seem to understand how deep the friendship is between Janie and Howie, and how Janie is feeling responsible for her best friend leaving the house. It’s crazy – Janelle doesn’t get upset or show emotion and they call her a heartless bitch, but when she cries she’s acting like a spoiled princess.

Dani tells James that Booger is planning to put Janelle on the block. James asks if he’s going up with her, and Danielle seems to think it’s a good idea. A rerun of her own plan from a couple of weeks ago that ended up with Kaysar leaving. So how is this a good plan again? James thinks that Howie and Janelle are going to hate him. Dani doesn’t care, she’s talking about herself. She says that technically, she hasn’t screwed anyone over yet. So she’s not evil if we look at her technical game, I guess.

Will is begging (not Erika-style begging of course) Janelle to get mad at him. It would make him feel better, he says. She’s not mad at him, but she does say that she hates Erika and Danielle. I do too honey, but they aren’t the ones playing you. Get up and fight!! She says she just wants to leave now, but Will is telling her that everyone is intimidated by her beauty, intelligence, and drive to win.

I’m torn between hating Will for taking advantage of Janelle like this, and loving him for at least trying to bring her out of her funk. If it works and she comes back strong, taking no prisoners and fighting like she has nothing to lose, then it’s worth it.

Will finally leaves and James comes in wanting to know what he said to her. She mumbles a bit, not giving anything away. They’re all trying to get her to come out of the bedroom, but she doesn’t seem to care. She finally says she’ll come out, but she wants to wear sunglasses so people can’t see how upset she is.

It’s time to see Booger’s HoH room. It’s accented in red, with a funky carpet and everything, and weird purple chairs. He seems to like it. Heh – some of the pictures aren’t his! There’s one of a little kid dressed in a costume with a light saber, and they think it’s Howie’s. How perfect. Janelle comes up, looks around, and goes back downstairs.