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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 18th – George Makes a Stunning Nomination

When we last left the hamsters, George was struggling with his decision about a replacement nomination for James, who won the veto. Everyone except Howie and Will were pressuring him to put Janelle on the block, and George actually agreed to do this.

Both George and Howie have a difficult time sleeping, and by 9 am they’re both up, and so is Janie. Janie and Howie head upstairs while Danielle offers to cook omelets for Erika and James (they both refuse – maybe the cooking thing is starting to get old. Or, you know, maybe it’s just Dani.)

Upstairs, as I’m waiting for George to warn Janie that she’s going on the block, I’m stunned to hear that Georgie is planning to keep her safe as long as they let him join their alliance! Wow, way to go George! He says that the entire house wants Janelle out, including James, but he doesn’t want to do that to her because she’s such a good player. He doesn’t feel she should be taken out that way. He’s been up all night tossing and turning about this, and he says he realizes that this could be the wrong thing for him to do strategically, but he cannot do that to her.

George gives Janelle and Howie some time to think about their decision, but they don’t need long – they accept George’s offer and bring him into their alliance. George asks for two more things: no one can know about this conversation, and they both have to vote to save Erika this week. Once again, they agree to this.

George heads out to look for Erika, locking himself out of his HoH room in the process. Didn’t Crappy do that last year? It’s still funny. George tells Erika that he’s made a decision and he’s secured her votes. Erika gets jumpy and wants to know what’ going on, but George just keeps asking her to trust him. He should know better than that. Erika demands that they talk about this.

He tells her that his ship is sunk, but he’s secured the votes for her to stay and that’s all she needs to know. Erika figures out that Janie isn’t going up, and she freaks out. She starts holding her face in her hands, telling George that the HoH cannot secure votes and that if anyone other than Janelle goes on the block, Erika’s going home. Now she’s literally begging him not to do this to her. She’s in tears, and keeps repeating “I’m begging you, begging you, begging you George, don’t do this to me”. Wow, what a performance. It would be impressive if it weren’t so pathetic.

Trying every angle available to her, Erika says that “those people” told Nakomis and Jase they were safe, and look where they are now. Look where Marcellas is! George calmly assures her that sometimes you need to have faith in people, but Erika is not buying that for a second. She thinks that James is going to go back to Janie and Howie, and then they’ll be the biggest alliance in the house. You know, besides the Legion of Goons, the Misfits, and The Perfect Storm. George says he’ll reconsider. Argh.

Meanwhile, Janelle is crying too because she now has proof that James is working against her. I think the understanding that Will isn’t really on her side is hovering somewhere over her head too, but for now we’re focusing on James. Howie is trying to comfort Janie, and they’re making plans not to say anything until after the veto ceremony. Howie says that it’s time for them to make a bold move, because that worked for the Nerd Herd. Except that the Herd was five members strong.

Janelle figures out that they have the votes to take out Erika anyway even if they keep their promise to George. She asks Howie is he thinks Chill Town sold her out to George as well, and he’s sure that they didn’t. Howie is really happy now, thinking that George winning HoH and making them an offer was the best thing that could have happened to them. Sigh.

George, who keeps telling himself that he’s doing the right thing, decides to go upstairs for a relaxing bath. Not if Erika has anything to say about it! She follows him up the stairs. What’s she going to do, take a bath with the guy? I mean I wouldn’t put it past her, but let’s hope they don’t film it, know what I’m sayin’?

It looks to me like George is clearly exhausted. He’s finally made a decision he can live with, and now he has to fight for it. Honestly, he should have just kept him mouth shut and not said anything to anyone. He finally admits to the badgering Erika that he’s planning to put Will on the block, and of course Erika freaks out. Again. “Please George, I’ll go home! Please, I’m begging you! I’m begging you! I’ll go home! Please George! I’m begging you!” In between the begging and pleading, she explains that Janie and Howie are working with Chill Town, and there’s no way they’ll vote against Will.

George keeps asking her not to beg. Man, I don’t know how he’s holding his composure here. I’d be throwing her out. Over the balcony. He says that he has the votes for her to stay, and tries to explain that Howie is jealous of Will and would vote him out without a second thought. He says he has Danielle and Janie too. Heh. Doubt that, but I’m excited about this plan anyway. Will we finally get Chair-ika out of the house and continue the destruction of the Furniture Alliance?

Now Erika’s explaining that if Will goes up, Booger will have to use his “power”. George doesn’t think the Doc would let Boog waste his power this week to save him. So Erika goes on another “please, I’ll go home, I don’t want to go home, I’m begging you” jag. George finally asks Erika to leave and let him take his bath. Good for you, Georgie.

Erika goes downstairs to tell Booger and Danielle what just happened. Booger is confident and says not to worry – no matter what happens with George’s nominations, he can fix it. He’s going to toss around the phrase “you reap what you sow” and make George understand.

A bit later, George meets up with Boog and Will in the workout room. He explains that putting Janelle on the block is not the right thing to do, and that Will offered himself up to go on the block. Will confirms this. Booger tells George that he’ll be the next one out the door if he keeps Janie safe, and George says he’s okay with that.

Now it’s time for flames, and since they go on for quite a while, I’m assuming it’s show time. The power of veto ceremony.

When we come back, Booger and Will are whispering about Janelle. And George nominated …

… Howie? What the hell?

Howie is on the block with Erika. George nominated the only person in the house who has been kind to him and treated him like a real person since day one. And he wants to keep Erika safe, so he’s fine with Howie leaving. What. The. Hell? I’m stunned. Absolutely stunned.

Will and Booger want to eliminate Howie so that they’ll have Janelle with them 100%. Now, if Janie were actually on her game this season, there’s no way she would accept that kind of betrayal. Ultimately this might be better for Janelle’s overall game, but I can’t get on board with any sort of rationale for targeting Howie. Will and Boog talk about how Howie over-reacted to the nomination, and gave away their alliance.

Howie talks to George upstairs and understandably wants to know what happened to George’s promise. He’s pretty calm for a guy who apparently just went Busto a few minutes ago. George doesn’t really seem to know why he did this. He just says that there was no one else. He didn’t want to put Janelle up, so it had to be Howie. Er, how about Danielle?

Janie doesn’t seem too concerned at all. She really believes that Chill Town will save Howie and things will go on as planned. Someone mentions that the vote is coming up in a few hours, so poor Howie is about to be blindsided and evicted quite soon. This is really sad. James plans to vote to evict Erika, and Booger says there’s no reason to use his power now. If Janelle wins the next HoH, then Erika will leave. Otherwise it’ll be Janie going.

Janelle goes around and confirms with James, Boog and Will that they’ll be voting to save Howie. They all agree once again. James looks despondent though. He knows what’s going to happen, and he doesn’t want to see Howie leaving. Will is angry that James won’t vote with them, and tells Danielle that he’s trying to secure jury votes. Now I’m not a huge James fan, but isn’t that the way you’re supposed to play the game?