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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 17th – The Manipulation of George

Erika comes up to use the bathroom, and says that Danielle had just said the less George knows the better. Why is she trying to bury Danielle? She puts on her best “suck up” face and whines about always having George’s back, and how there are only two people in the house that she could beat in this vote. George is upset because Danielle told him to vote out Erika, and then Boog showed up minutes later and told him that the plan never changed, they were going after Marcellas. He feels used, and keeps saying that Dani “hung him out to dry”.

Erika doesn’t really address this – she’s too busy trying to pound into George’s head that Janelle is the only person to put up. It’s the only way he can win back the respect of the rest of the house. George says that Janie kept him safe twice so far, and he owes it to her to keep her off the block. Erika counters that Janelle has never felt threatened by him, and that’s the only reason she never nominated him. She also tells him that he plays his game too close to his chest. He needs to pick someone (she suggests herself or Danielle, of course) and tell them everything. I swear, if this woman wins BB7, there will never be another All Star season of anything. It’s too risky.

Erika’s spiel seems to work. George promises to trust her and work with her completely, and then says that he wants to mend his relationship with Danielle. Crap. This isn’t good. He adds that he knows what he has to do in order to shake things up a little bit.

Now it’s Booger’s turn to work Georgie over. He says that “certain people” in the house may have some power, and it would be beneficial if George put up Janie. Then those “certain people” would be willing to look after him. Bleh. George says that Boogie and Doc were never on the radar for him. He decides to do what everyone is asking him to, and wants to make sure that she’ll be out of the house quickly after being nominated. Boog assures him that she’ll be gone on Saturday.

Boog and Will quickly meet up to run the numbers. Since they don’t know for sure when the finale is going to be, they assume that someone is still going to be coming back into the house, and think that it’ll be someone in sequester. Erm, didn’t Will just get voted the “smartest person in the house”?

Danielle’s up mind-washing George now. She tells him that from now on, if she says he can trust her, then he should trust her. Oh for God’s sake man, just nominate this woman and get her out! Wait until he finds out that he voted all along just to keep her secret LOD alliance in tact.

Janie and Howie are in the red bedroom, and Will comes in saying that he might put up Danielle and James if he wins the next HoH. Janie wants to know if she has his vote if she goes up, and he promises her that she does indeed.

Will heads out and finds George, and they both agree that they really wanted James gone this week. Will suggests that he go up on the block himself, then George won’t have to make anyone else angry. Wow, is this an actual attempt to save Janelle? Amazing! George, though, doesn’t want Erika to go. He just keeps saying “come on, I can’t do that”. Will leaves, but pops back in a few minutes later and tells George to forget the idea. Erika is giddy, telling George he’s going to be a hero for getting Janelle out of the house.

Danielle and Erika giggle to each other about how funny it is that Janie is being taken out by Chicken George. They laugh at Janelle having the nerve to think she might be safe this week. I’m waiting for Monty Python’s giant foot to come down and stomp these two into oblivion. Danielle says that George has to go soon, because he can’t be trusted and he’s put her through hell this evening. How about us feeders? If being put through hell is grounds for eviction, a lot of you wouldn’t still be there and quite a few evictees would be back.

Howie goes upstairs and asks George what he’s going to do. Howie also mentions George’s promise not to put he or Janie on the block. George doesn’t answer, and instead says that he’ll talk to them both in the morning. Howie doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

Janelle and Howie chat a bit about the upcoming HoH comp and who might go up. Howie says, out of the blue, “George wouldn’t ask me to try and win the veto for him and then put me up.” Eep. Let’s hope not! They’re starting to wonder if George might collapse under the pressure and break his promise to them. They think the feeds probably aren’t on because of the double eviction deal. Wrong!

Almost everyone is getting ready for bed now. Janie asks Erika to feel her implant because something feels odd to her. Erika says she would, but that’s a picture she doesn’t need floating around the internet. Haha – Erika made an actual funny.

George can’t seem to settle in. He goes downstairs and grabs the BB handbook and takes it back to the HoH room. The pages are laminated – I find that humorous for some reason. He’s looking at the section on nominations. He finally attempts to go to sleep, but he’s restless.

Janie and Howie go to the kitchen to reheat some pizza. They talk more about how they have to get in to see George early in the morning and find out what’s going on. After their late-night munchies have been satisfied, it’s off to bed for them as well.

Both George and Howie have a very sleepless night. Howie keeps getting up, walking around, and returning to bed. George is rolling around in bed, not a snore to be heard. Seems strange that these two are both so worried over promises they made to each other.

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