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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 17th – The Manipulation of George

First off, I apologize if this recap isn’t up to snuff, or isn’t as complete as normal, but I’m dead in the water today with my laptop, after driving and waiting for 7 hours today for someone to fix it. No go until Monday. I’m stuck on my old desktop computer with a really crappy keyboard, and I now have to start this darn thing all over again!

Danielle was the first up, as usual, and ran into Marcellas in the bathroom. He let her off the hook, telling her she needed to do what she needed to do to stay in the game, and if that meant keeping Erika, he’d understand. I wouldn’t, but that’s me, and I’m extremely irritated today. I need a veto ceremony of my own to let off a little steam I think.

Erika, the other nominee, talks to Danielle next. She tells her that she originally had a deal with Janie that Janie would vote Marcellas out if Erika didn’t put her up, but then she seemed to back off the plan. Danielle informs her that plan might be right now to vote out Marcellas again, and Danielle says it doesn’t matter because she didn’t plan on keeping her end of the deal anyway. Nice.

Goobie and Will can’t decide what to do about many things. Goobie has found out that he won the super power, but isn’t allowed to tell anyone that he has it, or what it is, and he keeps mentioning breech of contract to Will so I’m pretty sure he’s trying to give him a message that he won it and can’t say anything. Will is busy being preoccupied wondering whether Janie is playing him as much as he is playing her. Answer. Yes. Goobie says no, though, that he’s just paranoid. Never underestimate that girl, and don’t ever count her down. Just like Brett Favre.

The two guys also share stories of their DR adventures before getting cut off by BB. Goobie has been saying Erika is old enough to be desperate to get married, and Will, when talking about Janelle’s adoration for him has said, “Who could blame her?” They decide to tone it down a little, lest they start to sound like assholes. Oops, too late.

We lose our feeds for the rest of the day until after the live show, and when we get them back James, Goobie, Erika, and Danielle are in the weight room about to lose their minds about George’s picks. Erika is sure that Danielle is going to be backdoored. They, of course would rather it be Janie, and James is telling Goobie that the power he has better be a good one. They discuss using the power as a threat against George. He doesn’t seem to be someone that operates well under threats, though. Look what happened when he was on the block. He suddenly came alive and fought back.

Danielle goes to threaten George anyway, and he assures her he is not backdooring her, and tells her just to wait. She tells him he better be careful, as he doesn’t know what the power is. As she leaves the kitchen, she passes Janelle at the memory wall and jokes that they should be final two together, which is pretty funny since their moms were just saying that on the live show. They don’t get to see or hear that, do they?

James is going on and on, and keeps repeating that George has awoken the demon. I think this will be his line to replace “the streets will be flowing with the blood of the non-believers”. He’d never make it as a member of Chill Town, as he can’t just chill out and go with the flow. He’s also pissy about Janie and Howie not telling him they are sorry for him being on the block. Whatever.

In the storage room alone, Chill Town is happy as hell. They talk about keeping James and getting rid of Erika, but decide to wait to see how it all plays out. Will doesn’t want to use the veto if he happens to win it, as he’s afraid it would leave Goobie vulnerable. Will walks out and Danielle talks to Erika in the Red Room, insistent that George should be telling people what he’s thinking. Right, because you were always on top of that. Realizing that Janelle holds more power than they want her to, Danielle wants to call a truce.

Howie meets with James, and tells him even if he doesn’t win the veto, they still have the votes to save him, but James is a little wary of putting his faith in Chill Town. Others join in, and they discuss the homecoming titles and pictures. Danielle tells James she thought his picture was George, James tells Howie he was good looking, and Howie tells Danielle she was pretty. I like all the “was”. James is irritated about the Nobel Peace Prize award going to George, and says Janie isn’t the biggest flirt, because she only flirts with the rich guys. Hmmm. Got a little anger with ya today, huh James?

George meets with Howie and Janelle, and says that “they” wanted him to put them up, but he just couldn’t. Howie fills George in that “they” begged Janie to put George up last week, and when she wouldn’t, they talked her into putting up Marcellas only as a pawn … then took him out. Later, George finds Boogie and says he needs help; he didn’t know what to do with the noms. Goobie says they’ll talk later and fix it. Oh, great.

Danielle jut can’t make up her mind. First she says to Will and Goobie that she wants Howie and Janie gone, then later says she wants Howie and George in final five with her, as she knows she can beat them. Huh? How does that work? She also says she should have cheated and looked to see what George was writing. Nice. She’s worried that Janie, if she wins HoH again, will nominate her and James, and Goobie says no matter what, they wouldn’t leave. It takes her awhile, then she realizes it has something to do with Goobie’s power that he won.

Will and Goobie are discussing strategy again, and irritated because Erika keeps running in. They decide they want to keep Janie and Danielle, because they’ll keep going after each other and also think that eventually James will throw them under the bus.

Chicken George gets his HoH room, and it’s all in bright green, along with yellow and orange. It reminds me of his shirts. He has a letter from his family and pictures as well. Howie tells George his daughter is hot, and everyone wants to know which one the stripper is. George’s daughter is a stripper? When did I miss that? Danielle takes the letter from George and reads it out loud to everyone in the room.

Everyone leaves the room but Howie and George. Howie does his best to fill George in on everyone wanting him out before. It had been Danielle that sent Marcellas upstairs to tell James to nominate George. He says too, that Marcellas said he would not come after them, but told Chill Town just the opposite. Howie tells George he’s lucky to be in the middle, and he says he didn’t want to be there in the first place. George tells Howie he needs him to play in the veto comp, and when he asks if he wants him to keep the noms the same, George won’t answer. It seems he wants Howie to win and be safe, so that George can’t be pressured into putting him up.

Janie joins them, and is assured that neither she nor Howie will be going up. George says he just lost his alliance tonight, and is told by the other two he was only being used for his votes. George says he wasn’t trying to win, just answering the questions, then lets out that he was sitting there writing on the cloth, thinking it was the worst chalkboard ever. 😉 Love ya, Georgie.

Later, George, wearing a yellow feather boa, calls everyone into the living room for the picking of veto players. He picks Howie, Erika picks Danielle, and James picks Will.

George hosts Erika in his HOH room, and tells her he put her up only as a pawn. He wants James out. She admits to him, after he asks, that the fight between her and Danielle was just a hoax. Erika asks who goes up if either she or James come off the block, but George isn’t about to answer that one. Erika isn’t necessarily comfortable in here anyway, as George has a season one picture now, and her ex, Josh, is in it. Yet she somehow musters it all together to tell George he has always been invited to the Misfit meetings. Yeah, but not the LOD ones or the CT ones.

As Janie is singing Don’cha to Will, James is blaming Danielle for not being more humble to admit Will is smarter than she is. She argues she was a very smart player in the game her season, and he counters that Will is the smartest of all time. As Erika joins them, James blames being nominated on Janie and Howie. Sorry, Buddy, George did this all on his own. He also wants George to know he still has to do the dishes. Perhaps this is why he nominated you, James.

Goobie should be slapped with a penalty nomination and have his extra power taken away. Not only is he hinting at it, but he keeps slipping saying he has the power, and he can always change the noms. Take it away, BB! George then talks privately with Goobie, and says he has one beef in the house, and that’s Danielle! And this is after Will and Goobie had been talking that maybe this is the time to take her out. Wheels are spinning now. He doesn’t care what Goobie says about Janie and Howie, he still wants Danielle or James out. Goobie lies and says that Janie wants him out. Argh!

Just as Janelle came out to start and host the PoV comp, we lost our feeds to flames. Now that they’re back Danielle is demanding to know if George is going to put her up. She accuses him of making deals so that he could backdoor her. He tells her to send James in. Well, someone must be coming off, but who? Will hasn’t seen other seasons other than his own, so he was confused during the competition because of the gnomes.

Cut to James saying he feels like he did when he won the Pinata veto, so apparently he has won it. With George, he says it’s not the end of the world, as there has to be plenty more people he hates just as much as James. Nah, I don’t think so. George locks the door and tells James he likes his alliance, and that twice Janelle hasn’t nominated him. He likes her honesty. James tells him not to listen to her or Howie as they’re lying to him, argh! James asks one more thing: if there was anyone else involved in Erika and him getting nominated. How could there be? It was done it 5 seconds. Geez!


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