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So You Thnk You Can Dance 2, 08/16/06 – We Know He Can Dance!

It’s time for Travis’ journey video, and well, I don’t know what to think about these videos anymore. He dances his solo to Wonderful the second Annie Lennox tune of the night. At the end he does a cute frantic wave to the audience. Cat again has an envelope, but there’s still thirty minutes left of the show. I know we won’t find out now, and we don’t. These two guys have got to be dying right about now.

When we come back from the break we’re treated to yet more bad auditions, as if we needed to see those all over again, especially the stalker tap dancer. That eery look in her eyes still haunts me. This moves into seeing the finalists audition, making it down to the final four. The top ten dancers come onstage to dance to Tyce Diorio’s choreography of Cell Block Tango from the Chicago soundtrack. It really is cool, but I want my results already.

Not yet, though. It’s time for another judge’s highlight. Dan says when Travis and Benji danced together on this routine (gee, that’s convenient), it really epitomized why they are the last two standing. Neither of them counts on hip hop as their specialty, yet it didn’t matter, as no matter what they pulled out of the hat all year, they did it. They each have a performance ability, and finally seeing them together, they went after it, and had a blast with the choreography. Shane, the choreographer of the number, says he figured these two would be the last two left. Travis is one of the hottest of the male dancers to him, and Benji is the most entertaining. Not matter what style, Benji entertains you.Two put those two together, he knew it would be off the hook. They do their geek routine again to Gyrate by Da Muzicanz, and have fun with it all over again, especially Benji, as he teases us this time about lifting his shirt, instead of out and out doing it.

Cat greets the two after their dance, wearing a pair of the taped geek glasses that they had from their costumes. She asks the judges for their last commenets, and Nigel asks who is the better dahnce Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly? Both are tremendous. Travis improved in his personality and performance, and Benji in his technique. He adds that he can’t even begin to say ho whappy he would be to have another dancer like either of them next year. Mary first say she is very proud of them both, and notes that both of them are great technically in their own field. They both came on with charisma towards the end of the show, and she wants to say one more thing. “Wooooooohhhh” We knew we couldn’t escape that.

Brian is told to hurry it up because Nigel and Mary took too long (well, it is Nigel’s show … we’ll let him talk as much as he wants), and he says he is grateful to have been on the show and had the opportunity to see both of them grow. He doesn’t know who should win, but … and he looks at Mary and they do a double, “Wooooooh!” Shane says he’s not going to scream, and I actually can’t even imagine him screaming, because he’s just too cool. He does say that he has never met two dancers that don’t have a weakness, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them both. Mia knows the both of them will go really far, and sees them extending this to other venues such as movies, etc. She would almost like it to end in a tie.

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for. Cat reveals the winner of the So You Think You Can Dance 2006. It’s Benji! He cries, as he has every time he advanced further in the competition, and hugs Travis. There is a special message for him, and it’s from Celine Dion. I imagine she is telling him she can’t wait to work with him again, but my darn TIVO ran out right at 9:00.

I am so happy for Benji, and I think he is most deserving. He had the technicals, he had the entertainment value, and just seemed like such a great, natural fun guy to be around. There were a few times when he was not on with his partner, such as in hip hop, but there was never a time when he wasn’t dancing well, or fought too hard for the choreography that he lost his entertainment.

I’d still like to see the last few minutes of the show. If anyone finds it on YouTube or something similar, can you direct me there? Thanks. With Benji, I knew he could dance, but I just want to see him in that glory moment, knowing that we know what he thinks.

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