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So You Thnk You Can Dance 2, 08/16/06 – We Know He Can Dance!

It’s Donyelle’s turn her her favorite dance, and she says she has loved all the dances she has done. She and Benji made a great couple from the start, although she had her problems with ballroom. She couldn’t even pronoun Viennese Waltz. When they switched partners and she was put with Dmitry, she wasn’t too disappointed, but the only time she didn’t have any nerves was when she and Benji danced to a Tyce Diorio Broadway number. They dance again tonight to You Can’t Stop the Beat from the Hairspray soundtrack. This is definitely Benji’s type of thing, and the two of them make it look so fun. Even Cat says she can’t hep but giggle and smile watching it.

It comes to Mia for he next judge’s choice for the night. She leads up to a contemporary routine of Ivan and Allison’s. She didn’t get to see it live as she was sitting n her living room in New York cooking. What does live in a tiny one room think with a hot plate? She says she was so caught up seeing them dance she burned her sauce. She was blown away as she expected brilliance from Allison, but not from Ivan. It was so brilliant and well-choregraphed, and it Ivan had been more trained it wouldn’t have the rawness of a real man. She has cried twice this season, and both were for Ivan. Once during this dance, and the other when he was kicked off. Looking back on my past articles I see that when this dance originally aired, Nigel predicted that Mia was sitting at home crying. This is also the one that left Mary crying. It is no less amazing tonight.

The top twenty dancers come out to dance one last number together. To Ramalama Bag Bang by Roisin Murphy, they dance this dance this is … just … very, very odd. At first I think they’re like mimes/fashion models. And then I decide they are dead models from around the turn of the century from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. It’s odd. They are so heavy in the makeup, as they flip by me quickly, I can only make out Ivan because of his body frame and Natalie’s identifiable pouty lips.

We are treated to Heidi’s journey video, set to She’s a Beautiful Girl, and I’m immediately worried as with a journey video, that must mean she’s going home. She gets to dance a solo and steps a little outside of her usual, doing it to I Love Rock ‘n Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I know my friend, Doc, will be happy as Heidi actually ended it instead of just trailing off when the music was cut. Cat opens the envelope, and tells her she is sorry she has not won. Heidi says that’s okay. She just wants to thank all the judges, and especially the choreographers, because she came not to win necessarily, but to learn, and she did just that. She also wants to thank the others in the top twenty as it has left her feeling privileged to be among them, as they are all so talented. What a great goodbye speech.

It’s Travis’ turn to pick his favorite dance of the season, and he says his goal since the beginning has been to make it here to final four. His partner when he started was Martha, and just like every Superman, he had his kryptonite, and that was ballroom, as he got it again, and again, and again. He finally conquered it when he did the paso doble with Heidi, and because of that, it’s his favorite dance of he season tonight. They dance to Plaza of Execution from The Mask of Zorro soundtrack. They could be performing it slightly different than the first time, as I don’t remember Travis holding Heidi vertical behind him with her feet up in the air at the beginning of the dance. And speaking of Heidi, she must have had to do one real quick change.

After, we’re treated to Donyelle’s journey video, and I’m thinking again, as with Heidi, it must mean she’s leaving. She says on the video she feels she has already won as it made her fall in love with dancing again. She dances her solo to Amber’s I’m Free, and she is … free I mean. I have never seen this girl so free before. She’s backing up her words from a few minutes ago saying she feels she has already won. Cat opens the envelope, and tells her, too, that she’s sorry, Donyelle is not the winner. She is asked what this has all meant to her, and she says she is going to get emotional now, but she quit dancing earlier this year and asked God for direction and motivation. She auditioned for the show, and not only did she get her, she’s still here. She can’t stop now. This brings Mia’s Tears in the Year count to three. It’s now down to just the two guys – Travis and Benji.

We move on to another judge’s choice for favorite dance, and Brian says he’s still collection himself from Donyelle’s departure. The first week of the show, had he been able to choose two dancers to choreograph, he would have chosen Travis and Martha. They were both so strong during the audition week, and he felt the same way watching them the first week as he did watching Nick and Melody dance to All That Jazz in the finale last year. It had the same Bob Fosse kind of feel. He was at home watching, just like Mia had been. Somewhere he feels Martha seems to have lost some of her spirit, but he hops she’ll come back from it, as she has what it takes. He also thinks Travis has what it will take to win tonight. They do the dance to Steam Heat by the Pointer Sisters. I remember it now; it was a fun dance.

Benji’s journey video is played, and I nearly lose it hearing the song End of the Road as the backdrop. No, it can’t be. I look at the clock, and there’s still twenty-three minutes left of the show. They wouldn’t be declaring the winner now. He dances his solo to Never Knew by The Rocket Summer. He dances something a little different here, just like the other two. You can see his growth on his, as he starts slow, and almost contemporary, then goes into his normal swing and spins. Of course, Cat has another envelope. She tells Benji she’s sorry, but he’ll have to wait until after the break. He falls on the floor, collapsing more or less.


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