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So You Thnk You Can Dance 2, 08/16/06 – We Know He Can Dance!

Finally. It seems like it took forever for us to get to the results. Well, it was a week at any rate, and normally we get these results after just one night. And seeing that the show is two hours long tonight, that means I have to wait another two hours? Thank God for TIVO so I can forward through the commercials.

All top twenty of this year’s dancers are back tonight for this results finale. As they come out for the opening number, Give It Up to Me from the Step Up soundtrack, choreographed by Shane Sparks, I have to admit I forgot about many of them like Stanislav and Joy. Back to “judge” the finale are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Shane Sparks, Mia Murphy, Dan Karaty, and Mia Michaels, who happens to be missing her eyelashes tonight, or maybe she just went a lot lighter on the mascara. Hard to tell. After, hostess Cat Deeley tells us that they set another record with nearly sixteen million votes being cast, with everyone wanting to weigh in with their own vote for who they know can dance. The winner will receive a one year’s contract with Celine Dion’s A New Day show in Las Vegas, a brand new hybrid SUV, $100,000 in cash, and of course, the title.

Cat lets us know that the United States isn’t the only country with So You Can Think type shows. We see shows of shows in countries such as New Zealand, turkey, Israel, and Norway. Yet, just like here in the state, along with the good parts of the show come the bad auditions. In other words, people are just as bad all around the globe.

Each of the four finalists will get to recreate one of their favorite dances of the season. First up is Benji. He talks about his different partners and what he had with them, such as the great connection he had with Donyelle, and being closer to his cousin, Heidi, since they grew up dancing together and she saved his butt in the Las Vegas round. Because of that, he chooses to do the mambo he did with Heidi to Black Mambo by angel and he Mambokats. Watching the sexual stuff between the two of them in the dances is still weird for me. It looks like on one of her spins, possibly the one under his leg, she got hit in the head, as part of her hair is hanging out of the updo in the back.

Heidi chooses her favorite dance next and mentions that she has had a lot of really great experiences on the show. She started off the show with Ryan as a partner, but had the most fun in the Cuban rumba; she feels lucky to have had Benji to work with. Choreographer Mia Michaels was the most challenging for her, and she pushed Heidi in a new direction, opening up the emotional side of dancer to her. Because of that, she chooses to dance the contemporary dance she danced with Travis. They do the Mia choreographed routine to Calling You by Celine Dion about a couple in love sitting on a park bench. You can se how this opened Heidi up to different things, and as far as Travis, it’s just his style. I really feel for Heidi in this one, because you can see her letting it out.

Mary is very happy with the showing of ballroom this year on the show. There were five dancers in the final twenty that actually knew ballroom. She couldn’t be anymore ecstatic that Benji and Heidi made it to the final four. She doesn’t even see the two of them anymore as just ballroom, as they are now versatile dancers. This segues into our first judges’ choice dance for night, as we see one we didn’t get to see before. Natalie and Dmitry apparently had some sparks flying on and off the floor. I’m not sure whether she means separately they had chemistry with their other partners, or whether she means they’ve got a little thing going. They do a Latin dance to Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. This is one hot dance. Having the past few weeks off wasn’t very helpful to Natalie, as she still has her knee brace on.

Instead of picking a judges’ choice dance, Nigel takes this type to mention he upcoming So You Think You Can Dance tour. He says that in many of the venues, tickets for the tour sold out in a matter of minutes. It’s been so incredible for the show this year that they are now talking about doing dance clinics with the choreographers. He likes the direction dance is taking right now with Step Up doing well in the box office. He says a new movie should be coming up, too, about hip hop and swing coming together, and admits he never dreamed they’d have American’s favorite television show this summer. Nigel also takes this opportunity to thank all the choreographers and producers.

It’s supposed to be a special treat for us, as Ciara sings Get Up form the Step Up soundtrack, but I just want them to hurry up and get to the results or at least more dancing. Besides, she is doing such a bad job of lip synching, we may as well just put the CD on. Her hair covers up her face, yet we can still tell she’s lip synching.


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