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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 16th – Shopping for Prom

Outside, it’s finally time to set Jenga ablaze. Howie is killing time waiting to wash out his hair dye. Will is having trouble getting the fire going, and complains that apparently Jenga is fire retardant. He says that it’s the “story of [his] summer” – he can’t even burn the world’s most “unfunnest” game. He asks James to get the propane, but James doesn’t want to burn down the whole house. The game finally catches, and there’s a call put out for marshmallows.

The Legion of Goons meets again, and James tells Booger to take Janie out with his “power”. He says no, he wants to save it until he needs it. Can he do that? He says he’s already been told in the DR about the power and what he can do with it. He must be lying, because I’m sure Julie said that the winner won’t even know they’ve won until Thursday night. Whatever. They’re still bickering about the vote, and how James doesn’t want to lose the trust of Janie and Howie.

Danielle goes to talk with Marcellas, and she tells him straight out that she doesn’t feel she can rely on him to do things because he’s indecisive. He promises that he will put Janelle and Howie on the block if he wins HoH. He goes on to tell her about Kaysar’s promise to him about putting Danielle up in week two, since he agreed to vote to evict Alison. He says that he can’t trust that group because they didn’t follow through, but that it was fine because by then he and Dani had an understanding anyway. Danielle doesn’t commit either way now.

Howie goes to the shower to rinse his hair out. James and Danielle head outside to talk in the hammock. They’re both worried about Chill Town playing them and making them look like the bad guys. James suggests keeping Marcellas and evicting Erika, but Dani says that she needs Erika. James argues that Erika won’t ever go after Booger, but Dani seems to think that she’ll be willing to go after Will. Danielle says that Janelle will vote for Will in the end, if he makes final two. But she adds that Will would never date Janie in the real world. Shut up Dani, you’re starting to sound like the Nerd Herd.

Poor Howie. He comes out of the bathroom and everyone is laughing at him, calling him a 70’s gay porn star. His hair really is horrendous. He’s hamming it up in front of everyone, pretending to like it, but I don’t see that lasting long.

Howie, Janie, Will, and Booger head up to the HoH room to discuss the vote. Again. James arrives and wonders why no one invited him to the meeting. Janelle suggests flipping a coin, which she does, and the coin decides that Erika should go. But nobody seems to agree. It’s the same conversation they’ve had at least half a dozen times this week already. Someone suggests that they fake a fight between Janelle and the others so that Marcy won’t get angry with Janie, and she agrees to this.

People are starting to get ready for bed now. Finally. Marcellas and Erika complain for a bit about being on the block, and it seems that both of them think they’re staying. They’re both saying things to comfort the other.

Everyone hits the sack except for Howie and Janie. Janelle wants to colour her roots, and Howie watches. They both agree that Howie’s hair looks horrible, and he seems disappointed that the others would do that to him. They do their HoH comp drilling, asking all sorts of questions of each other. Howie thinks that something fishy is going on, and that Chill Town is in the middle of it all. Janie advises him to take a chance and vote to evict Erika, and Howie says that he and James will do that. They don’t like the fact that they don’t know who’s leaving this week, but they seem to think they’d be safe with Marcellas.

Janie showers and rinses out her hair, while Howie walks around the house studying things. He’s mumbling to himself about how messed up his hair is, swearing at the “bozos” who did this to him. Janie comes down, and Howie is still complaining about his hair. Hopefully someone will take pity on him and dye it again tomorrow, in a shade that will actually look good on him. Otherwise he’ll be sporting the Kaysar/Chicken George look soon.

Marcellas is tossing and turning in bed, unable to get to sleep. Janie and Howie do some more quizzing and then it’s time for them to turn in for the night. Hopefully things will get shaken up with the Coup tomorrow, but I have a feeling that Booger will opt to leave the nominations as they are.

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