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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 16th – Shopping for Prom

After the wardrobe excitement, it’s time for some slop. Janelle says that Will made her a heart-shaped slop cake with red food colouring, which she seems to be enjoying. This is Booger’s first time on slop somehow, and he’s not really impressed with it. Will is telling Janie about all the things they can do together after the show is over. I wonder how Erin will feel about that.

An inside lockdown is called now, and we can hear hammering or banging outside. (Not THAT kind of banging – Erika and Boog are inside, remember?) They all think that BB is setting up something for them to practice for tomorrow’s HoH comp. So I guess the dance dance revolution idea has been discarded. I actually think the comp will be a quiz based on the America’s Choice answers. “Who did America say was most likely to die alone?” I wonder how well Howie would do on something like that?

Marcellas gets Danielle aside and tells her that he knows Chill Town pressured Janelle into putting him up, but he has the three votes he needs to stay. Dani says, “George, Howie, and … who?” Marcellas cries, “You!” and Danielle looks mortified. She goes to the workout room, where Will and Booger seem to be upset with her for wanting to tell Marcellas that he’s leaving. Dani is left alone, and she crouches in the corner looking very upset. She may even be crying a little.

Marcellas is speculating on who is hosting House Calls with Gretchen now. He thinks it’s probably Kaysar, but James thinks Kay would be too boring. James thinks it’s likely Jase.

Will, Howie, Booger, James, and George sit in the living room talking about real life. Other hamsters are joining in as they pass through. Discussion runs the gamut from Howie’s love life to solar energy. Will is very concerned that the earth is using up resources too quickly, and that there won’t be anything left in 500 years. I don’t think we have that long.

They speculate on where they’ll end up in sequester. They were all asked for passports, but George says he didn’t have one – he just gave them his birth certificate. They think maybe sequester will be in Hawaii. Good luck with that one. Booger seems to be getting agitated about something, and says that he really needs to speak to Jonah. He starts telling the camera what Jonah’s e-mail address is, and we get flamed of course. When we return, all the hamsters are in a good mood because apparently they can eat real food at 9 pm. Spoiled hamsters.

James talks with Danielle about the vote. Dani is solid that she wants to keep Erika, and she tells James that the “men” need to sit down and talk this all out right now. She mentions that they have to abort the plan, whatever the plan is or was. James is tired of being aligned with two guys that don’t do anything to pull their own weight. James leaves to go find Will and Booger. He tries to pressure Boog into using his Coup “power” to get rid of Janie. Boog says that he’s not threatened by Janelle, so he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Howie comes along, and Will tries to convince him that Erika and Dani aren’t working together, and that he and Janelle are safe now.

Will goes on to say that Erika will try hard to win HoH, and then put up Danielle and Will, just like she promised to last night. Then, if Will wins the PoV, he won’t even use it because he trusts them that much. They promise Howie that Danielle is the next target. I cannot believe, after all of Howie’s convincing to Janie that Will is using her, that he’s buying this. Or maybe he’s not, I don’t know. After will and James leave, Howie asks Boog if this is some big plan to get Howie out of the house, and Boog promises Howie that it isn’t.

Danielle is pacing outside, telling Marcellas that Janelle should never have put him up, because you never put up a pawn. I guess “never” means “unless it’s James”. Marcy is very concerned, and Danielle is acting like she is as well. She keeps saying that something doesn’t feel right, trying to make Marcellas believe that she really isn’t in on it all.

Will and Booger decide together that, ideally, James will go next week. Interesting. Then they figure out that neither of them really needs to win HoH, since they’re not in any danger. Boog wants to make sure that he has time to converse with Will before having to use the Coup. Don’t let that happen, BB. Make it immediate. Maybe he’ll boot James? Now that would be worth the build-up!

Will and James are building a Jenga tower in the fire pit. Will’s doing most of the work, ripping up bits of paper towel and putting it between the wooden Jenga pieces. He ends up tearing up the cardboard paper towel roll too, and using it to make the structure even more flammable. Danielle is in the kitchen making meatloaf again so that it’ll be ready by 9 pm when they get to eat. Both Boog and Dani have eaten food that’s not on the slop plan this evening. Booger had salad dressing on his pickle (sounds rude!), and Dani munched on a crouton. But apparently BB doesn’t care too much. George should go get himself a sandwich.

Will goes to commiserate with Janie upstairs. They complain about how boring it is, and how their significant others are probably dumping them now. Erika joins them and suggests that they all shower together again. Is it me, or has Erika turned into a real horndog? She adds that Will and Janie will get dumped and then they can hook up together. Erika leaves, and Will tells Janie that he really wants to keep Erika over Marcellas. Janelle really seems fed up with this stuff. He tells her that he’ll do whatever she wants, but that Erika is harmless and will probably throw the next comp anyway.

Everyone heads down to the kitchen, ’cause it’s nearly 9 o’clock and therefore almost time to eat. Over dinner, Will acts really mopey and they all try to cheer him up. This guy just loves attention! There’s lots of discussion about Booger and Krista, and he cuts up her family making them sound like white trash. What a charmer. He says that the relatives threatened him that if he hurt Krista, they’d come after him. “What did they think, I was gonna marry her or something?” Er, yes, you idiot. That’s what generally follows a marriage proposal.

Now it’s time for the Big Brother hair salon. Erika is doing her hair, and someone comes up with the bright idea to do Howie’s hair and moustache. First they have to trim his goatee, because they want him to look like a 70’s porn star. Then Will, Booger, and George (George!) start putting globs of hair dye into Howie’s hair. And he’s just letting them. They’re asking for different colours and everything. Poor Howie. He’s such a good sport. James joins in, and they start putting the dye on Howie’s facial hair. Ouch.

James goes upstairs to try to make nice with Janie, but she’s still upset. She feels used by Chill Town, but says she gives up, they can evict Marcellas if they want to. James asks her if she trusts them, and she says no, not any more. They try to figure out who Danielle will vote for, and James acts like he has no idea.