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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 16th – Shopping for Prom

As a rule of thumb, Wednesdays are generally pretty dull on the feeds. Today we have a house full of hamsters on slop, which will only add to the general feeling of boredom, I’m sure.

Once again Danielle is up first today, and she gets busy showering and doing her hair. Guess she’s not going for the homeless look today. You know what would be a fun thing? Have the Queer Eye Fab Five come in and give all of these folks a makeover. The house too. Marcellas comes into the bathroom and asks Dani about her vote. She confirms that she’s voting to keep him, and he asks her to try and get George’s vote as well. He thinks with James and Howie on board, he might just be safe.

Beauty prep done for now, Danielle heads outside. George is up, and he asks her what’s going on with the vote. She’s about to interrogate him about who he thinks is best to keep in the house when Booger arrives on the scene and announces that they’re booting Marcellas. He says that Erika promised Janelle and Howie that she wouldn’t go after them this week if she won HoH, so everything’s cool. George tells Boog to make sure they fill him in when everything changes in ten minutes. Oh, Snap!

George leaves, so Dani and Booger launch into their self-congratulatory mode. Legion of Doom is terrific, they have all their bases covered, no one suspects them, yadda yadda. They both think they’re great actors, since Danielle faked a fight with Erika, and Booger convinced everyone that he’s just playing Erika for her vote in the end. Boog seems to think the votes are being recorded today, to allow time for the Coup thing on Thursday night. He’d be wrong, of course. It’s a live vote tomorrow, as usual.

Lots of random chatter about slop now, and then everyone’s telling stories about Vegas for some reason. James is having trouble sleeping and wants to move to the room with the ginormous bed, but he doesn’t want to upset Sarah by sleeping in the same bed with other women. Everyone seems to think that’s very sweet. I call it smart.

Chicken George asks Booger how he should go about submitting an application to join Chill Town. Boog tells him that his application is in and will be considered. Then George wants to make sure that he’s voting the right way, since Danielle was so drunk last night and probably doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. Heehee. Booger tells him that they’re evicting Marcellas for sure.

Now it’s time for some hating on Howie and Janelle. Which I won’t recap because it’s the same old crap. There’s watermelon in the pool, which the camera keeps showing us. I’m surprised that no one has suggested that it’s a clue and that Booger has the phrase wrong. That’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Will complains that he gave a genuine goodbye speech in the DR, but they asked him to redo it because it didn’t sound sincere. Danielle announces that this is the week that sequester begins, because she just has that feeling. And, you know, because she can count. Duh. James decides that he’s going to vote against Erika so that he doesn’t lose Janie and Howie’s trust. The rest of the Legion of Goons think this is too risky, because George could flip and then Janelle would break the tie.

Howie comes outside to tell Will that he has a boil on his ass, and he needs Will to help him remove it. He’s completely serious. Will hems and haws about it, but eventually agrees to help Howie for “good TV”. Howie’s carrying the rubber gloves that George uses to clean the house with. Heh. Apparently it’s just an ingrown hair or something, and Will gives Howie advice to take care of it and keep it from getting infected.

George makes Booger a slopfle (slop waffle) but Boog doesn’t think he can eat it. Seems almost everyone is trying to avoid ingesting slop today. Someone announces that they can have syrup with it now, and Will says that they got syrup when BB saw George drinking it straight from the bottle. Meanwhile, Erika and Marcellas are hanging out together bemoaning their situation.

While George and Erika play checkers, Will and James decide that they’re finally going to burn Jenga. Erika starts yapping about Josh, and how he broke up with her because he didn’t think she was “the one”. They were together for five years, and she says he wishes he could have told her that three years ago. Fair enough.

The HoH camera comes out, and there are lots of photos of people eating slop and goofing off. Janie goes upstairs to write her HoH blog, and we actually get to see her typing. That passes for exciting today, folks.

Erika goes to pack her things, and when Danielle comes by she reassures Dani that she won’t ever come after her. So much for the promise she made Janie. Janelle is talking to Marcellas, asking if he has Danielle’s vote. He says yes, but then backpedals a bit saying that he’s not sure. Janie sighs and says she might have to break a tie, and Marcy questions this by asking about Chill Town’s votes. Janie tells him simply that they tricked her. He wants to know why Erika was brought up to the HoH last night, and Janie explains that they were trying to get her to change her mind and want to keep Erika.

Janie goes back to the HoH room to read the bible, and Will joins her. He asks her to read to him, and she offers to read a passage about betrayal. Ha! She reads, but they both find it boring. Janelle wants to know if Will has spoken to Booger yet about the vote, and he says no. She demands to know why not, but Will just shrugs her off.

Erika comes up and asks Janie if Marcellas is okay. They think that everyone is depressed because they all know they’re going to sequester now, but Erika says that she heard it was a tropical location, which seems to cheer these three up a bit. Erika suggests that Chill Town, Janie, and herself all get together and make out to relieve the boredom, but Will firmly disagrees with that plan. They talk about Booger’s Coup power, and Janie says she thinks it’s the power to change the nominations at the last minute. Wow, way to go Janie! Will thinks it’ll be the power to bring someone back from sequester whenever he wants to.

And outside lockdown is called, so everyone heads out to play cards and look bored. We get a quick glimpse of a rack of clothes inside, just before they’re all let back in. The clothes are for the prom, and they have an invitation for prom night which will be tomorrow. There’s much excitement over the clothes. Janie picks some dresses and goes upstairs to try them on, while Erika comes out in a little pink, sparkly dress looking like a reject from Solid Gold. All the outfits have dates on them from when they were popular. Booger is going nuts, hoping that they get some cool 70’s music to dance to. Did they have cool music in the 70’s?

There’s quite a lot of speculation that the HoH comp will be a dance marathon. George said they did that on his season of BB, but he can’t remember why. He’s got a shiny silver jacket, and he picks out a sparkly red shirt and blue tie to go with it. Marcellas has some kind of apricot-coloured suit, and he plans to wear his afro wig. Will has his eye on a top hat. Howie has trouble finding anything that will fit, and wonders if he should just wear his shorts with a shirt and tie.

Danielle has settled on a soft pink dress with a keyhole cut out in the front. Janelle is wearing a slinky long red gown with a green feather boa. Erika is now in a strapless black number, with a yellow boa. They’re bugging Howie about going in drag, but he doesn’t seem too enthused about this idea. James has a pair of bell bottoms that he’s way too excited about. Now George has added some big-ass sunglasses to his ensemble, and wonders if it’s too much. Since when has Georgie been worried about over-dressing?