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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 15th – Janie Wakes Up!

Janie, pushed into this meeting that she didn’t even want, just keeps going. She asks Erika who she’d nominate if she stays, and Erika says Will. Janelle doesn’t believe her and tells her that’s stupid because Will doesn’t even win the comps. Erika plays the tears card, and starts crying saying she felt so close to Janelle and Kaysar. Really, that’s why you voted him out, right? Janelle sets out the deal, that if Erika stays, she has to agree to either throw the HoH, or put up Danielle. She agrees, but she has to be full of crap, right?

The guys all come back in, and Janie gets Erika to agree in front of them to take out Danielle. Will starts spouting off about wanting to go to sequester so he can read comic books and jack off, and Janelle says good, put up Will as a pawn and Danielle, and take out Danielle. Ooh, she’s suddenly game awn. Erika leaves, and Janelle tells her they will let her know their decision. James finally says he’s for Erika staying, because if she throws it, she could still go up anyway with Danielle. Janelle says yeah, right. And Danielle would get the PoV, and she’d go up.

With Danielle and George in the backyard, Erika finds her way outside and starts crying and screaming at Danielle, saying she thought she was her friend. I’m pretty sure it’s all part of this big staged thing, but sometimes you just can’t tell lately. Back upstairs they start to realize that the vote actually happens in the morning, not during the live show because of the coup. The other guys leave to get something to eat since they’ll be on slop tomorrow, and Erika finds her way back upstairs with only Will and Janie in the room. She says that Danielle is downstairs falling down drunk. She agrees to put up Danielle and Will next week if she wins HoH, and Janelle takes that as a deal on her mom. Now, what happens if Danielle wins it, Janie? She still has a vote in Erika for taking you out.

As Will tries to smooth things over upstairs alone with Janie, mostly everyone else is outside downstairs. Danielle is continuing quite the drunken display, and she’s been drinking most of the evening, however, at one time she lets the camera know it’s an act, and says the best actress award goes to her. However, I’m not sure she’s quite that good, so she’s either drunk or faking drunk, but either way she’s still polished off the wine, and is now working on beer. She then asks BB on camera for just one more beer. I’m deciding that she started off with a plan of pretending to get drunk, but really ended up drunk in the process. She finally just passes out.

James, Janie, and Howie meet about this Erika deal thing, and know that she is not targeting Chill Town, she is targeting them. James again brings up past history, and tells Janie if they took out Will in week three, they wouldn’t be going through this right now. She tells him to shut up. They all decide it’s best to stop aligning with Chill Town after the next HOH. Chill Town comes back around, and are told they aren’t done talking yet. Will knows something’s up, and James is seeming like he wants back in with BB6 for good, as he’s not too comfortable about the Goobie/Erika relationship. Really James, none of us are comfortable with it.

James moves on to talking privately with Chill Town and says they were talking about being uncomfortable about the showmance with Goobie and Erika. Will then congratulates Goobie on his acting bit, but I don’t think James is that stupid. For what reason would he have to make up something like that to show that he has more of an interesting with someone?

They move from this back to a BB6 strategy session. Janie sees everything going on, and is none too please. If she knew that James and Danielle were together with Chill Town, she’d be downright despondent. James points out again that Chill Town is controlling everything, and Howie says but the floaters are winning things, and Chill town isn’t. James counters saying they don’t need to right now. They talk about pulling the vote from keeping Erika, to make it a tie, and leaving Janelle to break it.

Janelle tells Will she has changed to voting out Erika, and Will says he has to vote with Goobie. James goes to find Erika and says he’s mad because he was never told that they dated outside the game when he asked. Suddenly Will cares what the internet thinks, as when Janie leaves, he tells us that he would never cheat on his girlfriend, and that we have to realize he’s only playing the game and making it good TV.

They meet up again to play cards, and she teaches him to play Hearts. Last season, she figured out who the good players were and weren’t by playing chess with them. This year, she is now telling Will that Howie can’t play Hearts, but Erika can. Ding. Ding. Ding. That’s why she wants her out. It has nothing to do with her wanting to be the only woman there. It just so happens the stronger, more devious players this year are women. And Will is strong and devious, but throws the comps, so he isn’t a target.

The conversation goes back to the vote this week, and Will tells Janelle he’ll do whatever she wants, but she has to be the one to go and tell Goobie they’re changing it. So he’s playing her, as he knows he and Goobie can work the bad cop/good cop thing with it, but what he doesn’t know is that I think James is back in with BB6, and he’s going to try and force it to a tie. James is now pissed about the Erika/goobie thing, so will probably go and tells Danielle, and get her to vote with him. 3-3 tie. She tells Will she’s on his side and will do whatever he wants, then winks at the camera and Howie. Hee hee hee.

When Will leaves Janie and Howie discuss that the plan all along was probably to evict Marcellas, and she is really made about them using her like that. I’m pretty much thinking she won’t allow it to happen again, as she’s really ticked. If James is smart, he’ll come back in with them, and do everything he can to protect her from finding out about LOD. If Danielle is smart, she’ll blow the lid off it. If Will and Goobie are smart, they won’t use their Coup power this week, as they just might need it even more later. Saving Erika isn’t worth it, like possibly saving themselves.

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