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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 15th – Janie Wakes Up!

Goobie dutifully comes outside to tell of his big non-fight with Marcellas, and finds Janie and Will on the hammock together. When Will moves in the hammock to be able to listen to Goobie, it shifts, and Janie is thrown off. She rejoins Will on the hammock as Goobie changes the facts around a little, as he reports that Marcellas asked him if he promises to put up Janie and Howie would Goobie consider keeping him. Goobie says Marcellas said he’s not in with Janie and he’s been working with Danielle since the beginning. Janie admits to witnessing a Danielle/Marcellas argument earlier in the morning. Goobie wants to have an HoH meeting later. It will be interesting to see how much further this one gets spun.

Howie joins Will and Janie, and they discuss that Marcellas believes he’s staying, yet so does Erika. Janelle tells him about the Goobie/Marcellas conversation. Will wants them to make a deal with Erika, and Howie retorts back that it’s not BB2, sooner or later Will will have to win a comp. Will tells him that that’s James’ gig, not his and Goobie’s, and Will’s the one in Howie and Janie’s “crackhead alliance.” Howie says he hates Marcellas, even as a person, likes Erika as a person, but he knows she has to go. Way to go stick to your guns, Howie. Will offers to go talk to Marcellas next, and Janie encourages him to do it and say he hates Janelle, just to see what Marcellas does. Will, of course, refuses to play the game here. He tries to tell them Marcellas will win HoH next, but they’re not buying it, saying that Marcellas sucks at comps, but Erika is better, so needs to go.

Will and Janie discuss their depression. Neither wants to be there right now, it seems. Janie gets Will to give her his impression of everyone left in the game, and she’s pretty crafty for doing so. He talks about Howie being the furthest target, about George throwing comps, says again how much he hates Marcellas. He tells Janie she’s too trust, and she says she was, but not anymore. It’s pretty funny to me, actually, as I’ve been saying that for weeks now. That’s why her and Kaysar were good together; they both look for the common good in people, until they’re screwed, then it’s balls to the wall.

The hammock meeting disperses, and they decide to get a big HoH meeting going. There’s a little trouble rounding up some of the others, though, as Danielle is drunk again in the hot tub with Goobie, and James is inside sleeping. Danielle goes to wake him up, and I’m kind of hoping for something major to go down here. I want some super powers exposed or to have a massive meeting of the minds for the first time. If none of this happens, and they just end up walking out of this HoH deciding that Marcellas needs to go, I’ll be pissed.

So far, it’s just a rehashing of stuff from before as the room includes Will, Goobie, James, Howie, and Janie. Goobie talks about Erika and Danielle fighting over the fact that Danielle has been heard saying she wants to keep Marcellas. He says Erika is now vowing to get Danielle out. Yeah, right. He also talks yet again about Marcellas wanting to set up deals with Chill town before the show started. Basically, Janie doesn’t care. They had the power at the beginning of the game, so Marcellas had no choice as a floater but to float on over their way.

Downstairs Danielle is still doing her part. She talks to Marcellas and the Chicken Man, telling thema bout what she witness outside, the super powers in private conversations, and now all of them are upstairs in the HoH room. Marcellas is seeing that there is more going on than a rift between him and these other people, and is starting to see that Janie isn’t making up her own mind. It’s the others that are making these decisions for her.

A quick show of hands in the HoH to see who wants to vote out Erika only shows Howie and Janie raising their hands. Discussing the reasons for both sides, Goobie says he has Erika in his back pocket. Yeah, but that’s just her hand. Howie and Janie both stand by the fact that Erika is a better player. No one can dispute that, which makes this whole thing a little silly from that standpoint. Janelle is starting to get really upset here, because she put up Marcellas for the others, as they promised his safety, and now they want to vote him out. She’s pissed, and rightfully so, saying if Marcellas is voted out, she’ll be pissed, and know she was betrayed. James asks why it’s okay to betray him. Because you walked in the house waiting for it to happen to you, that’s why. She puts it to another vote, and it still reads the same.

Will knows he has to try a different tactic to get them to trust Erika. He opens it up to telling everyone that Erika and Goobie have been dating and talks about their pillow talk action. Janie doesn’t care. She’s feeling played and wants Erika out now. Goobie says it all doesn’t matter; he’s ready to get rid of Erika now. There ya go, Goobie. That will make Janie trust you so much more right now when she’s feeling played. You are an idiot, and deserve a far worse name that Goobie.

Janelle is ranting and raving at this point, and starting to probably see some things about Goobie and Will that she doesn’t want to see. Will tries to get her to calm down and asks James for his opinion. He’s even more pissy than usual because he was woken up from his beauty rest to go up to the HoH. He can only say he refuses to talk to “these two idiots,” and we know he means Howie and Janelle. Howie doesn’t care at this point, and says to keep whoever, and if they don’t do what he wants, he’ll go Busto on them.

As Janie yells about being manipulated, and Will is suggesting they ask Erika for a one week pass if she agrees to go after Danielle, Goobie goes down and gets Erika, hoping she can allay some fears up in the HoH. He wants her to back up his story that she is mad at Danielle for telling Marcellas she will vote for him. Before they leave, Goobie updates Danielle as well, who then takes the info to Marcellas, telling him that Erika is up there cutting a deal to save herself.

In the HoH, Erika asks for some time alone to have the girl talk with Janie, and the guys leave. Erika admits to being pissed at hearing that others want her out. She says she was never coming after S6, and says Danielle never said she was either. She says she’s alone in the house, and has no one. All lies, of course. I don’t think she knows that janie now knows she’s with Goobie. Janie’s good. She tells Erika that Danielle has already admitted to being in an alliance with Erika. She takes it back a week, and asks why she would even vote out Kaysar over James. The answer has to be because Danielle told her to. Suddenly, Janelle has become very, very smart. She dropped her trust, and she’s getting it all.


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