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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 15th – Janie Wakes Up!

Danielle moves out to the backyard to talk to Will, and the two both bemoan the show and talk about how miserable they are. They’re not even sure they will go to the wrap party, and wonder if they are contractually obligated. This leads to them talking about sequester, and Will mentions that on his season there wasn’t a sequester, and he doesn’t feel it’s necessary, because he knows how to be objective. Danielle says her husband had drinks with Eric before the final vote, and Eric told her husband he liked her but he just had to vote the other way.

Will leaves to lift weights, and Erika and Howie sit down. Erika has Danielle what’s wrong, and is told she’ll tell her later when Howie leaves. Howie digs his feet in by propping them up on the table. Good for him, as I don’t care what alliance are what; that’s still incredibly rude. They talk about getting to the end and voting, and Danielle says she doesn’t expect to make it to final two, while Howie says he would vote for the best player, and never has considered her as a floater, as she put up two of the strongest players in the game, won PoV, and that takes balls. He adds he wouldn’t even vote for himself, as he hasn’t done anything in the game.

I missed where anyone asked someone else for this meeting, but Janelle and Howie end up in the red room eating ice cream, and James comes in to meet with them. Janie says that Chill Town told them that he is going to betray them. James just wants to know why they trust Chill Town more than they trust him, as they knew she was nominating Marcellas before he did. Janie also told Will she couldn’t play for veto before she told James.

It’s actually a kind of funny meeting, as James is totally pissy, but Janie and Howie come off lighthearted about the whole thing and a little indifferent. James says when he wins HoH he’s putting up Howie and George, as neither of them has done anything, and Howie and Janie laugh. James says he’s not kidding, and they still just keep laughing. All James seems to want to do is rehash all the same BS about voting out Jase and Diane, etc., etc.

Kaysar’s name is brought up, and the process of how he left the house, and James says he’s as dumb as he thought, and says he’s just not meant to play the game. I don’t know if Janie and Howie catch onto it, but James is nearly supporting Chill Town right here, but they don’t seem to notice. He talks about them asking Janie to put up Marcellas, and not wanting to vote him out. He says if you’re scared of someone, and they’re on the block, you vote them out, just like them wanting Danielle out. This is like saying he was in on the plan from the get go.

This rehashing goes on and on until Will breaks it up, saying something about Marcellas wanting to talk to Goobie. Apparently, he wanted to let James know the LOD plan was about to take place of Goobie picking the fight with Marcellas. James then talks to Goobie in the backyard, and tells him everything they talked about in the red room. He calls them stupid even. Goobie is just super-excited, as always that some crap is going to go down.

Goobie and Will end up in the hot tub, but it’s cold, so they ask BB to turn it on, as two guys in a cold hot tub “is just gay.” Doesn’t this make it a Chill Tub? They decided to do the internet portion of their show, and Will requests to not get any pictures of girls under 18, over 40, or over 130 pounds. Goobie wants to go in a differnet direction, asks for the most raunchiest pictures, and gives out the address for his Dulce restaurant. Nice.

Welcome to the game Chicken George. He approaches Chill Town in the Chill Tub and says he’s thinking of offering Marcellas his vote this week in exchange for Marcellas’ slop pass. Say what you want, but when this guy needs to play, he does. They all decide, though, that if Marcellas hasn’t thought of this on his own, he must be feeling pretty safe, and most likely unjustly so.

Goobie and Marcellas start their talk which is supposed to lead into the staged fight by Goobie. Right about then BB delivers three bottles of wine, and Will opens up the door and yells inside to Erika nad Janelle that there’s three bottles of wine there, so he wants them to don their bathing suits and join him in the hot tub. They better hurry, because Danielle’s starting the wine without them. Erika dutifully complies, but Janie doesn’t show. Will orders HOwie to go get her, but he doesn’t, saying he thinks she’s sleeping. Will takes the glasses and bottle upstairs and finds Janiei moping in the HoH. He asks her to the hot tub, but she declines the offer. She does, however, accept his offer to drink instead in the hammock. He and Goobie had been talking all day about needing an arbitrary witness to the staged fight, so most likely this is why the big push is on to get her out of the HoH.

Danielle’s getting a little fresh with her wine, talking about Will’s butt, and he suggests she get her suit on and come down to the hot tub. Meanwhile, James is playing designated driver for Danielle, and watching her drinking. Goobie has talked with Marcellas about being backdoored, but Marcellas wasn’t going to pitch a fit like they expected. He said he figured going into the noms with Danielle and Erika, that there was a possibility of being backdoored. He seems cool with it. He says if he stays, he plans to put up Janelle and Howie, and that you don’t put up people that you don’t want to leave. He says he’s not working with Janie, and that he’s been with Danielle since he agreed to get rid of Kaysar.

Chicken George interrupts to say that Will is looking for Goobie outside, so he’s the pawn sent to bring out Goobie so that he can tell everyone about this supposed horrible fight. Marcellas asks for Goobie’s vote, then asks if he has already promised it to Erika. Goobie says s he’s a nice girl, but he’d rather get further in the game. Nice. Marcellas says he has already secured the votes of George and Danielle. Not from where I’m sitting. Still not the blowup, though, that LOD was looking for to get Janie pissed at Marcellas.

Janie is busy, though, entertaining the backyard group about walking in on Goobie when he was masturbating. Eeew. That could be where she got those bad dreams she’s been having. Goobie admits it, and talks about doing it in the airplane bathroom. I’m sorry, but how long is this flight that you can’t wait until you land? You ever been back there on an airplane waiting for your chance to get in the bathroom, and now you find out the guy in there withe Occupied sign is whacking off? He admits to doing it on flights at least forty times, and says he gets off on doing it in weird places.


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