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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 15th – Janie Wakes Up!

This is one of those weeks where I’m not quite sure who’s going between the two nominees. When there’s two floaters up like Erika and Marcellas, that don’t have clear alliances with others, everyone keeps switching back and forth who they want out. Where Chill Town is concerned they do some of their moves strategically, others just to piss people off, and some others just to provide “good TV.” So I’m not quite sure who is is going this week.

Danielle is up first, and does not look like a happy camper. She takes a shower, then heads outside in her pink robe to play cards. I couldn’t tell if my feeds froze, or if she fell asleep, but I’m pretty sure she was dozing outside in the red couches. Finally Erika, Goobie, and Marcellas get up to get the show going today.

While Marcellas heads to the DR all of his own accord, Erika joins Danielle outside. Danielle is talking about voting to keep Erika this week, and wonders how George is voting. Apparently they begin to assume that the votes will be there for Erika to stay, as they talk about needing to win HoH this week, and that they’ll get rid of Will and pick up Goobie into their alliance. Finally someone wanting to do this, but I just don’t see it happening. Danielle would just end up putting up Janelle and Howie, and Erika would do the same, so why are they even talking about this?

Goobie joins them for a short bit, but only until he gets a coffee order from Danielle. Before he leaves, he asks if either of them had tried the banana bread that Janelle made, then says how surprised he is that she can actually cook. The three talk about being similarly amazed that she not only cooks, but does things like camping as well. Maybe it’s me, but Janelle always seems to get a bad rap because she’s a pretty girl. She’s not expected to be smart, or to be able to be handy or be able to cook. They want her to be the dumb blonde. Goobie returns with Danielle’s coffee and orders her to inform Marcellas he is leaving this week. Who decided she was the executioner?

Will and James join the outside bunch, and I admit they have me confused. They talk about wanting Marcellas out, and say they’ll have to convince Janie to vote him out. Ummm, she’s not voting as HoH, right? They discuss staging a fight with Marcellas to make him flip out so that Janelle will want him out. It seems to me Will and Goobie can do some better convincing than this.

When Erika leaves, The talk moves to everyone discussing how Janelle and Howie know everything about the house because of their Jedi drilling, and James says he’s never allowed to do this with them because they don’t want him to win HoH. Ah-ha, now I understand wanting Janelle to actually want Marcellas out. None of them want it to look like they ganged up on her and forced her to put him up. They want it to look like she really hates him. And none of them can figure out why they weren’t America’s Choice? It’s decided that the new order will be Marcellas this week, Janelle next week, and Erika the week after that. I’m confused, a few minutes earlier Danielle was wanting Will out to get Goobie into her alliance with Erika. It’s beyond me how any of these people know how to trust each other.

The Legion of Doom takes their topic back to how to make Marcellas go nuts, and decide it’s best to stage a fight centered around Howie. They talk about doing it in the back yard so that Janie will see it. James says Howie would never go after him, just 35 year old women that can’t defend themselves. Busto could have defended herself if she’d wanted to, James. Many women are capable of that, and yes, even into their 30s and 40s. It’s 2006; we don’t need a strong man to do the work for us.

When Danielle finds out the Janie and Howie have compared her to Maggie, she disputes it, then says she’s just the one that people love to hate and hate to love. She then goes into one of the catchphrases of this year, “They can eat a d***.” She thinks her husband will be saying it when she comes home, and James suggests even her kids will be saying it. Danielle disputes this, saying she doesn’t allow her kids to use profanity, becuase it’s no right for children. I agree, but I do think it would be hilarious if she walked in the house for the first time after she was done with the game, and her kids looked at her, and said, “Hey Mom. Eat a d***.”

Danielle moves on to a meeting with Chicken George in their special place, the SR, and as they discuss the vote this week, George tells Danielle whatever it is, just let him know what to do. So he has gone from saving her ass in week one to being led around by her with a ring through his nose. How did that happen? She owes him, not the other way around. In that case, he would have been a good one for Janelle to put up, but she thought she’d be hurting Howie.

Everyone gathers up their breakfast quickly and moves outside for an outside lockdown, with George being worried his waffle isn’t going to get done quickly enough. Must be the slop waffles that Janie and Marcellas figured out how to do the other night. Outside, Janie is worried that Big Daddy isn’t going to understand her shenanigans with Will in the house. Goobie says he would, if it was him. She knows he won’t even read the HoH blog, even if she leaves a message for him. As she discusses when she broke up with her boyfriend in the DR last year so that she could be with Michael, Goobie predictably loves it, saying he didn’t know that. I think he may have gained respect for her in some bakwards kind of way.

Inside, done with the lockdown, Danielle starts setting the trap for the coming fight between Marcellas and Goobie. She starts mentioning that everyone so far that has been promised safety by BB6 has left. Right, because you and Chill Town did everything you could every time to turn it all around. Marcellas says he came into the game knowing that there was going to be a lot of scumbagging, and the point is just to figure out who is going to scumbag who first. I think that might be the most intelligent thing said so far in this game. It’s the whole point of the game. She advises him to go talk to Chill Town to find out what’s going on.

Instead, Marcellas goes and works out with Janie in the weight room, and tells her Danielle was telling him that he wasn’t a pawn, and was being backdoored. They just laugh. Marcellas mentions that Erika think she’s staying, and Janelle admits to feeling bad that Erika has gone from thinking she won HoH to being sent home. She then talks about yet another of her odd dreams, that a little blonde girl was being kidnapped. That one would freak me out, personally. It wonder what it means.


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