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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 14th – Party Time

Howie leaves to finally go to the jack shack. He passes George on the way, and Georgie wants to know if Howie wants some cake. He says sure, right after he finishes up in the jack shack. Not phased in the least, George asks if Howie wants ice cream with his cake. Hee. Howie shows the camera the inside of the jack shack, and he’s calling himself the “bees knees”. He has to go back inside to get a baggie, and then he’s in the shack. Three minutes later, he’s done. For those of you keeping score at home, he used cooking oil this time. Ew.

Now back inside, Howie, Janie, and George are sharing cake, ice cream, and banana bread. Will finds Janie and asks her if she’ll be up doing her nails. She says she will, and asks him to join her. Then she rushes upstairs to do her hair, put on lip gloss, and get all pretty for Dr. Delicious. Howie wants to do some more quizzing for the upcoming HoH comp. Will, Howie, and Janie chat about nothing while Will and Janie do their toenails. Will leaves for a moment, and Howie tells the internet that they don’t trust the good doctor. They decide not to go into too much detail with their Jedi quizzing until after Will goes to sleep.

Will is trying to convince people that he is the one who actually has the Coup power instead of Boog. He says they both went in together, and that the log shows Will as the one who gave the answer. James, Janelle, and Howie don’t really say much to this, but the wheels seem to be turning.

More talk about James now. Will says that he could never vote for James to win because he’s a worm. He thanks Howie and Janelle for giving him a break and keeping him in the game, and Howie says it was the best decision they’ve made all season. We’ll see about that. They want to test Erika and tell her that Janie and Howie are going after Chill Town next, and then see how long it takes her to run back to Will and Boog with the information. They do a bit more quizzing, and then Will heads off to go to sleep.

Howie and Janie don’t stay up for much longer either. They both go to sleep in the HoH room, with a few farts from Howie before nodding off at around 3:30 am. That’s actually a bit early for them.

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