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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 14th – Party Time

Now Will and Booger are plotting to fake a fight with Marcellas so that they can justify evicting him this week. They think they can get Marcy to go after Booger, and then Will can say that he has to stand by his friend. Danielle and James join in, and they talk about getting Janie out next week. Boog floats the idea of letting Janie do their dirty work for them and building up a jury of Janelle-haters, but that doesn’t seem to be a very popular plan. James tells Boog straight up that Erika is a huge threat to their alliance because she’s very obviously playing him. James thinks that she’d nominate Chill Town in a heartbeat. Strange – I’m pretty sure she’d nominate Howie and Janie.

Marcellas approaches George for a vote, and promises that he’ll have George’s back if he stays. George just says “okay” in that non-committal way that people tend to take as agreement. Danielle goes up and rings the HoH doorbell, but Howie and Janelle are sound asleep and don’t hear her. Or they’re ignoring her, which is okay too.

George looks at the memory wall for a big, then starts saying “I’m still here!” Erika asks him for his vote, and he tells her he’ll talk to her later. Then he says to himself, “They’re asking me for my vote! I’m still here!” He can’t believe it. He grabs a sombrero and puts it over his grinning face for a quick siesta on the couch.

And here we are at mid-afternoon, when nothing happens. People are taking naps, doing laundry, making snacks, and not talking to each other much. Janie comes out for a cigarette, and Danielle thinks they need to ask for more alcohol. Janelle agrees. They both think that they “give better show” when they’ve been drinking. Nah, I’m tired of the drunken shenanigans. If they did something different for a change, it might be more interesting. Dani wonders when they’re going to get their party. What party?

Will is asking about America’s Choice again, and wonders if BB is canceling things. He says that we were promised the “most interactive season yet”, but not much has actually happened. That’s very true. We haven’t had a good America’s Choice yet. We’ve had the wake up thing that only allowed text messages and was pretty lame, and now we have the prom night thing that’s going to get mocked worse than Cowboy was.

Janelle has made banana bread without the aid of measuring cups or spoons, and James is devouring it. He calls it the best thing he’s ever eaten in this house. Will and Janelle go outside to exercise, and they’re talking about the mid-season party. Ah, so that’s what they’re all looking forward to. They’re hoping that they’ll actually get to hear music for a while. Will says that there are so many things that he wants to talk to Janelle about, real life stuff, but he can’t because it’s all on camera. Janie agrees and says that she feels like her whole life is on TV.

After the dreaded wall of flames, we come back to a huge cake in the kitchen that has all of their pictures on it. It’s really nice looking. They’ve got pizza and booze too. Will and Janelle want to eat each other’s pictures. George gets to eat too – yippee! We have a bunch of happy hamsters in the house. They actually do get to listen to music for a bit, so we cut to flames to avoid the copyright infractions.

Half an hour later, we’re back for a few minutes. They’re hosing down the backyard, and there’s food floating in the pool. Looks like there was a giant food fight out there. James and Erika both say that the pool will be shut down for the rest of the summer, but if the heat keeps up like it has been, I don’t see that sticking. Marcellas, Danielle, and Erika are complaining that the cool kids never get reprimanded for this kind of thing. BB starts the music up again, so we get flamed.

Another hour later, and we’re back again. There are people in the pool, so I guess BB didn’t take it away after all. Janelle is sitting with Chill Town in the hot tub. They’re all talking about how Booger got down with his bad self dancing, and apparently Erika gave him a lap dance. James is going on and on about how he’s a wild and crazy guy outside of the house, but he won’t act like that when he knows it might get shown on television. Will and Janelle apparently got into a big cake fight, and Janie put cake down Will’s pants.

The rest of the evening is spent rehashing the party, playing cards, and whispering strategy. Will tells Erika that she should try to become friends with Janie and convince her that she’s going after Chill Town. He says that they need to go after Janie and get her out because she keeps winning HoH’s. Erika is eating this up and agrees to everything. James tells Booger that if he gets to evict someone, to take Janie out on Thursday. He warns Boog not to let Erika play him.

In the living room, most of the group is playing Murder. They’re actually having a good time, laughing it up. See, this is more fun to watch than the shower and hot tub antics, but it doesn’t make for great recapping. Howie arrives in his underwear, saying that he’s going to hit the jack shack, take a shower, then get up early in the morning to work out. We’ll see if this plan actually comes to fruition.

Howie joins the Assassin game going on in the living room – see, his plan didn’t really pan out. He doesn’t understand how the game works though, so much laughter is had at his expense. Will pretends to die, and George is concerned about him, thinking he has stomach cramps. More laughter ensues.

The games die down, and people begin to scatter. Danielle and Booger head for bed, and Janelle and Will go upstairs to the HoH room to listen to her CD. They’re laying in the bed, snuggled up together each with one of the earphones. Howie comes up and says he’s upset he hasn’t had the chance to go off on anyone yet. It’s the anniversary of the Busto rant, and I guess he was hoping for an encore. They talk about all the things he’s going to sell on eBay when the show is over. They all agree that James is the least fun houseguest ever, and Will says that he’s even worse than Bunky was. Howie says that James has even stepped things up this year, and Will is surprised.