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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 14th – Party Time

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails about the HoH redo this week. They basically fall into three categories – those who don’t care how it happened as long as Janie won it, those who think the whole thing was a sham and Erika was robbed, and those who think that it was done fairly. I’m in the third camp. After realizing that there were technical difficulties with the first attempt, the powers that be decided to do it over again. In so deciding, they basically scrapped the first one altogether, as if it never happened. So at that point, they can’t pick and choose who plays and who doesn’t or else it isn’t a clean do-over. The only thing that’s suspicious to me is why they haven’t done this more often, since Julie Chen isn’t exactly a flawless competition host.

Anyway, let’s move on to the live feeds!

Danielle is awake and wandering the house by 7 am. She puts in a good two hours of making and drinking coffee, looking at the memory wall, and sitting outside looking bored out of her tree before anyone else joins her. Upstairs, Booger and Erika are still cuddling. Good thing I’ve already eaten my breakfast and it’s safely down. These two get out of bed around 9 am, and head down to keep Danielle company.

They talk about the previous night’s game of spin the bottle in the hot tub, and there’s a bit of game talk while Dani complains about S6 not wanting to make deals. Erika goes inside, and Danielle starts working on Booger to try and flip the vote. She asks him if he would feel safe with Marcellas staying, and he says no. Dani guarantees that Erika isn’t coming after him, but Marcy likely is. Booger says that he thought Erika was just playing him, but now he’s starting to think she has real feelings for him. Boog hems and haws, stressing over breaking his word to Janelle. Erika comes back and suddenly they’re talking about bicycles.

Now it’s chatter about Chicken George (Erika finds it hard to believe that George is only ten years older than she is), and then high school. Booger was invited to speak at his high school reunion, because he’s so famous. He brags about the speech he gave, then calls all the “wives” in attendance “mundane”. That’s a big word for Boog. I really don’t care about the glory days of these people, so let’s move on.

BB announces at 10 am that the veto ceremony will begin in two hours. Danielle says that she thinks Will, Boog, or George would win an America’s Choice if one were held right now. Somehow I think it’d still be Janie, but I could be way off. I’d vote for Howie myself.

Hamsters are slowly waking up and preening for their prime TV time. Erika tells Danielle that Booger thinks he said the Coup phrase wrong, and they know that Janelle went in right away after they saw the grim reaper yesterday just in case. Danielle is not looking pleased with the situation. I’ll bet she’s wishing she could have hooked up with Janelle, because the two of them seem to be the only ones who are really going after power in the house.

James, Booger, and Will are still on the “Get Marcellas Out of the House” train, and they plan to ambush Janie when she goes up to the HoH room. If I were Janie I’d be demanding that BB wash or replace my bedding right away, considering who spent the night there and what they were doing. The three guys wait in the HoH room, and decide that Booger and James will go at her hardcore, while Will is going to play good cop and try to reason with her. Boog says that Erika was asking him last night while they were making out if he had her back, and he just laughed her off.

Booger mentions that he thinks he won the Coup, so his saying that he messed it up must be a ruse to throw everyone else off. He and Will are trying to come up with a fake power to tell everyone, so they won’t know what’s really going down. Ha – I’m pretty sure it’s an instant thing. Boog will find out what it entails, and then have to decide on the spot what to do with it. Will warns him that it’s going to be tough and he’s going to have to do something he may not want to do, but Boog seems prepared for it. This is going to be good – except I’m pretty sure that Marcellas will bear the brunt of this twist.

Janelle finally arrives and they tell her they want to know what’s happening. All three guys are talking at once, and they’re telling her that Marcellas has to go. They don’t understand why she’s protecting him and making everyone in her alliance mad at the same time. She says that she doesn’t want to put him up if he’s not leaving, because she’ll be alienating yet another person. Her argument makes sense, but I doubt she’ll be able to hang on to it.

After a brief interlude of flames, Howie comes up and he’s saying “ditch the bitch”. He doesn’t care who goes up with Erika, but I’m sure he doesn’t want his buddy George in jeopardy. Booger says that he thinks Erika is playing him, and he’s fine with voting her out. He says that she’s probably laughing at him in the diary room, but he’s the one who will still be laughing on Friday. Ouch.

After a bit more pressure from Chill Town, Janelle gives in and says she’ll put Marcellas up. It really doesn’t matter, because if Boog gets the Coup he’ll evict whoever he wants to anyway. And if Janie gets it, bye bye Erika or Danielle. The group splits up, and Booger goes to tell Dani that Marcellas is going up. Janelle seeks out Marcy, to warn him about what’s happening.

Janie promises Marcellas that he isn’t going home, because she has the votes to keep him. He’s understandably upset about it, and says that Will and Booger want him gone. He’s called to the diary room and gets up to leave, telling Janie it’s okay, even though it clearly isn’t. He warns her not to trust Chill Town. Will comes in and gives Janelle a hug, and she says that Marcellas told her that he and Booger were talking sh*t about her after the shower thing. Will tells her not to worry about it. Janelle feels terrible about putting Marcy on the block.

Will goes to James and tells him that they need to vote out Erika to keep Janelle’s trust. James says that if Janie doesn’t put Marcy on the block after all of this, then she’s leaving next week. Meanwhile, Marcellas is out of the DR and wondering what one wears on the day of his own execution. Aw. Janie goes to him again, and he warns her once more that the people she’s listening to do not have her back, but he does. He asks her if she’s going to fight for him, and she assures him he will.

Outdoor lockdown time, so it looks like the veto ceremony is soon to begin. Booger and Will are trying to figure out how to get Marcellas on their side, and consider using Janelle against him since she’s about to put him on the block. These guys are good, I have to admit it. More talk of the Coup power, and how they’ll say that Booger can’t tell anyone what it is. Heehee. He won’t even know until it’s time to use it! I wonder if the Coup is a one-week deal, or if they’ll do something like it again next week?

We get flames for about half an hour while the ceremony takes place. When we come back. George is astounded that he’s safe for another week. Erika is desperately looking for Danielle. I guess Marcellas is indeed on the block. Howie’s the only one in the house that hasn’t been nominated now. Erika finds Marcellas instead of Dani, and tries to comfort him. Marcy is complaining that “the alpha males are picking on the poor fag”. Someone give this guy a hug.

Will is asking Booger if he would mind if Will chose Janie for a luxury prize instead of him, assuming he actually won it. Boog understands completely. Janie is actually there, and she says she’d pick Will if she won something. What about Howie? Booger says that he and Howie can sit back at the house and eat cheap cookies together. Heh. Danielle grabs Erika and says that she needs to walk, so the two of them start pacing around the back yard. Booger points out that Dani is in a real pickle now because she has to decide who to vote for.

A bit later, Booger tells Danielle to get to work on getting Marcellas out of the house. She agrees, but says it’ll take her a couple of days. She goes right to James, who says he really wants George gone, but he’ll probably vote to evict Marcy. Chicken George is still astounded that he’s not nominated, and goes upstairs to thank Janelle for not putting him up. He tells her that he knows she may need him in the future, and that he’ll remember this, that she kept him safe. He’s such a sweetie. Janelle thanks him, and also thanks him for looking out for Howie because he’s her best friend.

Will and Booger waste no time – they find Georgie and tell him that they’re responsible for keeping him off the block, and that Will actually had to shed a tear to get the cold-hearted Janelle to nominate Marcellas. Don’t know if George is buying this or not, but he thanks them. James is stressing the point that Janelle really wanted George on the block this week. Georgie does a belly flop into the pool to celebrate his safety this week.