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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 13th – Another Coup Clue

Danielle assures Marcellas that, if he goes on the block, she will vote to evict Erika. She says something about redemption, and they hug. She tells him that she’s going to go all out to win HoH next week. Marcy isn’t sure how George would vote if he were on the block with Erika.

Speaking of Erika, she’s way down there under the covers now, and the motions are suggesting that Booger is getting some action down there.

Will and Janie are playing cards while Howie looks on. Will suggests again that James should go on the block, and they consider asking Erika to replace him as the fifth member of “perfect storm” briefly before coming back to their senses. Danielle arrives on the scene and decides to pan-fry a huge steak, which wouldn’t be weird except that it’s almost 2 in the morning now. After it’s cooked, she eats about half of it and gives the rest to Howie.

The lights go out, but Will and Janie keep playing cards. There are noises coming from upstairs, but thankfully the feeds do not shift up there to show us what Boog and Erika are up to. Will decides to go to bed, and Janie finds Marcellas outside. She tells him she’s going to put up Chicken George, and he doesn’t have to worry. Marcy says that, if S6 had got rid of Chill Town earlier in the game, the rest of them would be getting along just fine now because the ones that left were there to play. I’m not following this logic at all. Marcy complains about hooking up with blondes again, and Janelle tells him to keep saying that they’re not friends any more.

With everyone else in bed, Howie and Janelle start talking about whether or not they can trust Will. Janie thinks he’s loyal, but Howie warns that they should only trust him up to a point. He tells Janie that Boog was offended that she didn’t want to kiss him in the hot tub, but she doesn’t really care. Howie doesn’t really understand the reasoning behind putting up George over Marcellas, but Janie explains that she doesn’t need another person coming after her, and right now Marcy isn’t. If she puts him up, he will be. He wants to know who Janie would save with the veto if Howie and James were up together, and she promises she would save him.

James gets up to go to the bathroom, and he joins the conversation. He rants about George not deserving to be there and how he needs to leave. They rehash who went up over who should have gone up each week. James is still arguing that Marcellas needs to go, and Howie says that if Erika stays this week, they may as well pack their bags because they’re toast.

And on that note, everyone heads to bed. Remind me to send the camera crew a thank-you note for not taking us back to the HoH room, ’cause I really don’t want to know if Booger’s condom got used or not.

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