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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 13th – Another Coup Clue

Marcellas, Dani, and Erika are complaining about Howie and Janelle now, wondering why they’re now playing the game for Kaysar when he’s gone. Marcy gets in some digs at Kay, saying that if he was as moral and pious as he claimed to be, he’s be working in the slums of Calcutta rather than going on a reality show. Then he wonders how a Muslim could possibly have more designer label clothing than he does. Now they’re calling Howie a “fatass”.

There’s a lot of speculation over the Coup today. Booger has guessed “reap what you sow”, which I personally have never heard in the Big Brother house. But apparently they got the terms reread to them, and it’s a “common phrase that can be applied to the Big Brother game”. Which is totally not what Julie said on Thursday night. Will and Boog think that they need to keep talking about it and make it a huge deal in the house, so that the others will focus on that and not on the fact that Chill Town is allied with everyone in the house. They tell Janie that the power of the Coup has to be monumental, because there hasn’t been a really big twist yet.

More obsessing over the shower now. Janie points out that there were no mics, but Will says that won’t matter. It’ll all be editing. Janie says something to Erika about Will licking body butter off of her boobs last night in the shower, and Will is calling out to someone named Joe Vance to get in touch with Ian to get Erin’s number, to explain to her that it’s just a game. Joe Vance, consider yourself paged.

Lockdown time, so everyone runs inside to use the washroom. They all think there will be another clue. I sure hope so – this phrase thing is driving me nuts. They all hang around looking mopey and talking about nothing in particular until they’re allowed back inside. Once the door opens, Booger goes mental, hopping around and yelling that he got the Coup phrase. Seems there was a grim reaper in the house when they entered, so Boog’s phrase “you reap what you sow” is probably right. How the hell is that a phrase that is commonly used in Big Brother?

Janie rings the bell, which I don’t understand. Is she going to give the same phrase? They’re freaking out a bit because the “reaper” pointed right at Danielle. Janelle comes out of the diary room and says that she went in with the answer just in case Booger said it wrong.

Janelle tries to convince Marcellas to let her put him up as a pawn, but he won’t agree to it. Smart man. He thinks that if he goes up, he’ll be leaving the game. Finally Janie says that she’ll stick with the plan and nominate George, even though the rest of them will be mad at her for doing it. Danielle catches them talking, and they agree that Marcellas will tell Danielle that they were discussing him going up as a pawn. Which is the truth, so I don’t know why they’re so hush-hush about it.

Will and Janelle hide out in the storage room, where Will is trying to convince Janie once again to put Marcellas up. The idea is to split the Float Herd, since they’ll have to choose between Marcy and Erika. He says that Erika will still be the one leaving, but they need to scare Marcellas a bit this week. I don’t agree, and neither does Janie. But she seems to be considering it again.

Booger is sure that he’s won the power of the Coup, so he and Will work on signals to tell each other how to vote or what to do when it’s time to use it. They’re also trying to figure out if they should flip the vote if Marcellas goes up in Danielle’s place this week. I hope that Booger (if he did indeed win this thing) is asked privately in the DR if he wants to change the nominations, and doesn’t get to discuss anything with Will first.

Danielle and Erika try to figure out how the votes will go this week. Dani says that Erika will stay if Marcy goes up, but not if it’s Chicken George. Erika says no, she has something up her sleeve and she’s confident that she will stay no matter who goes up beside her. Looks like the plan is working.

James is making plans of his own. He thinks that, if Janie doesn’t put Marcellas up, then he has grounds for going after her next week. Kinda like he justifies his defecting to the Legion of Doom with Diane’s eviction. Then he tells Will that, if Booger gets to evict someone with the Coup, then it has to be Janelle. Will just nods.

It’s hot tub time, and Janelle has brought the body butter (which Will wants nothing to do with apparently). Erika mentions that there’s whipped cream in the fridge, and Booger wants to play some game that has them swapping tops and bottoms of their swimsuits. Maybe they should give it a rest tonight, since they’re all regretting the shower thing from the night before? Danielle joins them, saying that she’s leaving if they start getting raunchy.

They giggle about sleeping arrangements and try to get some more suggestive games going. They end up playing spin the bottle, and Erika climbs all over Booger to give him a kiss. Then she has to give Janie a peck, then it’s Janie’s turn to kiss Erika. You know, this is kind of getting stale now. Sad, isn’t it? Danielle and Howie are playing too, and just giving pecks on the cheek. Janelle doesn’t seem all that into it this evening, which is refreshing. Lots more kissing, with Booger and Erika the only ones who seem to be really into it.

As this is going on, Marcellas is talking game with … James? Okay. He says that if he won HoH, he wouldn’t put James or Janelle on the block. Marcy doesn’t like being called a floater, and was really upset about Diane leaving because she desperately needed the money. They rag on Janelle for not putting Chill Town on the block.

Will is trying to get Janelle to give Booger and Erika the HoH room for the night. They’re talking about how “spin the bottle” is like 8th grade flirting, and no big deal. Then Will says that he wouldn’t want Erin playing it with other people, and that’s why he’s not all that into it. I guess he has no problem with Erin licking body butter off another guy’s chest in the shower then.

Danielle somehow convinces Howie to take off his swimsuit in the hot tub, and she grabs the trunks and throws them away. Poor Howie is standing naked in the hot tub, not knowing how to get out without revealing his jewels. Heehee – didn’t someone do this last year too? Was it Howie? Dani gets the swimsuit and puts it on, doing some rather cruel Howie impressions. Will yells at Howie telling him to run around naked, but Howie says there are two things he won’t do – kill someone, and go on camera naked. Howie’s a clever boy.

Eventually Howie gets out with a slop bucket over his junk, and then he’s using a wine glass. Will is joking around, and Howie’s telling the internet folks not to give in to peer pressure. Funny stuff – they’re all having a good laugh over this.

Erika and Booger have left the backyard, and are heading up to the HoH room. Booger tells James he’s going to be the most hated person in reality TV history for making out with Erika and then evicting her. Kind of like Drew, I guess. He asks where the condoms are, and runs to get one. Up in the HoH room now, Erika and Boog are under the covers, and there are lots of kissing noises and moans going on. Blech.

Outside, Janelle, Howie, and Dani are talking game – sort of. Dani spouts off that it’s better to be her friend than her enemy, and when Janie says the same goes for her, she replies “bring it on, Janelle”. They go back and forth like this for a bit, and then Danielle swears that she has no alliances in the house, and tells them they when they see the tapes they’ll know she was telling the truth. They don’t seem to be buying this for a second. Dani then says that she doesn’t nominate people to be decoys. Riiiight.

Back upstairs, Erika is climbing on top of Booger. Ew ew ew. She thinks millions of people are watching and that it’ll make the show, but Booger assures her that it’s Sunday night and no one will be watching. Of course, if you really wanna see this, it’s probably up on You Tube by now. Howie and Janelle go up and interrupt the little porn film going on, and Erika keeps insisting that nothing was going on. Because Howie and Janelle must be completely stupid and blind, I guess. Janie grabs some blankets and leaves, with Howie trailing behind her.