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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 13th – Another Coup Clue

When last we left our hamsters, Howie and Janelle were figuring out once again that James isn’t really with them any longer. The problem with these two is that they want to accept this as fact, but they’re scared to make the same mistake as last year and eliminate an ally. Of course we all know that James is no ally. They went to bed in the wee morning hours, after contemplating waking James up to call him out.

Danielle gets up, makes breakfast, has a nice long shower, and then wanders around the house and backyard picking up laundry and stuff. She’s wired today and can’t seem to stay in one place for more than a couple of minutes. Other people get up, walk around, and head back to bed, but it’ a good three hours before anyone stays awake long enough to keep Danielle company.

Will arrives on the scene, and Dani pulls him aside for a moment to find out if he knows who’s going up. He tells her that, before the shower scene from the night before, Janie wanted to put up Booger. But now he thinks it’ll be George or Marcellas. So this is Dr. Delicious on damage control – make the steamy shower action look like a desperate attempt to save Boog. Which we all know it wasn’t, since Booger was never in danger. Danielle points out that she made a promise to George, so she’d have to vote for Erika.

Will asks Erika to say nice things about him in the diary room. He’s really worried about what his girlfriend will see on television. Dani joins them and they talk about their fears. Will is afraid of abandonment and paranoia, but he’s most afraid of losing his innocence, because the more he learns about the realities of the world the more jaded he becomes. Dani says that she’s afraid of being characterized as “evil” because her father is a minister and she grew up in the church. Erika sabotages her relationships because of her fear of abandonment.

George and Danielle talk about the game. George is scared that he’s going up and leaving this week, but Dani comforts him. She explains the theory that Janelle is a vixen and wants the women gone so she can be alone with the guys. Yawn.

Will goes to Howie and Janie and tells them again that James can’t be trusted. Janelle says they know, and that the two of them were up last night figuring it all out. Will suggests making a deal with Erika and trying to get James out of the house, but it’s not received very well. He says that she can continue to trust James if she wants to, but he will stab her in the back.

Howie is on board with putting James up and evicting him, and he’s even agreeing to the idea of making a deal with Erika. Will is pushing hard for this, with Janelle the only person resisting. She’s agreeing that James needs to go, but not this week. Will leaves saying that he’ll support Janie whatever she wants to do, and goes directly to Danielle to tell her that Janie and Howie are considering putting James on the block.

Booger is the next one to discuss the nomination with Janelle, but he doesn’t think it should be James, because of numbers. Putting James up would be risky, because then Janie is leaving the door open for him to come after her hard if he stays. Janelle refers to the alliance of Chill Town and Janie/Howie as “The Perfect Storm”. (I was away from the feeds for a couple of days, so this one is new to me.) Booger calls Erika a snake, and says that she doesn’t know that Chill Town heard about her coming up to the HoH room the first few weeks and insisting that they put up Will and Boog.

Now Boog goes on an anti-Erika rant. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard him cut her up, but it might be the worst. And I can’t tell if it’s just being said for the benefit of Howie and Janelle, or if he really means it. He says that he’d rather have Dani in the house because she doesn’t keep wanting to jump into bed with him. Then he says that the reason he was naked last night when Erika crawled under the covers was because he was going to “jerk it” – he had the lotion and tissues ready, and then she jumped in and wanted to spoon. He told her he was naked, and she said that was okay. He wants to keep reassuring her that she’s safe this week, and then surprise her with the eviction. He even calls her a whore.

Now the HoH brain trust decides that they want to call James upstairs and call him out, making him pledge allegiance to the final five (S6 and Chill Town). Booger says that he’ll ask James to come upstairs, but maybe wait for a bit so that no one get suspicious. He goes outside, where James, Danielle, Will, and Erika are talking about the Coup d’Etat. Will and Booger have decided that one of them will stand by the bell while the other will check out the next clue, then they’ll decide whether to ring it and make a guess or not. Heh. James warns them that Janie is driven by greed, and will make a run for the bell once she figures it out.

When Erika leaves to go and ask about the exact wording of the Coup description, Will says that it’ll be George going up but Erika leaving, and they all have to be comfortable with that. They are. James says that he has a speech all ready if Janelle decides to nominate him. Good for you, James. He’s not quite ready to go up and talk to her yet though, saying that he needs some time to process everything.

Eventually James heads upstairs for a “Perfect Storm” pow-wow. Janelle and Howie want to know if he’s with them or not, and he says he is. Will asks if the boot order is Erika, Danielle, and then George, and they all agree it is. What about Marcellas? Janie asks James straight out if he’s working with Dani, and he denies it. He asks about her involvement with Marcy, and Janie says she hates him. They skim over the fact that James and Chill Town are throwing comps, but somehow this doesn’t become a big deal.

Now the other four are pressuring Janelle to put up Marcellas instead of George. She doesn’t want to do it, but acts confused again just like she did the week Diane went home. I’m pretty sure that Marcy is safe this week, and I don’t blame Janie for not wanting to put him up. If she nominates him, he’s free to go after her. As it stands now, she hasn’t wronged him and he wouldn’t have the nerve to put her up if he ever won HoH. She finally tells them that she’ll think about it. Booger goes off on Erika again, saying that he’s going to send her out of the house looking like the “biggest whore in America”.

Will and Booger leave, saying that they’re going to act pissed off because they think that Booger is going up in Danielle’s place. Howie and Janie ask James one last time if he’s with them, and Janie says, “you won’t sell us out for Danielle, will you?” James avoids the question, and Janelle tells him that Danielle is walking around the house all cocky, like she has James in her back pocket. She adds that someone in the diary room compared Dani to Maggie, and while Janie is laughing about it, James looks just a little bit concerned. As well he should be.

As Will and Boog are in the gym figuring out how much more air time they must be getting than the other hamsters, James walks in and gloats about how they have Howie and Janelle exactly where they want them. Blah blah blah. James leaves, and Will mentions that if anyone watching knows Erin Brody (his girlfriend), to please explain to her that this is just a game. They talk about how they’ll have to save Janelle with the veto next week if Dani wins HoH again. Will mentions that he’s in this with Janie for the long term now. They want the two of them, Danielle, and Janie as the final four.

Uh oh. George has been given yeast with which to make slop bread. He’s not quite sure what he’s doing, of course, but it’ll make for some interesting viewing I’m sure. Janelle and Marcellas have a quick talk, and Marcy says that they just have to get through two more weeks and then they can work together “openly”. Hmm. Meanwhile, James is telling Danielle that he’s going to bury Janie and dance on her grave. Same old, same old with this guy.

Now it’s the time of day where nothing really happens. People are working out, cooking, making fun of Howie, and sitting around doing nothing. Will decides to make a necklace and bracelet out of the beads and shells they got a few weeks ago, and Janie sits down with him to help. They’re not even flirting or anything – this is how boring it is.

Janelle tells Will and Booger that Marcellas was trying to make a deal with her that if she keeps him safe this week, he’ll put up Chill Town next week if he gets HoH. They laugh about it, and Janie says she’s being nice to him. Booger thinks this is a good idea, because if he does end up winning HoH, then Janie can try and convince him to put up the people they want out. Will mentions that Erika is feeling badly for George because he won’t see his eviction coming, and they all laugh at Erika too. Will mentions that someone in the DR called him their personal hero for taking a shower with Erika and Janelle. Janie’s worried about Big Daddy breaking up with her, and wonders if there are cameras in the shower.