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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 12th – Who's Manipulating Who?

Erika and Danielle talk about asking Janie for some type of deal, but James nips that idea in the bud right away when he walks in. They go back again and blame her for asking Marcellas to play for her instead of Kaysar, saying it would have kept him safe last week. Kaysar refused to do it, so it was actually not Janie’s fault. Marcellas joins in, and James tells the others to tackle Danielle if she tries to leave the room as she’s drinking again.

They all talk about Janie not being able to win because of what happened with the HoH this week. She won’t get the votes. Maybe so, but one of you is leaving this week. James … again … spouts off about the Diane nomination. Give it up already. Danielle, getting drunk obviously, tells us all her email DanielleBB3@hotmail.com. Who knows if it’s real or not. Someone try it and let me know. Will pulls James into the storage room and begs him to get Janie out of here because she won’t stop flirting with him. The floaters just sit and trash Janie more and talk argue over whether they are popular with the fans or the villains. I don’t think you want to know.

Erika tells Danielle they need a big player in the house to take out the big players. Hello? Knock knock? That would be what Janelle is doing. What you are saying is you need someone to take out her. Erika leaves to find Janelle to do some drinking with her, but Danielle finds her instead and seems to want to make some type of deal. Will gets Goobie alone and tells him that Janie tried to kiss him. The feeds didn’t pick up that? He must be joking, but he usually doesn’t lie to Goobie. Maybe he’s jealous because the Goober is gettin’ some, and he’s not.

There’s a hot tub party going on, but they’re running out of wine. We get the audio from Erika’s DR as she goes in to ask for more wine. She is told no, and offers to flash them. Her generous offer is passed up. Back outside, Howie jokes that she should have tried to flash them. Now who will look worse this week? Goobie for talking about her being too old and needing to get married, or her for offering to flash the people working behind the camera in the DR so that she can get alcohol? And they make fun of Janie and talk badly about her getting sponsors? At least she gets to go on exotic trips if that’s what she’s doing. Erika’s just getting cheap wine.

Janie and Erika try to get Will to take off his trunks in the hot tub, and say if he does, they’ll take off their bikini tops, but he wants a sign of good faith, and for them to start. James and Howie talk serious inside while this is going on, and Howie picks at James to see if he had a pre-show alliance with Danielle. He replies that Danielle didn’t think she was getting in. Danielle busts in and the conversation is obviously dropped.

Janie and Erika are still working Dr. Will. He says it’s wrong, hot, but wrong. Will asks for a moment to himself, goes to the other side of the hot tub, and is in a near panic, saying he needs his partner, presumably he means Goobie and not his girlfriend. Will talks about taking a shower, just the three of them, but is honestly wigged out. He says he’s in a relationship, and Janie says she is too. Will asks Erika if she isn’t kind of in one as well. He tries to plead gay here, but it’s not working. He asks them to take off their bottoms and tops, then realizes what he’s doing. He asks where it would go from there, and Erika says the bedroom.

They all agree on the shower, and Will goes to find Goobie to make him come with him. Chicken! He wakes up Goobie, and tells him he’s taking a shower, and they run for the HoH room. Howie is in there pretty much not believing his eyes, and listening at the bathroom door. Goobie starts to strip down, and Erika says no way. they turn off the bathroom lights so they can’t be seen, but the night vision camera comes on.

We go to flames, and when we come back in, the lights are back on, and either Will is trying to escape, or just keeps opening the door so we, and his girlfriend, can see his still has his swim trunks on. Janie tries to get Will to lick some cream off her, and he keeps saying he can’t, but his silhouette in the glass doors looks like he did. Erika eats cream off of Goobie, and he says he something something like this in Penthouse Forum. They all beg Will to kiss Janelle, but he refuses. Goobie and Erika leave the other two in there, and eventually Will escapes. He tells Janelle he’s sorry, but he’s just not single, and that he has someone waiting for him that he cares about very much. Then you shouldn’t have gotten in the shower to begin with! Janelle then tells him he has a booger in his eyebrow.

Will escapes with Goobie, and they go to the DR, and we hear just the first few words, which isn’t nearly enough. Will is heard saying, “Can you just …” and the audio goes out. The girls go out to backyard and join Howie and James playing pool. Will comes out and says nothing happened, and Janie says there are no cameras in the bathroom. James asks if they haven’t noticed the small one in the corner, and Will asks them to vote him out now, because he is f***ed. Again, you should never have gone up there.

Post-shower, Janie finds Marcellas in the kitchen, and they share a hug. No, I don’t see her putting him up tomorrow. Erika and Goobie climb in bed, and he is naked. Eeeww! I can’t decide whether it’s my allergies or that view making my eyes tear up. They start to strategize … naked? Then Janie walks in, and says she’s sorry, she didn’t know anyone was in there, but asks what they’re doing. I could be wrong, but I think everything tonight with Janelle was strategy.

Janelle leaves, goes outside and finds Will, Danielle and James, and says she just saw Goobie and Erika making out. They all leave to go watch. Erika and James talk about the shower thing and say they would break up with someone for showering with someone else. Marcellas says he was hoping to turn a boy gay this summer, and is asked if he meant Howie. He says no, as that would be a challenge. Well, Beau couldn’t do it either.

Will gets together with james and Danielle and says they have to get rid of Janelle, because the girl is too smart. Feeling a little threatened are you? They devise a plan of one of them getting HoH, and backdooring her. I think Will is being just as smart, as he has even more ammo to not take to her tomorrow. He can say he’s in the Legion of Doom, but he’s been doing his best to turn Janelle away from James.

Janie talks to Will and first tells him that she told the DR in the second week she wasn’t falling for him at all, then admits to lying about that. She keeps on going back and forth whether it’s the truth or not. Will goes to bed, and I have to just say, she’s playing him just as hard as he’s playing her. We now have proof of that. And it bugs him out. He can’t take it.

Honestly, I think Will is quite intrigued with her. He’s used to being the strong one, and always is backed up by weaker people, like Goobie. But here is this attractive female that wants him, but plays the game just as hard as he does, and in all the same ways. He can phone Goobie up all he wants in the DR. She’s still playing him. She totally took him off his game tonight. He has no idea what to think, and now has to worry the rest of time here that his girlfriend is breaking up with him. He wants Janelle out as far as game play, but he is so intrigued by her, I don’t think he can do it.

Who is the better manipulator, Will or Janie? Tell us what you think in the BB Spoilers & Feeds Forum and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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