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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 12th – Who's Manipulating Who?

Proving to be a popular guy, Will meets outside of HoH with Goobie and James, and tells James Janie is mad thinking everyone threw the PoV. She also thinks he has a deal with Danielle. It’s the consensus that they have to get rid of Erika and they will tell Danielle that. James says next week they have to get rid of Janelle, then will go after Marcellas, Howie, and George. James says that Erika asked him to keep her over Goobie, as she is still assuming that he is going up. Goobie is a little shocked, but adds it will make it easier for him to get rid of her, and asks if James realizes they were making out last night.

After James leaves, the other two talk about it being funny to have alliance with the two differnet sides. Will wants to make it themselves, Janie, and Danielle in final four so that Janie and Danielle battle it out at the end. They don’t say it, but I’m guessing it will make for “great TV.”

A floaters meeting happens, and they discuss offering Janie and Howie safety next week if they keep Erika. Danielle will throw the competition to Erika so that Erika can put her up not having made the deal. I don’t see Janelle being that stupid, but whatever. Marcellas is instructed to talk to Janelle and tell her that if she gets rid of another girl, the guys are going to start coming after her.

Danielle chats with all the floaters including George, with the assumption still that Goobie is going up. Erika asks George if Goobie goes will he keep her, and George says yes. Danielle leaves saying she wants to take a nap, but goes in for a chat with the Legion of Doom. She tells them that the floaters all think Goobie or Will are going up. As she leaves, not getting her nap in, James guesses they will either be the most hated or well-liked alliance in history, and perhaps a little of both. Nah. No liking well coming from my end.

Will and Janelle talk again, and they go back to their flirting routine. We know he’s totally playing her, and has since the beginning, but the question is if she is playing him equally so. If it’s just a game to her, she’s really good. I keep thinking back to the clip they keep showing on the actual show of her refusing to nominate Will during her last HoH, and him wanting her to admit he likes her. Either she really does, or she is really, really good. If she’s that good, she’s a little scary.

Going outside when they are done with lockdown, everyone finds another clue. It’s a giant needle and thread, and I think it’s the word so. It’s a classic puzzle clue, just like the sheep meaning ewe=you. I think they now have the words So and You, and that Danielle and Erika’s guess of Do Not Assume if way off. Janie is thinking it means a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, Danielle notices a “knot” in the thread, so it could very well be the word “not.” If that’s the case, Danielle thinks she’s still right with the “do not assume.” If she has it though, why do they continue this?

Will suggests “A stitch in time saves nine,” and Goobie asks what the hell hat means. He’d never heard that before. Goobie suggests you reap what you sew, or oh what a tangled web … which I thought as well with the word “you” the other night. They also discuss whether the clues are all sequential or mixed up. Howie, though, rings the bell to go in and take a guess. He and Janie discussed the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and decided he should guess that while Janie waits for another clue. I still think any guessing is premature.

James tells George that he’s getting nominated as a pawn, and Janie, Howie, and Will meet back up in the HoH. Howie says he lied about guessing “spool of lies,” and Will says that James guessed “pull the wool over your eyes.” They go back to the discussion of who to put up, and Janie calls Marcellas a piece of garbage. After her talk with him this morning, it has to be a strategy. Perhaps this will be another one where no one knows who she is putting up until she does it. Howie is pissed that he told George he’s going up, but now he isn’t. Janie doesn’t want to put Marcellas up as she really wants Erika out, and is afraid Marcellas will leave instead. I honestly don’t know which way she’s going here.

Will asks Howie to leave, then really works the flirting with Janie. They both agree to making each other nervous, and he asks her to keep calling him Dr. Delicious, saying he loves it. They both agree to keep each other safe, and he leaves to go work out. Outside the world is coming to an end as Danielle admits there is something she does not know. She does not know how to grill. George, Howie, and Will work on it instead.

Howie works Erika a little bit in the backyard, telling her about the James and Danielle alliance. He says that’s why he protected her in the PoV comp. I like his nonchalant seed planting. He then gets the other side of Howie going on her, and asks intimate details of her relationships with Josh and Robert. Inside James and Janie work out, and after he says George might be a better nominee than Marcellas, Janie goes back to suggesting she nominate Chill Town since they obviously don’t mind.

George is cooking up all the steak, and everyone feels he’s burning it. Danielle says it’s cooked with love, and James says love doesn’t taste good. What he cares, I don’t know, as he already said he doesn’t eat red meat. Once it’s finished, George starts pulling the meat off the ribs, and when people freak out about him possibly eating, he says he’s just doing it so they can have sandwiches with it later.

Will and Janie continue their flirting routine, and James suggests they’d have cute children. Howie says he wants to puke, and James tells him that’s George’s cooking. I agree Howie is looking a little green, but I think it’s more like jealousy.


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