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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 12th – Who's Manipulating Who?

Somehow the HGs have found out that Jase had plantar warts, and realize he could have spread them to them as well. They struggle to figure out why BB would let someone with a communicable disease in the house. First off, Marcellas is going to flip about this. He has talked on House Calls about bringing cleaners and such with him the first time he was on the show to make sure things were clean. I’m thinking, too, that it’s kind of funny that there happened to be a dermatologist in the house the whole time that could have helped him out. I wonder if Will never looked at Jase’s feet when he was in the hot tub or pool, etc. Now, though, he thinks James might have them.

It looks like Janie and Howie figured it out about James a bit too late. After the PoV comp, we find out that Danielle has won, and James ended up helping her win. This is obviously a great way to piss off the HoH that is in your supposed alliance with you. He tries to turn it around, though complaining yet again about Janie not putting up Chill Town, and putting up Diane. She says she was trying to respect James’ wishes as she wanted to put up Danielle, but didn’t.

Janie flat out asks James why he is protecting the Float Herd. He says he didn’t help her her; he just f***ed up. Yeah, right. Janie, don’t believe him. He’s blowing smoke up your butt … again. Howie, though, asks James to swear on Sara’s life that he’s telling the truth, and he does. James has to wonder, though, if Janie is saying she trusted him before, why she told Will before she told him about not being able to play for the PoV this week. Ummm, excuse me, James, but didn’t you just blow the lid off of Legion of Doom right now?

They put all this on the backburner for now, and try to decide who to put up in Danielle’s place. James really wants Erika out now, so they want to be sure they pick someone who no one else will vote for. George’s name comes up, as do both members of Chill Town. Of course we know Goobie or Will would be best choice, as it would still be getting rid of someone from the Legion of Doom. james blows the lid off the Goobie/Erika romance, saying he sucks her fingers and plays with her boobs all night. Honestly, this gives me the heebie jeebies. I think James is trying to hint, though, that perhaps both members of this showmance/romance should be on the block. You’d eliminate a for sure smaller alliance this way. and definitely take away from a vote that is most assuredly going to Erika.

The veto comp was yet another one with HGs from the previous seasons. This one included April, Jack, Hardy, and Scott. Too bad Howie didn’t play; I’m sure he would have had lots of fun with Busto. I don’t know exactly what it entailed, but it had something to do with choosing times for something.

James leaves the HoH room, and immediately finds Goobie and Will, to have them help him with some damage control. They head upstairs to see what they can do. Janie sees them coming on her spycam, and she doesn’t seem all too excited about it. Janie asks Goobie why he took Marcellas out of the competition instead of Danielle. He retaliates saying that James is the one throwing comps and says he just came downstairs and told them everything that just happened upstairs with her and Howie. He and Will then say that they wanted Marcellas out since he’s in a secret alliance with Danielle.

While half of Legion of Doom is upstairs ratting him out, James is downstairs telling Erika and Danielle that Janie is going to put up the Chicken Man. He is asked if he has been lying to Janie since day one, and he says, “F*** yeah.” Erika lays on the charm and starts telling James how hot she thinks he is. Sarah, kick her ass.

Back up in the HoH room, Janie says she wants to make one of Chill Town a pawn, and Will asks why she doesn’t just put up Howie or James since it’s just as a pawn. He also notes that she doesn’t trust James anyway, so she should put him up, yet he tries to bluff this way through this, saying he volunteers to go up, and Janie switches to just saying she’ll put up George. Howie puts in his $.02, and I have to say Janie should be glad she has him. He says he’d hate to lose George accidentally in this, and hates to put up James this early after what happened last year.

Howie suggests if Marcellas goes up it would cause a definite floater rift, as Danielle would be forced to choose between Erika and Marcellas. He questions where they all heard the term Float Herd, and Will tries to put the blame back on James, saying it’s silly to argue about that now. He calls James the ultimate floater. He keeps offering to go up on the block, saying he trusts Janie and wants to prove it, but he’s really trying to get Janie to put up James or Marcellas. He even screams out that if he wins HoH he’s putting up James and Danielle.

Right then, James knocks on the door and enters. To no one’s surprise, James lies and says he didn’t get a chance to talk to the girls, so only talked to the Chicken Man. He put a pizza in as well. Will asks him if he is committed to this alliance of five, but we get flames. When we come back, Will is telling everyone that Erika talked to the psychiatrist over her HoH being taken away. It’s decided that Marcellas is going up, but Janie wants everyone’s assurances that he’s safe and Erika is going home.

Goobie and Will leave and continue their strategy on their own. Goobie says how great the show will be if they show him in bed with Erika all week then voting her out. Nice. I don’t think I’ve ever liked this guy less than I do at this moment, and I didn’t think it was all that possible. They are going to tell James that that Howie and Janie don’t trust him, and will also tell Danielle that Erika has to go. Back in the HoH James is saying that if Marcellas goes up, he’ll end up going home, but if George goes up, he’ll stay. He believes it could be a good test for Chill Town, but Howie still wants Marcellas to go up and cause the floater rift. James sees Chill Town possibly uniting the floaters and getting George out.

Will comes back to the HoH and says Erika is nervous that if Chill Town goes up, she’ll go home. She thinks that Marcellas is going up. He plants more seeds, saying Danielle didn’t even really do anything to earn her PoV and says she’s in the kitchen gloating. Howie tell James to convince her to not use the veto; James is his usual annoyed self, and says he’ll get right on it. Will agrees that Erika needs to go and to put pressure on Marcellas the following week.


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