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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 12th – Who's Manipulating Who?

Last night ended pretty interesting with Janie and Howie finally getting a clue that James has been secretly working with Danielle. They haven’t figured out yet that they’re working with Chill Town, but I don’t expect it will take them long to get that figured out. Will was offering up plenty of hints that James couldn’t be trusted, so maybe Will is trying to backdoor James out the Legion of Doom alliance. This all should make today’s Power of Veto competition pretty interesting.

James is the first one up, and meets up with Danielle in the bathroom for a strategy session. Just as they begin whispering, BB announces that the PoV comp will begin in ninety minutes. Mr. Cranky is his usual delightful self, cursing because they wont’ be able to talk strategy with everyone else waking up as well. A half hour later no one else is up yet, and BB has to now announce that the comp will be starting in sixty minutes.

In perhaps the oddest exchange of the day, Will asks James what he thinks they’re building out there in the backyard for the PoV comp, and James replies that it sounds like it will have electric eels that go up the ass, but if they change the rules, they’ll also have to come out their esophagus. I admit to having a pretty dark sense of humor at times, but that is really sick and twisted. Will asks Danielle if she thinks it will be physical, and she says probably, but BB playing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash this morning has her a little concerned. Will says he hopes not hot flaming ass turd. Again, I have a dark sense of humor, but …

Danielle tells Chill Town she’s going to send them a bill when this is all over for cooking for them every day. Hmm, something tells me she woke up with a hangover. Will asks her to just deduct it off the $500,000 she wins. Will just keeps the conversation going, wanting to know why BB wakes them up ninety minutes before a competition, saying he doesn’t even get up ninety minutes before he heads to work, so why should he do it to things like lay around in the dirt.

Chill Town heads to the storage room for a quick strategy session. Will thinks perhaps the Coup d’Etat is “Change the game forever.” What the heck does this have to do with a sheep? He also wants to start letting people know t hat he’s pretty sure he knows what the answer is, in order to use it to make deals with people. Goobie’s down with that if that’s what Will wants to do.

He’s just a busy little beaver this morning, but a bored busy little beaver. Will now tells BB that if he isn’t going to be playing in the PoV comp, he wants them to find him something to do, as he doesn’t want to sit around. He doesn’t want to host, either, as he won’t work for free. Marcellas tells him he gets paid just to be here, but Will says it isn’t that much. He moves on to complaining that it was dumb to bring back the former BBers for the food comp. He’s just a little ray of sunshine this morning, isn’t he?

James comes up with a pretty clever prayer for the veto ceremony. He changes the Lord’s Prayer to “Our Big Brother, Who Ain’t in Heaven, Shallow by thy name. My veto come; My will be done, On Earth as it is in the HoH room.” I see this one becoming quite popular with the HGs.

The veto players are chosen, and there will be five people playing only, since Janelle isn’t allowed to this week. It will be Erika, Danielle, Marcellas, Will, and James. Marcellas needs to get his mind on this week’s veto, though, as he’s still wondering who collected the $5000 from last week’s. He wonders if they would tell him if he had won it. Danielle tells him just to ask in the DR. Erika is glad Howie isn’t playing, and has already gotten Marcellas’ promise to use it on her if he wins. Danielle lies and says she knows James wouldn’t use it if he won, as he knows “she” would be upset. James, Goobie, and Will want to throw the competition, take out Marcellas, and let either Erika or Danielle win it.

Goobie acts like an ass, not that it was that much of a stretch, in the DR, and talks badly about his woman. He says Erika, because of her advanced age, wants to get married like a beast. Yet Howie is talking about putting up on eBay a date with himself. It went for $187.00. Really, what is there that I can possibly say to that?

Despite the fact that he said numerous times to whomever would listen yesterday that he would not be descending the stairs in the house, Marcellas finds himself up in the HoH room anyway, and Janelle is upset with him for not even trying to win the veto last week. She also calls him out for being with Erika and Danielle, which he denies emphatically. He says they never strategized together, and only talked about who each other was voting for. That’s it. The only person he has ever had any deals with to go to the end with is Janelle. She also asks if he’s been shit talking about her, and he again denies it.

As they continue their argument, Janelle confronts Marcellas for doing all the complaining about the unfairness of the redo of the HoH comp. He says it isn’t personal towards her, but he just feels badly for Erika. He says he’d feel the same way and say the same thing even if he was doing House Calls right now. Marcellas is also the first here to give Janie the news that James is working with Chill Town. Marcellas brings up to her what he’s been saying to everyone else, that Janie is only going after the girls. She tells him she’s only going after them because they’re the ones coming after her. They decide in the end that they still love each other, and that they won’t let the house pull them apart. Awww … I think.

Danielle wants to play matchmaker for Goobie. If she only knew that he was already taken by one of the other floaters. She tells Goobie that this woman is a real business woman, but knows how to party just like her. Danielle also says she’s a real professional like her. In other words, Danielle is assuming that Goobie is looking for someone just like her.


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