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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Finally!

Everyone joins in the kitchen eating a Danielle-cooked dinner, and Howie is oohing and ahhing over the cooked carrots. He then says, “Oh Georgie!” And George answers back, “Oh Howie! Mommy, Mommy, I want a Janie doll!” Janelle says, “Mommy, Mommy, I want a Mr. Fart doll so I can pull his finger!” You have to love it. You just do.

Danielle perhaps has been cooking with wine a bit too much today. She’s getting way too bold, for someone who has kept a million secret alliances tight for so long. She mentions the “Friendsheep” from last year, wondering if the sheep is a clue that one of them is coming back, like Ivette. Will just wants the girl that gave 30 BJs back. This leads Erika to mentioning the Nerd Herd, then she goes to “Float Herd,” and says whatever it is you call us. Of course, the only people to have talked about this term is the BB6 and Chill Town, so the question has been out there how the floaters have heard about it. Who’s the leak? It’s of course James, but the BB6 doesn’t quite realize that yet.

Erika then mentions the other name of Misfits, and Howie says he’s heard of that. She keeps going Chill Town, The Three, and that leads of course to Howie saying, “I thought there was no Chill town.” Dani then takes this further and says her motto is LOD. Love one day. LOD is, of course, Legion of Doom, her secret alliance with James and Chill Town. This is getting a little too close for comfort for Will, and he wants to cut her off.

Apparently Goobie wants to take the heat off Danielle, and he wants Erika to start talking about when people were calling her racist during her season when she made the racist remark about Jee. She refuses to talk about it, saying she’s already apologized, but says the ironic part is she is Asian, too, as her grandfather is Filipino. Will says he’s full cracker, and Goobie is a honkey. Danielle says she is 100% negro, and Erika acts stunned, saying, “You are? I’m friends with a negro?” She wonders how that could be if she is supposedly a racist. Goobie then talks about losing his virginity at 18, and this for some reason shocks Erika.

Danielle continues to get more drunk, and talks about James dragging a mother of two down the hall. I’m not sure what she’s talking about, but I’m thinking maybe it was him trying to shut her mouth. He asks her what the LOD thing is all about, and he seems to be wanting to know why she is almost throwing their whole secret alliance under the bus. He asks if she doesn’t have something really important to do in the morning, like POV. She says not to worry, that she’ll be going to bed soon.

Yet Danielle continues on, asking Howie if he thinks she’s a floater. He replies no, because she makes bold, aggressive moves, and says George is a floater, making him laugh of course. He also says James is a floater, and calls him out for throwing two HOH comps. James sits by, still trying to get Danielle to go to bed without being obvious as to why he’s so concerned.

Erika and Goobie continue their flirtation in the hot tub, and they share a kiss. The speculation of course is how long this romance has been going on, if it was from before the show even started. Will says they’ve been living together for six months and are nearly engaged. He says that that is the real twist this summer, and that not even the producers know. He claims to be the real producer of this show. Don’t even know what to think at this point. If it is true, though, it makes Janelle’s noms the best of the season so far.

Inside Janie and Howie are stewing trying to figure out how it is that Erika and Danielle knew about them being called the Float Herd. They wonder about James, then decide it’s not possibly from him, and they get immediately pissed off at Chill Town, figuring it had to come to them. They decide not to share anything with them anymore, and even think about going out and confronting Goobie right now. Sometimes I just want to reach through the computer, tell these two to wake the hell up.

Janie and Howie instead confront Will, and he says it must have been him. He tries to take the heat off, and starts saying he’s worried about James and doesn’t trust him very much. He asks if they talked to George to see if he really had promised Kaysar his vote, and they say the did. I think he’s just trying to divert attention once again. He asks if maybe Kaysar had made that up, and Janelle defends him quickly, saying Kaysar doesn’t lie. Will then tells them to not let Erika’s and Goobie’s flirting get to them. He promises Goobie is ready to get rid of her.

Erika and Goobie sleep together in the red room like usual, and it’s becoming more apparent how serious they are about each other. They wonder how long they have to keep up with this charade, pretending they aren’t madly in love. After Marcellas wanders in and out of the room, Goobie asks why they can’t have the room to themselves, and Erika says because it isn’t their apartment, and they’re on a TV show that he begged her to go on. They disappear under the covers and we hear to many things going on there for my comfort level.

It seems Will is trying to drop obvious hints to Janelle and Howie about this alliance of his, despite the fact that he got mad at Danielle for doing the same in her drunken state. He keeps saying how much of a shame it would be if James stabbed them in the back after all the trust she has in him. She says she knows that James has her back. He even suggests that perhaps James stabbed Kaysar in the back, but of course Janelle refuses to believe it.

When Will leaves, Janie and Howie go back to discussing who the Float Herd leak is and wonder if it was Goobie and his big unintentional mouth. They wonder if Danielle is working James to get him to join in with her group, but then realize it wouldn’t make sense for him to do that now, joining a ship that is already on its way down. The two start talking about if they have the votes to get rid of Danielle, then question why it was that James went for prizes in the PoV comp instead of trying to save himself. They piece it together, and finally realize James was up as a pawn to get one of them out, and that he was in full knowledge of the plan. Finally!

So it took awhile, but Howie and Janie finally figured it out. They decide to play it off and not let on that they know. And they only know the tip of the iceberg. They haven’t figure out about Legion of Doom yet, but I’m guessing that’s not too far behind if Danielle keeps drinking and Will keeps dropping hints. Stay tuned.

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