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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Finally!

Some of the HGs have been postulating throughout the day about a fly out in the port-a-potty, thinking it was a clue for the coup de tat. This had been giving Danielle even more reason to believe she was right with her guess of Do Not Assume, as in the movie The Fly, it’s all done with switching DNA. Goobie says he was in the DR running through as many different scenarios he could think of combining a fly and sheep, and they laughed at him and told him the fly wasn’t even a clue.

I’m not quite sure why this is being done, but Janie makes a gesture offering to let Erika and/or Danielle sleep in the HoH room. Danielle’s never going to go for it, as she didn’t even want to sleep in her own HoH room, as she then loses control of her minions. But they do thank her for the gesture anyway. Instead Erika goes alone to the storage room, and says she misses Kaysar, and she is questioning why she evicted her best friend. She decides it’s because she’s stupid. I’m trying to find an argument … trying … nope, can’t.

George goes up to the HoH room to talk to Howie. He tells him that Danielle is downstairs making chicken burgers. Howie doesn’t want any, and is asked what he would prefer. His answer is three Italian burgers, and George leaves to get right on it. I really do think these to have a really sweet relationship, and possibly the most honest one outside of Howie and Janie. Maybe it’s Howie. Maybe he’s just that type of person who is what he is, that reflects on his relationships. One thing for sure. You know when he hates you, and you know when he likes you. You know where you stand with Howie, and I have to say I always respect that in a person.

Janelle lands in the backyard for a smoke with Goobie, Will, and George. They wonder who she was talking about in her nomination speech about people coming up to the HoH room and backstabbing them. She says that was directed towards Erika and Marcellas. Will tells her that Marcellas was just bitching about her, and saying the game is all geared towards her winning. When she calls him a bitter bitch, Chill Town suggests she do something about it while she can. In other words, take Danielle off the block and put up Marcellas. I don’t think they get it yet that she’s not going to do anything she doesn’t want to. Will thinks his influence led to her nominations two weeks ago, but it’s untrue. She put up exactly who she wanted to the whole time, with the design being that she’d eventually get Diane out, and it worked. The only way Danielle isn’t leaving this week is if she wins PoV or someone wins it for her. And if someone else takes her off, they’ll have to deal with Janie, and they know they could be put up instead.

As Erika joins them outside, they talk about the three judges at the food comp today. some think Jun was a bitch, and Nicole was rude to Will on purpose, but they all think Marvin was cool. Normally I don’t talk about this stuff in the recaps too much, but this is too funny. Will starts talking about Allison on season four giving hand jobs to the guys to secure the votes, then Goobie turns to Erika and asks what she’s doing tonight.

In a flash from the past, Janie is talking about winning competitions, and says last year people were saying she was giving the producers BJs, because she kept winning the comps. She was good, though, because she studied the game. In other words, that’s why she’s still there over Kaysar. He admitted last year to not being a fan of the show before, but she was. She knew everyone and every comp, and how they would all work. She knows when to take people out, too, proving now that Diane was the best move for her, as they would have only come against her last week anyway, and she would have more floaters against her and not even Chill Town to back her up. James would be out in the open with his deceit. Her only failing is despite what they all think about her, she is always looking for the good in people, and she never suspects until it’s sometimes too late when people are backstabbing her.

Erika and Marcellas lay in bed talking, and first they go through the hourly Janie trash-talking session, saying she has put on all the weight that Erika has lost, then Erika tells Marcellas that if she gets to pick who she wants to play PoV for her, she wants it to be him. He says he would, but he knows if he takes Erika off, Janie will backdoor him. See Erika? You were right with what you were saying earlier in the SR to yourself. This was why you should have kept Kaysar. If you had kept him, you would have had a BB6 still willing to help you out. Kaysar would have taken you off the block, knowing that you helped him out, and he wouldn’t have had to worry about going up in your place. It would be Marcellas free and clear. But you decided to keep the people that were on your side, but not willing to help you. You just might lose your Amber membership card over this gaff.

Either way, Marcellas tells Erika he thinks she is safe if the nominations stay the same, as he doesn’t realize that James is secretly working with Danielle. He thinks James hates her because of last week. He tells Erika if he wins HoH next week, he’ll put up James and Howie, and if one of them comes off, he’d put up Janelle. He now wants to go talk to her to see who her real target is this week. He knows there’s a chance he could be being backdoored, because Janie’s nomination speech seemed directed at him, just as much as Erika and Danielle.

Erika says Janie makes good TV, but she’s not a good player. Hello? She has had 3 of the 6 HoHes so far. That’s half! And she’s only lost one ally so far. Then again, it comes out that Erika is possibly n ot thinking clearly anyway. She admits to talking to the doctor today, and I’m pretty sure she means the psychiatrist that Will keeps begging to talk to.

Will is having his usual fun, and this time he is trying to make Chicken George tell the internet feeders to “eat a d*ck.” He refuses. Will then asks Howie to, and he says, “Eat a pee-pee. Love ya, Internet Viewers.” Something about that makes it even funnier than eat a d*ck, which seems to be the phrase that has replaced last year’s “Dumbass!”


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