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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Finally!

After Erika eventually abandons the checkers game, George finds his way outside to chat with Danielle. They start talking about the coup de tat, because Danielle is still obsessed with this. She ends up telling him what she believes it is, and explains how she got to it just from a sheep. She works him over, just as Erika just did, trying to secure his vote if she is up. Again, isn’t this way too premature?

There seems to be some confusion of who and how many can play for the power of veto. Last week Janie gave up her right to play in the power of veto this week, in order to win it last week. Yet playing for veto is always the HoH and the two nominees, along with three other people either of their choice, or spun from a wheel or picked from a bag. Last night Janie and Howie were talking about it having to be six people playing, and only eight were going to be eligible. Now Erika has joined George and Danielle, and they are discussing the possibility that maybe Janelle won’t play and won’t pick anybody, meaning it will just be the nominees and their picks playing with them. But something about that doesn’t seem right.

Marcellas comes out to talk to the rest of the floaters, but it’s nothing new, and definitely not even notable. Just more of the usual complaints about Janie, Kaysar, the food comp judges, etc. The funniest thing, though, is him saying that if there is no sequester on Thursday, there’s going to be a battle royale. A month ago he was saying he didn’t ever want to have to go to a sequester. He thinks they should just be able to go home. Now he wants the sequester. The conversation breaks up because Erika leaves to find a can of Red-Whip so she can suck out the nitrous oxide. Either way, it sounds more exciting than this conversation.

Goobie and Erika plot some strategy. This could be interesting, and could get sticky. If Goobie ends up playing, and suppose he wins, who does he take off the block? Again, this is going on the supposition that Erika and Danielle go on the block, who does Goobie take off? His girlfriend, or the person in his secret alliance?Erika says she needs to pick Marcellas to play for her, and I’m assuming it’s because she feels safer that he’d use it on her, and also because it would then force him to be salfe as well, forcing Danielle out of the house.

Everyone that’s been napping starts to get up, and James heads to the kitchen for a bite to eat, but finds that no one has cleaned up after their food comp. Those magic cleaning fairies that my kids think come to our house haven’t arrived yet at the BB house.

Janie and Howie invite Chicken George up to the HoH room. They all decide they’re on pretty good terms with each other. Janie explains that when George was nominated it wasn’t necessarily their doing or Chill Town’s. It was the other floaters that wanted him on the block. It doesn’t matter to him; he says he has no beefs. Well, he can’t eat beef right now, she he should have any. Janie then wants to know what went down last week with his vote. She wants to know if he was asked to vote out Kaysar by Danielle, although she says he doesn’t have to answer if he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t answer, but Howie answers for him saying that she did.

The next question from Janelle is how George is going to vote. He says he has had it hard and has o be careful because he has had no one in the house helping him. Janie points out that there aren’t that many people that will be able to play for veto, and she says that if Marcellas plays and wins, and takes someone off, she’ll be left with no choice but to put up George, but she thinks she’ll have the numbers to keep him.

After the meeting breaks up in the HoH room, George and Howie head downstairs to help clean up the kitchen with Will and James. However, Will and Howie don’t end up doing a lot of cleaning, and while George and James clean, Howie and Will head outside playing with the stars they stood on last night during the HoH, and also with some of the leftover food. These two are such perfect foils/adversaries/catalysts. It’s like they’re so opposite they’re similar, and so similar, they’re opposite.

Everyone but Janelle is then on an outdoor lockdown while she gets ready for the nomination ceremony. Erika believes the key order in the box will be Howie, James, Will, Marcellas, Goobie, then George. In the background, Will can be heard trashing us internet feeders again. It honestly just gets old after awhile. He believes we are all obese, pathetic, have cholesterol of 220, no outside hobbies, and that we live in Canada, Illinois, Iowa, or midwest. Ummm, I’m not obese, and I have good cholesterol.

After the nomination ceremony, it’s confirmed that it is Danielle and Erika on the block. Erika is upset about Janelle’s comment to her when nominating her that she doesn’t like her game, and says she can’t wait until Janelle’s finds out she’s working with Chill Town. Danielle goes out to dance on the fire pit, saying that they can’t bring her down. Erika wants BB to note that there aren’t many women left in the house, and she thinks the PoV should be female oriented like dying their hair, to save one of them. Maybe it should be a pilates competition then, if that’s the point. In a pouting competition it would be a tossup whether the winner would be her or Marcellas.


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