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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Finally!

Everyone moves into the kitchen and dons chef hats and aprons. George helps Will make some cupcakes. Howie who usually has George do his cooking for him doesn’t seem to be getting anything going, and Marcellas doesn’t seem very inclined to help anyone out. Janelle makes some slop waffles with ice cream and fruit, and Danielle makes slop crab cakes and a burrito. Erika, having been on slop enough in her time on the show gets quite creative making a slop pasta sauce.

In the middle of all this a fuse is blown or something, and they lose the power to the kitchen appliances. Howie doesn’t make his own dish, but puts marshmallows on the cupcakes. Janelle begins making her famous apple crisp with the slop, and I can only imagine this is for Howie since he doesn’t seem to have any cooking skills. Will’s cupcakes end up being a layered thing with slop, melted chocolate peanut butter, marshmallows, graham crackers, etc. Okay, this one actually sounds good. Goobie asks him if he realizes the judges aren’t 8 years old. No, but maybe they’re hormonal women. In this case, it will rock.

One of the cooking appliances is an easy bake oven. Now, my daughter would totally rule in this competition. Her best dish is hot cheetos. Not the “flaming” kind, but cheetos in the tiny cake pan and heated up. She’s done it with chips as substitute, but it’s just not the same. When I was her age, we took junior mints or tart ‘n tinys and rolled them up in bread and baked them. Haut cuisine, I tell ya. George starts making rosettes. The HGs say they already have their seven dishes completed, but are making some extra, just in case.

As everyone is finishing up, Marcellas is demanding they wipe off the fingerprints off the presentation plates. Send this guy to Chef Ramsey. When everyone is bringing the dishes out, Janelle and Marcellas leave out Danielle’s burrito, and she’s none too happy about it. She brings it out anyway. Meeeting the judges, we see they’re a little famliar to us BB fans. We have Jun, the winner of BB season 4, Marcellas of season 5, and Nicole of season 2.

As the judges are trying Eika’s Slop-Fredo, Nicole mentions to Erika, “Darn, Girl. You need to eat.” Considering the camera adds ten pounds, can you imagine how thin she looks without those? They don’t think this has enough slop in it. Trying Danielle’s slop crab cakes, Marvin says it tastes like low grade dog food. Well, that leaves an impression. They think Will’s cupcakes look good, but they agree they seem a little sloppy. Marvin really likes them, but Jun and Nicole are less than impressed. Will and Nicole share some friendly banter back and forth which culminates in him telling her she looks like a lesbian wrestler. The judges move on to trying a pasta dish Janie made, and all like it. They try Danielle’s burrito and like both the presentation and the taste.

We never find out the exact results, but we do find out that the dishes received scores from 8 to 15, with the slop crab cakes scoring the 8. Danielle is not going to be happy about this one. Will’s cupcakes got an 11, mostly for the presentation. It sounds like they’ll only be eating slop for one day, and it will be on account of Erika. That’s not good when you’re also most likely going to be nominated.

Goobie joins Janie and Howie in the HoH room, and they seem to be going over what Will talked about last night with Janie and Howie. Again, he pretends like he doesn’t trust James, but agrees to a possibility of him being included in their new alliance. They agree on the floaters leaving, with Danielle being the first, and the Chicken Man being the last. Of course, Legion of Doom doesn’t want Danielle to leave first, but they’re either throwing her under the bus, or conceding, hoping to change Janie’s mind later on.

With everyone having their beds back, mostly everyone is laying around sleeping, or at the very least lounging. Goobie joins Will and Howie downstairs, and they discuss what to do about Janelle wanting Danielle out. Janelle has already said if she puts up Erika and Danielle and Will or Goobie take Danielle off the block at the PoV ceremony, she’ll have no other choice but to put them up. They argue about whether this is a “threat” or whether a much nicer term belongs to it. Either way, I think Janie’s making her point.

This leads to the guys trying to figure out how to vote against Janie’s wishes without her knowing they’re working together. Then after they get Erika out, they’ll go after Janelle the following week. Interestingly, neither Will or Goobie tell James that Janelle is still faithful to their alliance, and is insisting that if they form a new alliance that they include him. Goobie even lets James think that Janie is just keeping him around so that she’ll have someone to go after later on. Not that that’s exactly surprising, or anything, that these two aren’t being totally honest.

George and Erika talk about Jun over a friendly game of checkers, with George asking lots of questions, and Erika doesn’t seem any more fond of her now than she was during their BB season together. George doesn’t feel that Jun was particuarly nice during the food competition. George believes that he and Danielle will be going up on the block, and Erika tries to shore up his vote in case he’s not. If he’s not going to be up, she wants to be sure he’s on her side above any of the other floaters. I feel that’s a little premature, though. Erika is asked to go to the DR and protests because she’s busy playing checkers. Let’s mull this one over, shall we? “I can’t … I’m playing checkers.” Nope, still has an odd ring to it.


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