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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Finally!

I don’t think anything can top the excitement of the goings-on in the BB house yesterday. And maybe it’s just me, but it seems like each week things get more and more exciting. I suppose they have to, though, really, as with the number of people decreasing, you have to keep things moving along. Just by the sheer fact of the fact that Janelle is the HoH again for the third time, and everyone else is out for blood, it points to a week that will be pretty exciting. We’re bound to have more fun food comps and exciting vetos, something to top even shaved heads and solitary confinement.

Everyone is woken up this morning early, as promised, to prepare for the food competition. Not that this will be the hours that bring excitement to us, though, as everyone is brought outside on a lockdown, and while Janelle crawls back asleep on a lounge chair, everyone else sits outside staring on the red couches. I swear to God, I spent ten minutes watching them stare, and listening to James chew his ice, and Goobie crunch his apple. Exciting week indeed. This lockdown goes on forever, and I can only imagine that the house is getting all the beds back. It has to take awhile to put all those back.

Danielle tries to pick up the excitement by talking about her job as a leasing agent. Nope, not working. Marcellas brings his bitterness act with him, as he says he refuses to walk up the stairs to HoH this week, and also says he thinks BB will be paying Erika more in the end because of the HoH gaff yesterday. I’m thinking Janelle wouldn’t even be inviting him back to the HoH this time, but he tells Danielle he was invited and declined. It just doesn’t seem likely. I agree with Danielle for perhaps the first time as she disputes Marcellas thought that Janelle must be the most hated HG ever. She believes we probably love Janie as much as ever, and at least I do. Reading Danielle’s HoH blog from last week, she did actually admit that she still loves Janie and the rest of the BB6 as much as she did last year. She was just playing the game last week. That’s good to know. I don’t think the same could be said for Marcellas, though.

The two move their conversation along to discussing last nights redo of the HoH comp. Danielle believes it’s so huge that people will be writing articles about it. Yep. Did it last night. Thanks. She also says had she not been here, she would have just been getting off work, and would be sitting around reading all stuff written about it. Great. Next time read Reality Shack. Marcellas talks about a possible lawsuit over it, but I don’t see it. I mean, I’ve never seen specific contracts for BB, but I’ve seen other reality show contracts, such as American Idol. They all say that the producers of the show have the option of changing the results of the competition on a whim to suit the needs of the television show. They knew leaving it like they did would cause an uproar, and knew they had to redo it, and you just can’t redo it parts of it with only some people. It has to be a clean redo.

Marcellas questions about the possibility of there being a co-HoH like in the beginning of the season, but I don’t see it working this far into the season, plus it still has the question of fairness. Yet, I do feel badly for Erika. Perhaps she should have been given immunity for the week and possibly a guarantee of no slop or something. Maybe some of the things that would have been in her HoH basket. Something like that could have gone a long way to solving this problem. Instead, she’s likely to end up on the block again.

Will and Goobie appear to be having a carefree game of pool, but they’re actually strategizing about the coup de tat. Will believes, as do I, they they’re going to need at least four days of clues before they can figure it out. They talk about the possibility of Danielle securing it last night, if it was possibly, and how this could change the game for them. The set a signal between themselves on how to let each other know if they win it at any time, since they aren’t to tell anyone else that they have it figured out. Goobie plans to try and be the first awake every morning to be the first to see the clues. Now if they are told by producers not to tell anyone, and the producers are supposedly watching the feeds here, wouldn’t they know that they are planning on doing that now? Would this be another violation for a penalty nom or lawsuit like if Will ate when on food restriction?

When Danielle isn’t able to overhear what Chill Town is discussing, she walks over and butts in. As the topic is changed to what the answer to the coup de tat could be, she wanders back to Marcellas, Erika and James. Marcellas is still questioning whether Allison said “crazy” or “insane”, but James says he knew it had to be insane, because more words rhyme with that. Erika says she’s going to go back to sleep, and when she’s asked if she’s okay, she says no. Great. Give your DOR then. I can understand your fury over what happened last night, but the constant martyrdom, that was actually in place before all this, bugs the crap out of me.

Marcellas comes up with the plan to tell Janelle that if she ends up with three of them on the block, assumably because of a veto, then they should tell her t hey won’t vote for her in the end. This is eerily familiar to James, like the Nerd Herd last year. Marcellas responds to this by falling asleep. When all else fails … fall asleep.

BB announces they will be opening the doors in one minute, and tell Janie to go directly to the DR to go over the rules of the food comp., and then the others will be allowed in. Danielle is still obsessing about her guess of “Do Not Assume” for the coup de tat, and asks Erika if Julie Chen used those words at the beginning of the first HoH competition. The wonder what this big power could be, and think it perhaps could be to bring one of the evicted HGs back. That would be interesting, but I don’t see that happening.

The food competition is a BB slop cook-off/bake-off. Only seven of the HGs are playing, since George is already on slop, and Marcellas has his no slop pass for the rest of the year, yet the two are allowed to help the others. They remaining seven will each create a dish using slop, name it, and then each slop dish will be for a different day of the week. Three judges will be going over each dish, and each will give it a score from 1-5. If the total score is 9 or under, the house will get slop for that day, and 10 or over they’ll get food for the day. If a dish gets three 5s, they’ll get a big BBQ celebration.


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