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Peach’s Pique – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 16

If things couldn’t get any weirder, a number of things have gone missing from the house. The housemates come together for the BB séance and chant, “Spirits of the Big Brother past, reveal yourself in the looking glass!” The first ghost to appear is Bunky from Season Two: “So you’ve named the hairy spider after me. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back, but you may not find it in the cage. I’m sure Dr Will can treat spider bites.” Then Alison is next: “Don’t worry Erika and Janelle. I’m not real… just like your— Well, I think we all know.” Then comes a character I’m not familiar with, Josh from Season Two holding Marcellas’ robe: “Dani, I love you like I love bagels. Marcellas, this robe smells like defeat!” Much to my disdain, Holly is next, chirping, “Yoo Hoooooo! It’s Holly from BB5!” Ugh, who could forget that voice. “Paging Doctor Delicious! I took the devil duck because I want to take a bubble bath with it!” Blast-from-the-past Cappy! He has taken the giant black knight chess piece which “represents the beginning of the end for all of you. Let’s see this year whose fate is sealed. Lights out, bitches!” (I had started catching glimpses of BB during Season 4, but didn’t really start paying diligent attention until just after Cappy had been evicted in BB6.) The last ghost to appear is a chicken wearing George’s Mardi-Gras necklaces.

The HoH competition relies on what the players can remember about the séance. This test begins a week’s worth of challenges filled with “blasts from the past.” In this competition, Julie will ask a series of True/False questions about the séance. Each player will indicate his/her answer by pressing a button in front of them. If he/she is wrong, he/she will be eliminated. If everyone is right, the person who answers the slowest will be eliminated. The last person standing will be the new Head of Household.

“True or False: The devil duck was stolen by Alison.” False. The devil duck was stolen by Holly. Everyone gets it right, but George is slowest and is eliminated from the game.

“True or False: Holly paged Doctor Delicious.” True. Everyone gets it right, but Marcellas is slowest.

“True or False: Bunky was sure that Will could treat snakebites.” False. Bunky said Will could treat spider bites. Now, here’s where things get interesting. Janelle gets it wrong and is asked to step down. However, despite the fact that Mike has obviously hit his button a couple times, neither his ‘True’ nor ‘False’ panel lights up. So there’s no way of knowing what his answer was. ChenBot however either doesn’t catch it or ignores it because she continues on with the game.

“True or False: The black knight was stolen by Eric.” True. Oops, another hazard. Everyone taps their buttons and gets it right, but once again, one of the ‘True’ panels doesn’t light up. This time, the victim is Howie. By the time he realizes his machine never registered his answer and gets around to hitting his button a second time, the other players have already submitted their answers, so he is unfairly identified as last and is eliminated from the game. Big Boy No Like This Game. He grumbles back to the sofa where the other eliminated players are, “I hit it! I hit it!” He most certainly did, and even James tells him he’s had to hit his button twice in order for his answer to get through. The game continues however, and I can already hear the e-mails of thousands of viewers scolding CBS and Big Brother.

“True or False: James said he loved Danielle like he loved bagels.” True. Will gets it wrong and is eliminated. It seemed like an easy question, did he miss it on purpose?

“True or False: The necklace that the chicken stole belonged to Janelle.” False. The necklace belonged to George. Everyone gets it right, but Mike is last.

It’s down to Erika and James. “True or False: In the séance, Bunky appeared before Holly.” True. They both got it right, but James is slower, and Erika wins the HoH. Everyone hugs her, including Howie, who is still pissed off. “This is bulls—t man,” he murmurs after hugging Erika. I most certainly agree. But from what I’ve read on the official website, Big Brother will be redoing the Head of Household competition, which will be aired during Sunday night’s show.

Julie describes a new twist: the Coup d’État. “In any of the next three eviction episodes, the winner of the Coup d’État will have the ability to overthrow the Head of Household and replace nominations on the spot right before voting takes place. The twist is that no one except the owner of this power will know what it is until the power is used.” Craziness! The houseguests can win this power by figuring out the clues given to them over the next few days to a well-known phrase that applies to the Big Brother game. Once they think they know what the phrase is, they will disclose their answers in the Diary Room. The first person to answer correctly will win. However, they will each have only one chance to give their answer, so they have to be absolutely sure of their guess.

Their first clue? A live sheep with a pink ribbon around its neck. “Hey, we got a pet!” says Boogie. Yeah, you won’t think it’s so cool when it comes time to feed it and clean up after it. Baaaa!

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