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Peach’s Pique – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 16

After four weeks of ruling the house, Season Six’s reign came to an end when Danielle won HoH. A powerful new alliance was formed, the Legion of Doom, consisting of Danielle, James, Mike “Boogie,” and Dr Will. Danielle secretly plotted with James to get rid of Janelle. At the nomination ceremony, she set her plan in motion, nominating James and Janelle for eviction, confident that James could save himself by winning the Power of Veto. At the veto competition, it was the Legion of Doom against Janelle. But when they were tempted with prizes, Danielle’s allies took the bait, and she was left alone to battle Janelle. The buxom blonde was victorious once again while Danielle was left questioning the motives of her alliance. The houseguests were left to suffer the consequences of the PoV players’ actions, losing their beds, their food, and their hot water. Meanwhile, George started to have some doubts, confiding to Danielle that while she had his support, he felt that he was not going to make it very far in the game. At the veto ceremony, Danielle’s plan was foiled as Janelle took herself off the chopping block, forcing her to nominate someone else: Kaysar.

Kaysar says that he’s not surprised that Danielle nominated him, but that he’s going to do everything in his power to try to stay in the game. James is disappointed that the house can no longer vote to evict Janelle and believes that Kaysar is the second-best option.

Kaysar talks privately with Erika in the backyard, asking for her support. “I’ve been good to you.” “I honestly don’t know if my vote makes a difference,” replies Erika, being non-committal. “What about later down the line when you need someone that you can actually trust?” he asks her. In the Diary Room, Erika admits her vote is a “head verses heart kinda thing.” “I know that Danielle wants him gone, and I don’t know if that’s best for me.” She pleads with Kaysar, “Can you just give me some time?” “That’s fine,” he says disappointedly.

Inside, James is privately counting his votes, remembering that he has the One Vote Nullifier from the HoH competition. He is starting to feel good about not being evicted this week. Although he is still intent on getting the other Sixers’ out of the game, he continues acting as if he’s loyal to them, promising Janelle his vote if she should ever need it.

After being unsuccessful with Erika, Kaysar approaches George in the storage room. George tells him that he likes Kaysar because he is one of the honest people in the house, “There’s not a lot of people in the beginning of the game who were talking to me. I can’t tell you what I’m going to do. But I will remember what you’ve done… You’re one really good guy.” They hug. Uh… George? Are you forgetting about that PoV competition? When you were head-to-head with Kaysar, and he ignored your pleas to cut you some slack? Kaysar then talks to Boogie in the yellow bug room. He proposes to Mike that the two known alliances—the SeaSick and Chill Town—call a truce and combine forces to get rid of the floaters, then parting ways once down to their Final Five. Boogie basically smiles and nods, going along with everything Kaysar says but confesses later, “For the first time, Chill Town is sitting in a win-win situation… Will and I are just sitting back accepting offers right now.” It is simply amazing to me how many people are putting their trust into these guys who are self-admitted liars! Craziness. Kaysar talks to Janelle about the conversations he’s been having with Mike and George, convinced that he’s now safe from eviction. “This is really going to crush [the floaters’] dreams,” Janelle cackles. Grr. I hate her arrogance, but I’m enjoying the sweet anticipation of James’ revenge I expect to come.

Julie Chen checks in with the houseguests in the living room. “Were you shocked by the number of prizes that were taken by your housemates during the competition?” James: “Nope.” Janelle: “Yes, I was.” Marcellas: “Yes.” Danielle: “Absolutely.” Mike: “Not a bit.” Will: “Didn’t shock me at all.” Danielle was “quite upset” that she had to spend time in solitary confinement while the rest of the house enjoyed a margarita party. Julie asks George, “Will you be able to make it to the end of the game?” referring to his return to slop. George giggles, “Who knows? Sure I can, Julie, sure I can.” Oh yay, I was missing all the conversation about Chicken Man’s gas.

And it’s time for the random interview of the week. Today’s guests? Will and Boogie’s mothers! Will’s mother in Basalt, Colorado tells us, “Even as a little boy, Will was always thinking and plotting and planning.” Aww, Mom raised a cute little devious manipulator. “In school, Will was always a little shy, but Will always had girlfriends.” Girls do love those shy guys. “For Will, talking to Janelle, I can guarantee, it’s strategy. If anyone, I would like Will to continue to try to stay away from Howie.” Yeah, I think I’d want to stay away from him, too. “Y’know I wish he would keep his hands off him.”

Boogie’s mom in Gilford, New Hampshire looks and talks like she found the 50s and decided to never leave. “Mike and I were a special family. There was the two of us. He did not have his father in his life. I had him when I was 19, so we pretty much grew up together.” Cuz that’s what every guy wants, for his mom to be his friend. Oy. “Mike was a chubby little boy.” Gee, thanks Mom. If being on Big Brother means having my embarrassing childhood photos displayed for millions of viewers to see, then I never EVER want to be on reality television. “When he got older, he joined the speed-skating team. He lost all his weight, and he is as you see him today.” Great, so he’s fit! Now if only we could get him to dress better. “Mike the Flirt… he comes by that naturally.” Yeah, naturally disgusting. “Is there an interest with he and Erika? I know that they are friends. I perceive that Mike and Erika do have a secret alliance. I think that it’ll come out as a surprise later.” I’d be surprised that Mike would have the intelligence to maintain a “secret” alliance. “I think they just enjoy being evil!” Aww… how… cute?

Julie talks privately with Danielle about being Head of Household. “Erika looked like she could win it, but you asked her to give it to you, throwing you back in the spotlight. Why?” Danielle felt that she needed to actively play the game, having a say in the game’s outcome. She was also upset about the behavior of her alliance in the PoV competition. The only ally left in the house she feels she can trust is James, but Danielle did feel hurt that James took the phone call from home when she had sacrificed it in order to try and win the PoV.

ChenBot asks James and Kaysar are for their final words. James thanks everyone, including America for voting him back into the BB house. “I ask you to just, y’know, vote for what you think is best for you in this house cuz this is an individual game. It’s not a team sport, and you vote for what you think will get you further in the game.” Kaysar looks disappointed but also thanks everyone. “I played the game as best as I can… I think I’ve earned the respect of some people in this house, while, um, others, not so much. Vote what you feel is best.” During the last HoH competition, James won the power to nullify one of the houseguest’s votes this week. James goes to the Diary Room and cancels out Janelle’s vote.

Time for the votes:
Marcellas – Kaysar
Howie – James
Erika – Kaysar
Janelle – James (null)
Will – Kaysar
George – Kaysar
Mike – Kaysar

With James’ nullified vote taken into account, Kaysar is sent home in a 5-1 vote… on his birthday. Aww. He is escorted slowly out the door, with Janelle and Howie following with “What up, Kaysar!” Bleh. I like the guy, but that cheer gets on my nerves every time.

Julie greets Kaysar outside, wishing him a happy birthday. “This is not your gift,” she jokes. Kaysar admits it was hard to be on the block with his friend and Season Six ally: “We had a falling out [last year]. I just wanted to fix things and make sure that we were on the same team this time around. I didn’t want to campaign against him.” Julie surprisingly tells Kaysar the truth about James’ new allegiance to Chill Town and the Legion of Doom. She goes on to quote some of his comments about Janelle: “a stupid bitch” and “this Anna-Nicole-Smith wannabe is probably the dumbest person to ever play the game.” Kaysar is surprised and disappointed. “It just goes to show that I’m not cut out for this game. I tried to play with honesty. I tried to play the best I can. It’s disappointing… I played for the team, but the team didn’t play for me.” ChenBot almost apologizes, “I hope your birthday gets better from here.” They keep playing him as the martyr, but really he joined that alliance willfully, and he knew full well there was a target on his and the others’ backs.

Over the past day or so, the houseguests have been experiencing some strange sightings. Erika is sitting alone in the kitchen when she is surprised by the image of a red human face in the mirror. It fades away quickly, before anyone else can see it. She screams and explains to the others that she has seen Alison’s refection in the mirror but they laugh and don’t really believe her. “Hey look, there’s Elvis!” teases Will. Later, Janelle is alone, reading in her room when she sees a ghostly face in the mirror. She screams incredibly loudly, bringing the houseguests running into her room. She points at the mirror, “Alison!” (It wasn’t Alison though.) “Stop lying Janelle,” is Danielle’s response. While Erika and Janelle are in the bathroom trying to explain to Mike what they saw, Boogie sees a face in the bathroom mirror and, no lie, PUSHES Erika and Janelle out of the way as he runs away. Bwahahahaha!