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So You Thnk You Can Dance 2, 08/09/06 – Climbing on the Love Boat With Mary

Travis dances his usual contemporary solo to Konstantine by Something Corporate, but there is nothing usual about the dance. This guy wants this win … bad. You can see it.

Heidi and Donyelle are doing their required dance together to a Tyce Dioro Broadway number. Donyelle says everyone calls Heidi a spitfire because she’s so little, and Mia has called Donyelle a quiet fire, so she believes they’ll have some flames going with this. They’re dancing to Big Spender from the Sweet Charity soundtrack. they each have huge white fake eyelashes on, and they appear very catlike. Something is definitely going on with Donyelle tonight. She just doesn’t seem “on.”

Nigel says he remembers the original Bob Fosse routine the the song, and says it’s difficult then for him to latch onto where Tyce was going with the eyelashes and all. He knows they shouldn’t discuss the choreography here, but last year Tyce did an amazing job on All That Jazz last year. He says this dance was quite simplistic, and when that happens, you have to bring something of yourself. The smiles on the girls was not enough. Mary thinks they needed a lot more attitude in the performance, but did a great job with what they were given. Brian says the execution of the choreography was on point, but he agrees with Nigel on the performance. Bob Fosse is Brian’s idol, and is a legend. He asks Heidi and Donyelle if they have seen Sweet Charity, and they both say yes. He says it’s about the faces, as the dancing is the smallest of movements. this performance was just ordinary, but besides that, the dancing was great.

Benji dances his solo and is just absolutely wowing everyone like he always does. He does a solo version of his swing to The House is Rockin’ by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. At the end he does a rock star move, falling into the audience. You just can’t help but love this guy.

Donyelle and Travis pair up on a contemporary style piece choreographed by Mia Michaels. She is calling it blues contemporary, and they want to know what the heck blues contemporary is. She says it will be a kind of lazy, looking up at the stars kind of thing, but actually very difficult. It’s set to Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles, and my son notes that Travis is looking like Urkel in his costume. At one point, Donyelle should be balancing on one foot, and she almost falls. Again I have to ask what’s going on with her tonight.

Nigel points out there this isn’t anything that is set to grab you in the dance, so it needs to be a dynamic set to take you back to brighter days when things were more laid back as you let the clouds go rolling by. Travis and Donyelle are expected to be good at contemporary, as it’s both of their styles, and Nigel says they totally captured him and took him back. He calls it beautifully done and beautiful to watch. Mary calls the dance absolutely beautiful, and says the two of them were captivating to watch and unbelievable. The assisted leap they did was beautiful, as were the leaps and rolling over. Mary notes that her father used to take her down to Georgia all the time, and this made her feel like having a mint julep and a big ole peach. Brian says it was like watching a painting that kept on moving. It was art, and he loves w hen dance is art, as he gives a shout out to Mia in the audience. He feels Donyelle finally did what he was asking her to do, and it’s one of his favorites pieces that she h as done all year.

The moment we have all been waiting for, and Heidi and Benji are pairing up again on a salsa routine. Choregrapher Alex De Silva says this dance is more about style than technique, and they had it down in in the first half hour, leaving them to only tweak it. It also allows Benji some time to collect on a bet from earlier in the season. Alex had told him that if he pulled off a certain dance, he would let him borrow his car for the day. Alex is left to hand over the keys to his decked out old car to Benji. Doing the salsa to La Comay by Sonora Carruseles, Benji is wearing Alex De Silva’s jacket, with a rhinestone guitar on the back. They do an awesome lift, then spin, and Benji appears to pull her up with his finger. It’s just amazing.

Nigel says that just as Heidi is the best partner of the girls, Benji is the best partner of the guys, and together they are sensational. There was much for him to enjoy with the intricasies of the foot and leg movements, the flips, the lift at the end. It was all terrific. He mentions Alex’s jacket, and Benji reveals he’s wearing his shirt underneath as well, which says LOVE in rhinestones. Mary says she has to hop on the Love Boat once again. she thought the dance was terrific, and says it was not an easy lift they did, but very cool. Brian has one question to ask the both of them. He wants to know if they will do that at his next birthday party. He thinks they could se tit up where they come out of the cake with it possible. He is on the Love Boat, too, and adds, “Toot. Toot.”

The dancers aren’t quite done yet, as now they will all dance together to a Wade Robson choregraphed pop number. The four of them come into the studio with the guys carrying the girls and doing a beat box. Wade tells them they’ll all be like high fashion top models. With all their crazy personalities, he thinks they’ll have a blast with it. They dance to Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack. It’s just fun. There are no other words to describe it.

Nigel says the last three routines tonight were all tremendous. They have really shown why there were here, and he is really proud of all of them. He can see why they’re here, and they deserve to be here. He isn’t sure they all deserve to win it though. Nigel also mentions that Benji should be called Benji Stiller, as he looks like he’s doing Zoolander the musical. Mary says she just loves the choreography, and tells Wade it was really fun. She thinks all four did a really great job and were really tight. Travis, though, she feels is a little bit of a standout with this, and she’s not sure why. Brain loved it, and agrees that Travis totally sold the number. He refers to this a couture dance elegance.

They’re right. He did do great on this. Despite the fact that they seem to have trying to take Benji off his pedestal lately, noting his lack of experience of different dancing styles and techniques. They want to keep saying he’s more performance than anything else, but I don’t care. I’d rather watch a great dancer that is phenomenally entertaining, then a phenomenal dancer that is a great dancer. We all know who falls in what category here. I predict a Benji win, with it possibly being Heidi, but I don’t think either of the other two have a chance.

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