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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 10th – The Big HoH Blunder

Meanwhile, Danielle is saying that this was their chance to take Janie out of the house and now they can’t. So this is what she’s bitter about, not the fact that HoH had to be redone. Heh. She asks Booger several times if he knew the answer to that last question, and he insists he didn’t. She thinks that they should bring Alison back now, just to mess with Janelle. She adds that those of us on the internet can’t be happy about this, and surely we’ll be upset that Janelle was allowed to play. Let’s see … nope, not upset in the least. Seriously, if they were redoing the competition, then they had to redo it from scratch, not pick and choose who could play and who couldn’t.

Erika keeps moaning that it’s all not fair, and Danielle is saying she’s done. She’s not going to give them anything in the diary room any more, and she just wants to go home. Er, I think this is the first week of sequester, isn’t it? So if Dani leaves, then she gets a week alone. Chicken George is with this group, but he’s not saying anything. He’s just lying face down, looking mopey. Maybe he’s scared that he got caught eavesdropping again. Erika wants to go to the DR and protest.

Now it’s time to complain about how Janelle and Howie reacted to Janie’s win. See, I didn’t think it was that bad. She didn’t tell Danielle “give my the key, bitch!” or anything. They just dedicated it to Kaysar. And of course, this is coming from “I’m the black widow!” of last week, doing steroid body-builder poses under the web. Please. Booger says “3 out of 6” with admiration, and Dani tells him to shut up. Ah, I love the taste of bitterness in the evening.

They mention that Marcellas is in the diary room, and Dani thinks he’s giving his DOR. I highly doubt that. Howie and Janelle say again that this is for Kaysar, and hold up the HoH key to the camera. They go into the bathroom where Will is showering, and Janie says that she’s not making deals with anyone this week. It’s Danielle and Erika on the block, the end. Will says that he can wins comps, and will start actually doing so. Right, and Marcellas is leaving. Sure thing Doc.

Speaking of Marcy, he’s out of the DR and surprisingly, he’s the most calm person there. He’s found his Zen place or something. He says that this is only a blip. A blip in the game, and in their lives. Time to get over it. I agree. Let’s move on.

Marcellas tells Erika that Janie is out there being nice to everyone, so maybe things won’t be so bad. He knows that one of the floaters is going this week though. Erika goes to the bathroom to talk to Booger, and they try to figure out what will happen this week. They think they have the votes for Erika to stay if she’s up against Danielle. Booger jokingly asks Erika to marry him, and they hug. They both say that they feel horrible for voting Kaysar out of the house.

Now it’s James and Booger talking, and James says that Janie will only nominate girls. Ugh – he knows the reasoning behind the nominations Janelle wants to make, but he has to twist it around to make her look awful. James is concerned that the votes will reveal their alliance. Heh – not so if Chill Town votes to keep Erika in the game. James thinks that Will doesn’t trust him, but Booger points out that if they didn’t trust him, Kaysar would still be there. They discuss the food comp tomorrow and want to all be on the same team with Danielle.

Erika is telling Marcellas that she’s not getting up at 7 am for any food comp – she just won’t play. The whole thing is so unfair and she doesn’t even know why she’s there. Apparently she’s forgetting that she rode her bike in a bikini with a sign on her back to get votes. Marcellas tries to tell her not to go out like that, to have some class and keep her head held high.

Janelle’s HoH room is ready, but no one is very enthusiastic about going up there. It’s nice – not pink this time, but blue. Danielle and Erika come up and make no secret about being there for an extra glass of wine. They get their drinks and leave. On the wall is a picture of Janelle winning the HoH comp last year and yelling Bye Bye Bitches! Hee. Howie and Janelle are alone in no time, and very happy to be there. Janie says that she won’t last much longer in the game, but Howie thinks she can just continue to win all of the comps. They think Danielle probably got the Coup phrase correct.

Janelle says that she feels really badly about getting paranoid over James. Oh no. They think they should tell him and apologize for it, but they also think he’ll find it funny. Yeah, he probably will, but not for the reasons you think. Sigh. Howie is feeling really guilty for not winning last week, since it ended up in Kaysar leaving the house. They decide that they have to get rid of Danielle to keep James with them.

Will and Booger are in bed, and they both admit that they threw the HoH competition. Will gets up and goes upstairs to try and convince Janie not to nominate Danielle, but she won’t be swayed this time, even by Dr. McDreamy. He wants to know who goes up if the veto is used, and Janelle says George. Janie wants to make a deal for final five – S6 and Chill Town – but Will warns her that she should leave James out of it. She insists that he’s part of her alliance, and Will says “barely”. Wow, this time he’s actually telling the truth.

Erika is still complaining to Marcellas, who appears to have the patience of a saint this evening. She’s crying, saying it’s not fair, she wants to leave, it shouldn’t be like this, blah blah blah. Marcy is saying that they’re making good money, and she should just stick it out because she agreed to be there. Erika threatens a hefty lawsuit. Ugh. Marcellas says that she should just buck up, because she has a mortgage to pay and he has shoes to buy. Heehee. He says that they killed the fun of the show, but that this has to be one of the biggest reality show controversies of all time.

Howie and Janelle are alone again in the HoH room, and talking about how great it is that Janelle won, and how they’ve almost made it to the half-way mark. Much mutual admiration going on. They wonder how many alliances James actually has. Janie says she doesn’t care if someone takes her out of the game with the Coup – she’d rather go out that way with something she has no control over than lose to the Float Herd.

Now we cut to flames, and when we come back everyone is in bed. Wow, that was abrupt. I guess they’d rather have sleeping hamsters than bitter, lawsuit-threatening ones roaming about the house with wine. Go figure. It’s bound to be an interesting week! Can’t wait!

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