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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 10th – The Big HoH Blunder

Howie gives Erika a kiss, and she says “I almost stuck my tongue out”. That could be taken a number of ways, no? They’re all unsure of when the comp will happen, but they’re saying it’ll be tonight or tomorrow night. Will is on a tear now, talking about how the production staff keeps telling him to stop saying that things are being run poorly, when obviously they’re being run poorly. He says they should each just ask for their money and then hang out there and work out for the next 40 days. Then he suggests a twist where someone brings in a suitcase full of cash, and offer it to someone to leave the house.

Of course there are lots of flame breaks here and there. Will keeps ranting, we keep getting roasted. They wonder if the show aired with the mistake (yep!), and think that someone must have caught it in time. Heh – nope. Julie continues her streak of errors on the live shows.

James tells Janelle and Howie that the five people that voted for him are not All Stars, because they kept the most dangerous player in the house. Like yourself much James? Janie and Howie are laughing and agreeing, like they’re all still on the same side. I don’t understand this. Howie and Janelle know that James has defected. Why don’t they just tell him to stuff it? James says that they must be the five stupidest people on Big Brother, and that they (S6) will annihilate them.

Will says that the live feeds are definitely not running now, since BB will want to cover their butts with the HoH redo. Heehee. I enjoy it when Will says something authoritative and he’s completely wrong. Hi Will!

Pizza arrives, and most of the hamsters dive in. Danielle and Erika seem to have a touch of the depression bug, and sit alone playing cards and mumbling to each other. You know, I don’t like Erika and I hate the nominations she was planning to make, but I hope she gets immunity or something out of this. At least give her the HoH basket with good food in it or something.

Danielle and Marcy are talking, and Marcellas says that he thinks the thing she might have won will keep her safe. Seems he thinks Dani got to Coup d’Etat. Marcellas doesn’t join the pizza party – he’s headed off to the DR to see if he can get a thermometer. He thinks he might have a fever. Danielle and Erika join the others who are all sitting at the table enjoying their late dinner.

Here’s how the next couple of minutes go. Will: “Our tech guys must be smoking some serious weed!” Flames. Will: “I left the oven on in case anyone wants to go stick their head in it!” Flame. Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. Will’s funny. He says that the comp will be at 10:30 pm, and there will be a food competition tomorrow morning.

James goes to tell Danielle that Janie and Howie think that George lied to Kaysar because he promised Kay his vote, and swore on his kids. James rips Kaysar for exiting the house three times now and never making it to sequester.

Now they’re all saying that they bet people who saw the show started calling CBS immediately to complain. James says he thinks even the “fat pigs in Canada” called in, and I’m about to get all Canuckian on his ass until I remember that he’s talking about two specific fat pigs in Canada who Howie met on his trip to Toronto, so it’s all good. For now.

Marcellas says that he’s glad they’re redoing the competition, because he wouldn’t want to find out later that there was this big controversy that tainted the game. Well said Marcy, well said. Will and Booger are talking about the Coup, and what the phrase might be. They actually seem to think that Danielle might have got it with “do not assume”. There’s no way that’s it. Is there? Will says something about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Booger gets all excited and asks if anyone has used it yet. Uh, no Boog. ‘Cause it sucks.

Janelle is talking with Howie, Will, and Booger now, and she says she’ll go nuts if she wins it. Boog warns her that the floaters are scared of her and are trying to protest that she shouldn’t be able to play because she gave a wrong answer. This just sparks Janelle even more, and Howie says he’ll slap his ass and tell them to kiss it. Not a good strategy guys, but it’ll be fun to watch if it happens! Someone points out that Dani and James are having a secret meeting in the workout room.

I guess the secret meeting is over, because Dani and Erika are saying that there’s no way Janelle should be able to play again because … yep, because she answered wrong. They’re also wondering if George actually did promise Kaysar his vote, or if someone is lying. Erika keeps repeating that she won that HoH fair and square. They decide that if someone comes back, they want it to be Diane because she’d go after Janelle, they can manipulate her, and then beat her in the end. Hope you’re reading this, Diane!

James joins the rest of S6 and Chill Town, and they’re going over possible questions that they’ll be asked in the HoH comp. Janelle shares everything with James. Sad, really.

Now it’s time to get ready for the redo. A few people are just sort of moping around, but others are running to the bathroom for last-minute mirror time. Marcellas seems to be quite happy now, so I guess his “fever” was just a temporary thing. In the bathroom, Janie tells James not to worry because they’ll get it, but James just asks her if she’s wearing a new bra because her boobs look big. She says that she’s gaining weight in the house.

Someone says something about a bell or a buzzer in the house, and they think it’s another Coup clue. Howie asks Janie some quick quiz questions, and Janelle finds a fortune from a fortune cookie in her pocket that says, “You have the attitude of a winner”. Let’s hope that’s a good sign. They hug and pump each other up with high-fives and cheers. Janelle whispers something about how to win the tie-breakers to Howie, just before we cut once again to flames. It’s Awn!

Oh boy – they’re showing the competition on the feeds! I’m way too excited about this. I need to get out more. It’s the exact same thing as the first time, except they’re using the old trusty wheels this time instead of buzzers. Julie Chen is there, and she explains that, because of technical difficulties, the power is back up for grabs. Questions are still based on the BB séance. First question is what the images were called – spirits or ghosts? Everyone gets it right. Second question is about the colour of the wall is behind the shirt that Alison stole. Will and George are out.

Everyone gets the third question right (this is a sign of an easy competition, no?), but the fourth asks if Alison said the mime drove her crazy or insane. Erika, Howie, and Marcellas are all out on this one. Howie’s pissed off again, but this time it’s at himself. Only Janie, Booger, and James remain.

James is out on the sixth question, and after question number eight, Janelle wins her third Head of Household! Wow! Howie goes nuts, but Janie is subdued at first. Then she hollers out that “This is for you Kaysar!”, and Howie starts shouting “What up Kaysar!”. It’s so much like last year, except it’s Janelle as HoH instead of Howie. This whole thing right here? Totally worth the cost of the feeds.

Danielle mutters to Janelle that she must have been born under a lucky star, and then wanders inside to see if there’s wine in the storage room. Will heckles Howie a bit, but Howie isn’t having it. He tells Will he needs some sun, and then yells out “I thought there was no Chill Town!” Janelle asks Booger if he threw the final question, and he says he did. She tells him she loves him. I’m not sure he actually did throw it though – seemed to me that he was in it to win it.

Booger and James gravitate inside to Danielle, where Booger is apologizing to Danielle for not winning the competition. Dani is upset that Janie was allowed to play at all, and says she’s never been so pissed off. She says it’s a good thing for James and Booger, but she thinks she’s going home this week.

This is pretty neat – on the top two feeds, we have bitter Danielle and her minions, and on the bottom two feeds there’s Janelle and Howie hugging each other and jumping around. It’s like night and day. James goes directly from the whine brigade over to Howie and Janie in the tarantula room to celebrate. Janelle hugs him, and he starts launching his campaign to keep Danielle safe by suggesting that Marcellas be the one to go this week.

Janelle refuses to target Marcellas, calling him weak. She wants to go after Danielle and put Erika on the block with her so she has less support in the house. They argue over this a bit, but Janie is insistent. Howie agrees with Janelle too. Go figure. Janie hears something, and they discover that Chicken George is spying on them again through the door. They’re pretty pissed off about this.