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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 10th – The Big HoH Blunder

Happy Birthday Kaysar! Sadly we all know what his birthday gift from his fellow houseguests was, but at least he’s still just as popular as ever with fans.

It’s almost 10 am before we see any movement in the house today. Danielle gets up and washes her hair in the kitchen sink. They get a wakeup call, but most people seem to sleep right through it. Kaysar and James eventually make it out of bed, and James starts talking to Kay about Janelle’s job and how she’s a scam artist. By 11:30 there are some more people straggling out. Live eviction day never really picks up until after the show anyway, so I’m not expecting much.

Lots of flames for some reason, and when we come back, Janelle, James, and Kaysar are together in a bedroom, where Janie farts. She apologizes, and it’s back to flames. See, normally I wouldn’t actually recap farts unless there was something to follow them up with, but I just want y’all to get a taste of how boring Thursdays are up until the live show happens.

Now they’re back again, talking about bowel movements. I’ll spare you the gory details. An outside lockdown is announced, so everyone grabs food and cards to take outside. The video is still on flames, but we can hear people talking. And they’re talking about how hot it is outside. Howie says that being a meteorologist is cool because he can be wrong half the time and still keep his job. More sleep-inducing conversation about cars and Dr. Will’s office (which apparently does not contain a framed picture of his girlfriend).

Lockdown is over (that was relatively quick!) and hamsters are scattered around getting ready for the live show. Jams and Kaysar are talking about Janie, and they both seem to agree that she makes everything about her. James says that they won’t know who’s right until after the show when it’s too late anyway. He says that Alison called him before the show started and asked him if he had an alliance. When he said no, she asked him if he wanted one. Apparently the answer to that was no as well.

Kaysar is talking about moving somewhere, and Booger tells him that he can hook him up with some agents. Really, because Boog is such an icon in the entertainment industry, I guess. James tells Booger that he’s told Janelle he’s going to nullify her vote.

As they all get dressed and fix their hair and whatever else they do to look fab for the cameras, S6 goes over more trivia and numbers for the HoH competition. Janie tells James to just slow down and not stress out too much, and he’ll do much better. Janie, stop helping him! He’s going after you! Lots of eating going on in the kitchen too.

Now it’s trivia time. No, not the hamsters studying trivia, but trivia flashing on the screen with the funky BB theme music playing in the background. In a brief respite, we get Janie telling Kaysar to apologize to Big Daddy (her boyfriend) for her and to tell him that she still wants to be with him and she’s just goofing off in the house. Kaysar says that his heart just isn’t in the game now, that he was starting to get into it, but it’s too late. He’s ready to go home.

And now it’s trivia until after the live show. We all know how that went down, don’t we? Ugh. Kaysar is gone and Erika is HoH. What a fun week this is going to be. At least there’s the Coup d’Etat to look forward to. Maybe.

When we come back, George is talking about how much poop a sheep makes. Delightful. There’s much speculation on how long the sheep will be there. Will is worried that she’ll go after their pizza when it arrives. Speaking of Will, what the hell is wrong with his hair tonight? Put a barrette in it and he’d look like a 5-year-old girl.

It seems that they’re waiting for someone to come in and explain the rules of the Coup to them. Marcellas thinks that whoever wins it gets to take out one other person, so it’ll be a double eviction. Erika realizes that, as HoH, she can finally eat, so she runs to the kitchen for a tuna sandwich. She finally seems happy for a moment, but then she’s depressed again because she stabbed Kaysar in the back and twisted the knife around all over the damn place. Oh, sorry. I’m a touch bitter.

Danielle and Erika celebrate Erika winning HoH. There is some speculation that Kaysar is going to sequester now and may come back next week. Most people seem to think it’s past the point where someone would re-enter the house though, and I have to agree. Erika warns everyone to stay the f*ck away from her HoH basket, because she’s been on slop for two weeks and she’ll be eating everything in there. That I’d like to see.

Howie is getting more and more worked up over the competition. He buzzed in, and he thinks he was first, but his answer didn’t show up and he was eliminated. Of course, we know too that Booger didn’t even answer one of the questions and he wasn’t called out. Will agrees with him, and they all think that, if two people buzzed in at the same time, only one would show up. They all had trouble. Howie starts saying that it was a CBS conspiracy to get him out.

James and Danielle are whispering to each other. Guess what? James wants Janelle gone. Danielle is whispering into her microphone, asking them to call her into the DR so she can guess the phrase. She guesses something about Dolly the sheep and Project DNA (Do Not Assume) from BB5. I’m thinking no, that’s not a commonly used phrase in the Big Brother house. At least Danielle’s out of the running now.

Howie tells Janelle that the two of them are going up together for sure, because if he wins veto then he’d save Janie and they’d both be safe. Janie can’t play for veto this week because she gave it up in the previous veto comp. Janelle goes to Will and tells him that she’s doomed this week, but he says that they’ll figure something out, because Booger is tight with Erika.

James tells Will that the Float Herd wants Janelle out, then they’re coming after Chill Town. Somehow Will doesn’t seem too worried. But maybe he’ll actually fight to save Janelle now, since she’s a bigger target than he and Booger.

Howie is still fuming about his HoH buzzer, and Will is encouraging him to go and talk to the people in the DR. Apparently Howie has tried that, but they won’t let him in. Danielle tells Erika that Howie is a liar, but I rewound that sucker and saw Howie buzz in very early. There’s no way he should have been eliminated. Howie addresses the feed watchers, and says he shouldn’t have been out, it was bullsh*t.

Now they’re complaining about the Coup d’Etat, and most of them seem to agree with Marcy that whoever wins it will be able to instantly evict someone else. They’re saying it’s totally unfair. Well yeah, it might be … if you were RIGHT about what it was. By now Erika, James, and Chickenman have all gone in to guess the phrase. Seems a bit silly to me – they should probably wait for another clue at least.

Howie just keeps getting more worked up now. He’s saying that last year he went in for the money and to have fun, but this time he’s only sticking around for the money. He’s eaten slop, slept on cots, the events suck, the comps are a joke, and there’s a f*cking sheep in the house. He keeps going, saying that it was easy and he could have won it, and that it’s complete bullsh*t that he lost. I agree with him. Things clearly weren’t working as they should have been, and who knows what the results would have been if they were.

Interesting to note here is that James is trying to interrupt Howie every chance he gets. Not calming him down or anything, just trying to make it look like Howie didn’t understand how to work the buzzer, or changing the subject completely. What’s up James, scared of a rematch?

Erika is telling James and Danielle her plans for the nominations, and as expected, it’s Howie and Janelle. James seems surprised, but Erika knows that Janie can’t compete for veto, so she’s taking advantage of that.

A voice is heard over the PA system, and suddenly we get flames. When we come back, Howie is a happy camper, and he’s telling Erika to give her key back to Danielle. They’re redoing the HoH comp! Unbelievable! James and Will think that the “internet people” are going crazy. Yep, they’re right!