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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Weighing In On Fit Club

Huffing and puffing. Shameful underwater body fat calculations. Limping around a track. Riding adult-sized tricycles with a little orange flag blowin in the wind behind. Stepping on the scale. Climbing on the big scale. Harve. Ant. Dr. Really Long Greek Name with fabulous hair and no real function. Dr. Too Skinny To Talk To Fat People. Add it all up and we’ve got Celebrity Fit Club 4.

Overall, the show has lots of pluses. First off, it falls in the “Show Everyone That Celebrities Are Human” category. A lot of reality shows that involve celebrities do that, like Hogan Knows Best, Super Group, and the very disturbing Breaking Bonaduce. Fit Club in particular shows the most intimate part of a person’s life—food. The struggle with weight is universal, especially in America.

Secondly, it encourages people to work out. Harve has some great fitness routines.

Thirdly, it shows people what will happen if they devour all the food they ever want. Ralphi May. Viva La Bam’s dad. Bruce Vilanch, even sans beard. Pussy Pastore. These guys admittedly had no will power when it came to food and eventually found themselves at 300+ pounds. You may think, How can you not notice gaining hundreds of pounds? However, it happens all the time. You don’t notice the hundred pounds the same way you don’t notice the five pounds you gained this week or the ten pounds in the past two months until it’s too late.

Fourthly, (is that a word?), the crazy comes out and everyone loves crazy. Have you seen Gary Busey on this show? Actually, have you seen Gary Busey ever? Wow. If you call him crazy, he’ll probably give you an anagram of what crazy really means. He’s going to be making an appearance this season which I cannot wait for. In the previews, he tells the Fit Clubbers (as ANT calls them) that “team” means “together everyone’s ability matters”. Okay, I got it wrong because I can’t remember it exactly, but he has way too many of these gems. So “crazy” would really mean “could really annoy zebra’s yard” and then that somehow relates to losing weight. I guess I’m not good at this kind of motivation. But Gary isn’t the only crazy one. Paging Willie Aames.

Fifthly, it changes lives. Even saves them. Jani Lane. He would have been dead. Seriously. But he lost some weight, got a haircut, hopefully got contacts (what was up with those goggle glasses?), and got sober. See? Sobriety does have a lot to do with being healthy. Don’t drink and don’t do drugs and you may find yourself a happier person.

Finally, it’s Hil. Air. Eee. Us. The whole show. Non-stop. How about the time when Jeff Conaway fell asleep during the canoe challenge and then blamed it on allergy medication? Or when Bruce Vilanch rode around on his tricycle with a safety riding helmet? Or when Gunnar Nelson showed up to lose weight when he already was like a toothpick—omigod, Chastity Bono had plenty to say about that! The fights between the Fit Clubbers and Harve are fantastic.

And now, for the negative.
Dr. Too Skinny’s stupid nut and dried fruit diet. Stop promoting your book and just give them a nutritional evaluation and plan that they can use for the rest of their lives. Quit with the jump start cleansing bull and give them normal food. Nothing discourages a person from a diet more than restricting what they can and can’t eat.

Dr. Really Long Greek Name. She’s annoying. I suppose there’s some emotional factor to this whole process but arg! It kills the comedy. Is there a therapist on Biggest Loser? No. However there was one on The Swan. Hmmm, something to think about Fit Club.

And that’s it. Those are the negatives. So if the show got rid of the two doctors and kept Harve, I’d be a happy camper. Or clubber. Whichever.

[b] And THIS is why I love reality tv [/b]: Fat celebrities. There needs to be more of em.

I was watching Working Girl the other day and my friend commented on Melanie Griffith seeming a bit heavy. The thing is, Melanie Griffith isn’t heavy. She’s a normal weight. But since the movie is from the 80s, she’s way too fat by today’s standards.

Sure Celebrity Fit Club is aimed at losing weight, but it’s weight loss to be healthy. Getting rid of baby fat. Gunnar Nelson is the only exception to that and I’m with Chastity when she said he shouldn’t have been on the show. This season in particular is all about health because of Pussy Pastore—he was supposed to be on last season and couldn’t because he had a triple bypass. That’s scary. That’s real.

Hollywood today presents a dangerous body image. Fit Club not only focuses on health and condemns that body image, but it shows celebrities not afraid to show their fat on television. The plan is to lose the fat, but more importantly, to begin living a healthy lifestyle which is much more important. Three cheers for fat celebrities. Without them, we wouldn’t have Celebrity Fit Club.

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