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Big Brother Live Feeds Extra – An Amazing Turn of Events

James turns his attentions to Erika, and helps her pick quickly who her nominations will be … Janelle and Howie. Not so fast, James. We’re on a really long set of flames, and I’m betting BB is deciding what to do about Julie Chen’s error, whether they should redo it or not. When we finally come back to the live feeds, Danielle is wearing the HOH key again. This can only mean that they overturned Erika’s win.

Howie is much happier now, and the HGs are talking about another HoH being held tonight still. Assumably they’re writing new questions, fixing the buzzers, and re-assembling the True/False booths. Will suggests they solve it be just offering him $50,000 to leave, and everyone starts taking bids on how much money they would accept to leave the game now. Will also suggests they stop telling him to stop saying the show is being run poorly when they keep proving him right.

The pizza arrives, and Erika is very happy to be able to enjoy it. Everyone is carrying off a party mood, except for Marcellas. He believes he has a fever and wants to go to the DR to get a thermometer. He then tells Danielle, believing she won the coup de tat, which she didn’t, that she’ll probably be able to use it to save herself by voting for someone else to leave if she is evicted. He’s wrong, of course, but it’s fun to see what their guesses are.

Howie is asked by Will what he would do if he had supposedly won the HoH, had screamed Pack our Bags Bitches to Chill Town, and then found out he had to redo it. Howie smartly ignores him. Will, walking around in a shirt that says “Julie’s favorite” then joins in with Goobie goading Howie that he and Janie should celebrate it big if they win. Meanwhile, Danielle doesn’t believe George, Marcellas, and Janie should be allowed to recompete since they were already out by the first error. Something tells me she doesn’t care so much about the other two. She just doesn’t want to give Janelle another chance to win. However, she and Erika take this to the DR.

Minutes away from the redo HoH competition, Janelle finds a fortune from a fortune cookie in her jeans pocket. It had been there before entering the house; however, it says she had the attitude of a winner. Ooh, I’m thinking this could be a good sign.

Surprisingly, the new HoH competition is being carried on the live feeds. We aren’t getting flames. This is amazing, and probably the best week ever to have the feeds. Julie Chen has stuck around after hours for this redo of the competition. Instead of True or False, we go back to A or B competitions that have worked very well in the past. The first question asks what the former HGs were called in the seance, and everyone gets it right that they were spiritis.

The second question asks the predominant color of the wall the shirt was stolen from by Allison. George and Will get this wrong, leaving seven in the competition. Next, Julie asks which spirit appeared first, Allison or Holly? All left get it right that it was Allison. On the fourth question, they are asked what Allison says the mime did, drove her insane or drove her crazy? The answer is drove her crazy, and it takes out Erika, Howie and Marcellas, leaving just Janelle, James and Goobie left in the game. The next question asks in which hand Bunky held the spider, and all three remaining get it correct that it was his left hand. Next, they are asks why Erik said he was back, whether it was for revenge or so that he isn’t forgotten. James gets the answer of not being forgotten wrong, leaving just Goobie and Janelle. They are both asked if the spirit that mentioned bagels appeared before or after the spirit that said meow. They are both correct that it was after. The last question asks which spirit used the phrase “the other side,” whether it was Josh or Bunky. Janelle has won her third HoH in the All Stars house, as she is the only one to get it right that it was Josh.

Wow. What a night to have the feeds. This is an amazing turn of events. She does not say “Give me the key, Bitch” to Dannielle, however. She does say that this one is for Kaysar. In a few hours, with mistakes made by Julie Chen, and with technical difficulties of non-functioning buttons, Erika has gone from HoH, to most likely being up on the block. It wasn’t a smart move to eliminate her heart in Kaysar, as the only other person that carries his heart is Janelle. It sought revenge.

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