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Big Brother Live Feeds Extra – An Amazing Turn of Events

This was one of those important HoH weeks on Big Brother. Now, we could be like The Bachelor when the host says it’s the most exciting rose ceremony ever … every week, and I could say this was the most important HoH ever on this season, but they’re all pretty important. Yet this one took on extra importance. The BB6 held power for four weeks until being ousted by Danielle and her Float Herd, which includes BB6 defector James. This week, Janie wanted to take control back and get rid of Danielle or Marcellas, and Danielle wanted Erika to to take control of the house to help her secret alliance get rid of Janelle.

On top of all this, there was a huge setup leading up to the HoH. It started with the faces of ex-houseguests appearing in the mirrors around the house, lit up in a reddish-orange glowing light. A seance was then held, and the current HGs got to see old HGs issuing personal messages and stealing some things from the house. The HGs weren’t stupid, they knew this was going to be coming back to them, and they were memorizing everything they saw and heard.

The HoH competition ended up being a true or false game based on statements relating back to the seance, and what was seen and/or heard. Assumably so the game didn’t go on and on forever, instead of just the wrong answers being eliminated from the game, if everyone guessed right, the last person to buzz in was to be eliminated. Everyone was ready for this one with their fingers on the buzzer. There was definitely a lot of tension all around.

Janelle was out on a question regarding whether Bunky mentioned Will being able to treat snake bites. That, of course, was false, as it was spiders bites, which makes much more sense to this season that is dominated by an arachnophobia theme. Janelle has guess wrongly, saying true, while everyone else said false … except Goobie. He had curiously never run in, but Julie Chen didn’t announce it. Later, the statement was that Eric from last season had stolen the black knight. Howie was clearly seen buzzing in, and his face told the store that he believed he had rung in, but True didn’t light up for him, and Julie pressed him for an answer, which he said he already hit it. He rehit it, yet was obviously now the last with the correct answer, and was eliminated.

Howie never stopped complaining about this. He definitely felt robbed. He tried to tell Julie, but it appeared BB was muting his mic. When it came down to the last two of Erika and James, Erika won by ringing in seemingly a hair before James, and was crowned HoH. After, the new power “coup de’ tat” was explained to us, but not the HGs. They were only told of a new power coming up that winnable, and only the person winning it would know the details. Their first clue was waiting for them inside the house. It was a sheep bow on it. I’m thinking it’s “ewe” or you. They also use a sheep with a bow for all those puzzle games that need a picture for the word “you.”

After that excitement the live show went off the air, the sheep left, and Howie wasn’t going to let it go that he knew he was wronged. He was begging BB to call him into the DR so that he could place a formal complaint. While Erika was already enjoy her first perk of HoH, eating real food after being on slop for two weeks, the other HGs started to mention their buttons not working well either. James says he should have won, as he thinks he actually rung in before Erika. Goobie talks about his button not working, along with some of the others. Will explains the technical aspect of the buttons, saying that he if someone else is ringing in at the precise same time as you, perhaps both don’t light up, and you just have to keep pressing the button to be sure you win.

We all understand that buzzers can work like that, however, if that’s the case, then don’t have the rule that whoever buzzes in last will be eliminated, as two people are actually ringing in first, but the one of them isn’t counted, and they have to rehit, and possibly now come in last. You just have to have different types of apparatus for that type of a rule.

Howie does not back down and keeps complaining. Danielle tells Erika she thinks he’s a desperate liar. Umm, no, Dani. Anyone with TIVO can tell you that when you replay it, he is clearly right. Of course, Kaysar now knows that they were set up this week by their “buddy” James, but Janelle and Howie are still clueless about it. While Howie complains to Janie and James about this grievous error, James keeps changing the subject and not letting him talk about it to get his complaint lodged.


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