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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 9th – Who's That Wearing Marcellas' Robe

James screws up big time as he sits next to Danielle and asks whether he should ask for his allergy medication now or on Friday. The mistake is that Howie happens to be sitting there; he tells James to get it himself on Friday.My question is if James did this purposely or not; with him you can’t be too sure.

Erika, Marcellas and Danielle discuss BB6 … again. Danielle wants to know if it’s true they don’t trust James anymore. Erika tells her it’s true, and Danielle points out the same thing happened last year. Then Erika wonders why they should trust him. The sang thing could be said about you, my dear. They also talk a little about Nakomis, and Deanielle admits she was hurt by her, but doesn’t elaborate on why. In a separate conversation, Will and Goobie then corner Danielle, and Will says the best way to spread information is by telephone, television, or Erika. Something tells mer her days are numbered. Goobie questions whether she is playing him, and says he used to want Marcellas out so bad, but if Danielle thinks he can be trusted, he’ll allow him to stay a little longer. Erika finds her way to this conversation, of course, and it ends.

Whatever it was that happened with the “ghosts” this afternoon, they were really in the house. Josh was wearing Marcellas’ robe, and he’s really upset about it. He washed it afterwards, but still doesn’t want to wear it. And it’s been the one thing Marcellas seems to wear about three quarters of the time. He feels an invasion of privacy with it since Josh hates him so much. I believe that’s why it was done, Marcellas. Everyone knew it would bug you.

Danielle and Erika can’t get over the fact that Kaysar is honestly hurt being taken out this week. Danielle says she asked if they could still be friends, and was upset that he even hesitated before answering. They decide this is all because he is so young, at 25. Or, it could be because you two used him. Just a though.

Will goes on his normal internet feeders rant, but he’s getting more and more testy about it. I actually think it has a lot to do with getting in trouble for calling Julie Sweetheart. James and Goobie join in, but Will is just on a tear. I won’t bother to repeat his words.

Danielle and Erika’s new plan, of course this comes up after Danielle told the others in her group not to discuss stuff with Erika anymore, is for Erika to win HoH, nominated James and Howie in order to backdoor Janelle. Danielle worries though that Howie might not use the PoV if he won it, knowing that Janie would be backdoored, and wanting to protect her since she can’t play veto next week. Erika appears to only be good at endurance, and it’s not likely to do two in a row with that. Plus, with the overthrow the HoH thing coming up, I see Janie going on a tear to win that thing if she isn’t HoH. Never count that girl out. She’s like Brett Favre. This strategy session breaks up when Danielle leaves to “tinkle.”

Will and Goobie do their own strategy talk, but it’s not all together clear what their plan is. They plan on telling the others that they heard Danielle is after them and that they can’t agree on who she leave and who should stay. Either way, I’m sure these two will change it all ten fold by tomorrow evening.

In another room, Howie had overheard Marcellas and Danielle talk about pretending that they still hate each other even though they are now working together. He tells Kaysar and Janie this information, and says if he wins HoH, he’s going to tell Marcellas to, “Pack your bag, Bitch!” Kaysar warns him not to get the Hurricane going. They then turn their attention to James, and they all feel bad for doubting him and thinking he had an alliance with Danielle. Argh! Sometimes you have to question this naivete. They do notice a rat, however, in the spider cage, and decide to keep the information to themselves. It turns out, however, that Will was the evildoer that put the rat in the cage.

Kaysar and Janelle talk with Chill Town in the bedroom. Kaysar wants to know if he has their votes, and they tell him they love both him and James, and hate both of them as well. They ask if Kaysar has the other vote he would need to stay, and he assures them they do, but Chill Town tells them the Flat Herd is telling them it’s the other way around. Kaysar goes to the other room, wakes up George, and asks him if he’s voting for him. George, not even groggy, laughs, and says he can’t tell him because it’s against the rules. He reports back to Chill town, but they are noncommittal, and want to sleep on it. They still talk about wanting BB6 and them in the finals. Kaysar and Janie says they will take Danielle out next week if Kaysar stays.

Janelle is asked why she was against Diane, and she says she couldn’t take out Danielle, because James wouldn’t allow it, and Erika and Marcellas were both so nice, pretending to have her back. Now it’s different, and she hates Marcellas. She is asked what she’ll do if she wins HoH, and Marcellas comes upstairs expecting to share the HoH room with her. She claims she’ll slam the door on him. I would love to see that. They discuss the possible Marcellas/Danielle alliance, but Will wants some hardcore proof.

Janelle and Kaysar leave, and Chill Town isn’t sure what to do, and discuss signals on who to vote for during the live show tomorrow night. They would love to vote out James, just because it would be fun to watch, but know he’s a good ally at times to them. They agree that if Marcellas and Danielle are secretly working together, they are in trouble. They play with a lot of different scenarios, but it sounds like they aren’t going to make a decision until during the live show.

Basically everyone second guesses themselves to death until they go to bed. Thursday’s live show should be pretty interesting, as we should hopefully find out what’s up with these HG ghosts. Whether they’re coming into the game at some point or not, it will still be an interesting show. And that’s not even counting on whatever happens with Will not being allowed to talk, the live vote, the HOH comp, etc. I wonder if Will will be allowed to tell Julie his vote live?

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