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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 9th – Who's That Wearing Marcellas' Robe

James then runs into a SR strategy session, a real quickie, with Danielle, and Will. Will informs them that Janelle just confirmed for him that she can’t play for PoV next week. Will also says he’s heard that Erika is telling the others that Danielle wants James to stay. They decide Erika is cut off from information now, and that they’ll cover it, saying that chill Town is being threatened to take out James by Danielle because he’s the better competitor. And you think the Sovs will fall for that? Well, I’ve seen weirder things this season. I’ll admit that.

James is told to start campaigning to stay, since some are suspicious that he wasn’t trying before. He hits up Howie first, saying he won’t campaign, but then proceeds to do so. He tells Howie they’ve agreed on a lot this year so far, and if he stays, he’s a bigger target to keep it off of Howie than Kaysar is. Surely Howie isn’t falling for this. Howie vows to do what’s best for him, and walks around the house looking for ghosts and demanding to seem some, since he hasn’t yet.

On outside lockdown, Marcellas doesn’t believe the faces in the mirror mean anything about the game. He thinks they’re probably just in town to do House Calls, and makes mention that they probably had to pay their own way there. So they’re doing mirror cameos to pay for it? Will, though, thinks something big must be going on today or tomorrow because of the extra lockdown. The feeds do show a quick moment of the inside of the house during the lockdown, and there are lots of people inside attending to “something.”

The talk outside moves to sports, and Howie admits he used to think the first pitch counted as a ball, and Danielle advises him not tell anyone else that. Oops, too late. James talks about being upset with Ricky Williams for ruining the Miami Dolphins with his pot smoking. Will wants to know why that’s such a big deal, pointing out the worst thing a stoned person does is eat a bag of Cheetos. Goobie moves the conversation to bullying and a jock telling him as a heavy kid that he should try jogging too. Marcellas adds that his bully was shot in a drive-by shooting. There has to be some type of justice in that. Goobie then talks about being caught in a driveby, and Will says that the first time he came to Los Angeles, he was hijacked in the Hertz parking lot. If he left behind a black glove, it was OJ.

The Chicken Man thinks he hears a real chicken clucking from inside he house. It takes a clucker to hear one, I guess. Will puts his ear to the door to hear, but it sends us to flames. When we come back, somehow the HGs have obtained the HoH camera, but it’s not the Float Herd using it, it’s BB6. We switch back to flames for awhile, and when we come back, Will and Erika are arguing over rights to a spontaneous eviction if it happens. Goobie then mentions something about Bunky doing some good acting. What happened while were in flames. Did they see Bunky talking about spontaneous eviction?

There seems to be some new living room furniture in the house, too, but we don’t get to see it long, as the HGs are put outside on lockdown once again. It appears they have confirmation about who these faces are that t hey have been seeing. Bunky is one, along with Allison, Eric, Holly, Josh, and a chicken. So George’s poultry hearing was dead on. Holly had been holding the devil duck from the house.

Back inside in the HoH room, BB calls out Erika, Marcellas and Danielle when they were plotting, for not having their mics on. Danielle is pissed, saying they knew they were plotting something, why did they have to be called out. Marcellas adds that the “blonde tramp” has been walking around all day without a mic on. Y’know …. she’s ticked at him, too, but she isn’t walking around calling him names. That’s just juvenile. He also talks about Howie having a five finger plan instead of four, becauase of his missing finger. Even Danielle tells him to stop, because it’s mean. She then kicks the others out of the room so she can do her HoH blog.

Janie, after counting the ducks in the house (did she get them in a row as well? 😉 ) is now going to Kaysar with the info that Danielle had told Will to spread around before. She is says that she heard from Will that Danielle wants James out of the house. Danielle’s plan seems to be working as Janie and Kaysar now feel back for thinking earlier that James was flipping on them. Argh! Will and Danielle talk outside about Erika being a traitor, and decide that she needs to go before Marcellas, as Danielle doesn’t wan to be stuck with another Lisa. A double eviction would take care of this problem, wouldn’t it? Apparently that little test of Goobie and Will’s to leak fake info to Erika to see if it got back to Danielle told them a lot, as the whole thing got back to Danielle.

Marcellas, after talking about his sister holding onto his BB memorabilia for him, launches into a story about having sex with a guy I am assuming is a stranger in a nightclub. He asks himself why he told the story, then decides it’s because he is a “joiner” and just wants to give the internet story. Umm, no, Marcellas. I would assume it was because your mouth has run away from you every since you entered the house. Howie and Will are outside having a much more philosophical conversation. Will ponders the fact that his nipples may be too large, and is thinking about a reduction. Howie asks if that’s possible, and Will says it is, and in fact some people have them totally removed. They both ponder their looks minus nipples. I want to know how many of you are examining yourselves right now with the same question.

Later everyone spends time mocking the internet feeders, and then the question goes around what everyone’s favorite BB moment of any season was. Marcellas’ is when Janie said, “Bye bye, Bitches,” which is interesting that he likes when she acts like that when he’s not on the show, but doesn’t when he is on the show with her. Danielle’s is when Jase got backdoored, and Cowboy told him he had just been bitch-slapped. Interesting then, that she led the charge to do it to him all over again.

The conversation takes another turn talking about their Halloween costumes as children. Erika wanted to be a gypsy to have an excuse to wear her mom’s jewelry, and Danielle wanted to be a vampire. Very interesting choices for these two. Marcellas wanted to be Speed Racer, but not Chim Chim. This is all honestly very fascinating to me. It leads into Marcellas then talking about not being able to eat at other people’s houses became his mother didn’t know how other people prepared their food. This explains him traveling with his own cleaning products. Everyone launches into Cher’s song If I Could Turn Back Time and then move into singing the theme song for Growing Pains for some inexplicable reason.


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