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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 9th – Who's That Wearing Marcellas' Robe

All the HGs have to be woken up this morning, but you would think that they would have had a hard time sleeping in the spooky house with all the people they have ever wronged in their life appearing in the windows and mirrors throughout the house. I know I would. It’s just like when the crew on Dick Van Dyke goes to the cabin and the face appears in the mirror there, and one by one everyone starts disappearing. Maybe there will be no more evictions, and that people will just start disappearing one by one this week. Oh please oh please make it Danielle this week.

Of course if it was me, too, it would only increase my paranoia. Erika and Goobie, the two that are most freaked out about the faces in the mirrors strategize first thing in the morning in the storage close. As James comes walking in, they mention voting him out. Again, I’d be on high alert with faces appearing all over the place. It’s never cleared up, though, whether Erika and Goobie were saying this just to get a rise out of James or not. Either way, he claims he’s not bugged out by he faces in the mirrors or that he could possibly be leaving.

Will wakes up not paranoid, but pissed off. It seems he’s been called into the DR and told Julie Chen won’t talk to him anymore in the live shows. This is because he called her Sweetheart on live TV, and it’s caused problems somewhere along the line. I can’t see being upset about that at all, then again, Will did admit after the fact on the live feeds that he did it purposely to annoy, like mostly everything else he does. I don’t know why this decision is just coming down on Wednesday, but I guess you can’t question stuff when there’s comments being said about the president of CBS’ wife. Will has vowed to not talk in the DR anymore. It’s sucked the fun out of everything for him. I kind of like in a way what CBS is doing to him. They won’t let him control this thing like he wants to, as he got himself put on slop before, and started eating, intending to just get a penalty nomination, but instead was threatened with a lawsuit. Oops.

Instead of talking about the people in the mirrors, Marcellas and Danielle are talking about their favorite topic – Janelle. They trash her for being a slob, and Danielle says she admits her stuff is all over the floor, but with Janelle it’s different the way it’s on the floor. Oh, I understand. No, I don’t. I’m just kidding. Marcellas then says he kicked Janelle’s makeup bag, saying to get this shit off the floor. Yeah, that’ll show her. Too bad you can’t be this bold to her face, and only go behind her back with this stuff.

Kaysar goes outside and pins down Goobie. He tells them Danielle’s nominations just don’t make any sense to him. She says it’s a direct repercussion of Janie’s nominations the week before, But Kaysar has a suspicion she’s been planning this for awhile, and works on Goobie to see if they can pull their two alliances together. He also informs Goobie that he thinks Danielle is using Erika to run info back and forth to Goobie and to get him and Will’s vote. This isn’t news at all to Kaysar, but and he offers up some of his own, saying that Danielle says she won’t campaign for votes as HoH, but he knows she’s campaigning for James to stay, and Kaysar figures it’s because he gave her what she wanted. Yeah, that would be a BB6 head on a platter. Kaysar offers up that James has been saying he wants Chill Town out next, and offers one last piece of info into Goobie’s ear, saying Daniele dislikes him only because he thinks like her an can figure out her next move. He’s probably right.

Goobie keeps playing the game and asks Kaysar straight up who he’d rather keep in the game – Janie or Howie. Here’s a clue right here. This means Goobie knows full out that James has already defected from BB6, but Kaysar doesn’t seem to pick up on it the fact that Goobie has previous knowledge of it. Instead, he just says he’d rather keep Janelle because he trusts her more as a player. They both agree that Howie could end up lasting in the game, though, because he’s just a good and not very threatening. Again, a clue. Kaysar, this means Janie is more of a target to Chill Town and Howie is. She’ll be targeted next. Goobie asks Kaysar if he regrets not playing in the PoV now, and he says no, as he would have lost. He would have never put the house on slop. He would have only punished himself by doing the solitary. And the big shocker here, is that the face in the doorway here isn’t an evicted HG, but Danielle listening in on this conversation. Hey, it save time with Goobie not having to go to the HoH and fill her in later himself.

Inside, Will, Janie, and James are talking about the faces in the mirror and what it all means. Janie thinks it means for sure someone is coming back, but James disagrees. Will is only concerned about what this all does to his projected sequester date. Yet no matter what, he doesn’t think it would be anybody from BB6. James say it doesn’t matter anyway, as if it was, whoever it would be would be working with the floaters and not the Sovs. He’s got a point there, as it’s not like they’ll bring back Ashlea or Michael. Although Michael coming back, knowing how uncomfortable he makes Janie, and with her flirting with Will, could be very, very interesting.

Janie then talks privately with Will in the workout room, and admits to him that she can’t play for PoV next week. He informs her that he knows, in fact everyone knows, as mathematically, it only makes sense that she was awarded those points for it in he PoV. He tells her to talk to Goobie and get his advice. She leaves to do that, and I’m working if I have to knock some sense in her head. She’s going to take advice from Goobie? This bears repeating. Janie is going to take advice from Goobie?

James gives Erika and Danielle a hard time for being afraid of the faces in the mirrors, and for being afraid of ghosts. He tells Erika that at 36, she shouldn’t believe in that anymore. He then switches gears and goes on one of his rants about politics, saying he wants to pursue it when he’s out of the house. He should, I think. Anyone that is that passionate about something sure pursue making it a larger part of his life.

Meanwhile Will is still complaining about being called out on talking to Julie Chen and calling her Sweetheart. He wonders why a 33 year old doctor is sleeping on the floor when he’s not in Bosnia. He says here they starve you and dye your balls blue. He wishes Goobie would have never talked him into it. It’s interesting that Will has made mention that Goobie was in hi contract, and now says this. I wonder if he really didn’t want to do it, and only decided to for the fun factor of running the show, but now they aren’t letting him and it’s pissing him off. It’s funny, they let him talk about it without flames, but once he mentions Les Moonves, we get flames every time.

While James is folding laundry, another face appears in a mirror by him. James just laughs, and says they can’t scare him. He thinks it looks like Erik from BB3, and says it looks like a real person, not just a hologram. Everyone runs in to see the face, and they all know it’s an Erik, but argue over which it is, BB3 or BB6. Janie says she’s know that smile anywhere. She knows it’s good ole Cappy.


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