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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 8th – Ghosts in the Walls

After this conversation, Kaysar seeks out Janelle and tells her that he thinks he’s going home. He says that the floaters see James as the most likely person to bail on S6, so by taking Kaysar out they’re really eliminating two of them. He’s pretty clever. He warns Janie that James will bail (too late Kaysar!). He’s feeling now that he’s leaving the house humilated – on slop, bald, and backdoored. Personally I’ve enjoyed him even more this season, so I hope that feeling doesn’t last too long.

They head to the kitchen, where Chicken George and Danielle are making something to eat. George goes to use the bathroom, and when he comes out he says, “Guess who I saw in the mirror?” They all look at him expectantly, and he replies “Chicken George!” Ha!

At about midnight, BB announces that the lights will go out in five minutes. So they do indeed have to go to bed early. Erika and Kaysar are talking, and Erika feeds him a bunch of BS about how she’s waiting to find out how Danielle wants her to vote, since she wants to do what the HoH wishes. She admits that she doesn’t want him to leave, and he says that he’s okay with it, but still wants to fight to stay. He says that he knows Danielle is working with James, and will ask Erika to vote to keep him in the house. Erika just keeps saying that she’s sorry, but Kaysar adds that he’s leaving because he refuses to be the wildcard in Danielle’s plan.

Erika is crying again, because she’s hungry and miserable. She says that if she has to do slop again next week, she’ll leave. She’s threatened to leave at least six times now. I don’t see it happening. Janelle joins them and they talk about the faces they saw. Erika says that she hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom for days, then she saw Ali and went right away. Heehee – she says Ali “scared the crap out of her” – literally. Most of the houseguests are either in bed now or getting ready. Danielle is watching the spycam.

Now Janelle and Kaysar are talking again, unraveling Danielle’s master plan. They’ve got everything pegged except that Chill Town is working with James and Dani. Kaysar thinks he has George’s vote, and they both wonder about how Will and Boog will end up voting. Janie wants to tell Chill Town everything they know, then lay out a plan for them to work together against the rest of the house. Howie comes out, and they explain to him that they think James has already left them. Even before the HoH comp. They all look really depressed. Kaysar says he’ll try one more time to talk with Chill Town.

Howie says that James isn’t acting nervous or bitter at all, which supports him working with Dani. He says that every other time he’s been on the block, he’s been popping Tylenol and acting out. A suggestion is made for Kaysar to promise Erika that he won’t vote against he if she’s on the block, but he says that she’s a target and he can’t promise to keep her safe when she knows how loyal he is to S6. He says that Erika actually went to the diary room today and asked to speak to Dr. Zachary, and asked for her DOR. They talk some more about James, and are now certain that he’s given up on their alliance and defected to Danielle. While they don’t seem completely surprised, they sure do seem disappointed.

The conversation peters out, and by 3:45 am even S6 is ready for bed. It’s been a rather depressing day, for both feed watchers and the hamsters themselves. The only highlights were the faces – I hope BB keeps this one going tomorrow!

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