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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 8th – Ghosts in the Walls

Outside, Will is actually considering using the jack shack. Don’t do it Will. Just don’t. He’s very worked up about some wedding that he has to go to on September 18th, and has apparently been in the diary room talking to a bunch of different people about how he has to be at this event.

Janelle and Kaysar are laying on their cots in silence. She wonders if Busto has the live feeds (I’d bet on it), but Kaysar thinks not. He thinks she might read the transcripts and recaps though. Hi Busto! Out of nowhere, a pillow fight starts up. They’re laughing and beating on each other with the pillows. Ah Kaysar, you have to stay in the house. This stuff is what makes us love your guys!

In the backyard, Marcellas and Will are playing pool. Janelle comes outside and watches, and Marcellas tells her that he misses her. She responds in kind. Weird – I wonder if they’ll hook back up once Kaysar is evicted? Janelle is waiting for Will, because he’s promised her that they’ll “do their nails, eat, and have a fat girl night”. She really wants to talk to him about keeping Kaysar.

Marcy wins the pool game, and Will heads inside for a sink-shower. Janelle is making them banana splits to pig out on. She even spells out Will’s name with crushed cookies. Nah, she doesn’t have a crush on him or anything! After they eat in the kitchen, Will and Janie head upstairs and start talking about … nail polish remover. Okay.

Suddenly Erika screams and shouts out that she saw Alison through the two-way mirrors. Ali’s face was lit up and red, like she was holding a flashlight under her face. Someone suggests that Erika must be hallucinating, and she is really freaking out. She says she’s going to have to leave, because she won’t even be able to sleep without having nightmares. Howie is searching the house looking for other faces, and the others are really struggling to decide if Erika really saw something or if she’s flipping her lid. Quite frankly, so am I. She goes outside and sits in the hammock, crying, muttering about how scared she is and wants to go home.

Will sensibly says that if it did happen, it will happen again because it’s part of the show. So they’ll just have to calm down and wait it out. He heads back upstairs to discuss nail polish with Janie, who thinks that if someone is coming back, that it’s just for a competition and not to live in the house. Howie is still looking at all the mirrors and windows, trying to figure out what’s going on. Booger is trying to comfort Erika in the backyard. They all seem to think that this means someone’s coming back in the house. Howie gets up and says, “I’m going to go take a dump. Don’t come out yet Nakomis!” Heehee!

Will and Janie are painting their toenails. It’s cute. Will is asking if it’s okay that he got some on his skin, then shrugs it off saying that it’s not like he wears open-toed shoes to work. There’s a bit of whispering about how Janie feels threatened because everyone wants her gone, and that if she leaves, Howie will be all alone in there. Will suggests that she talk to Booger, which is such an idiotic response. Kaysar comes up and Will tells him to join them. Outside, James is trying to poison Howie’s mind against Janelle. Same old, same old.

There’s still a lot of talk going on about Erika’s sighting of Ali. Will thinks that either Erika is losing it, or that this is why BB wants them to go to bed early, so they can scare them all.

Booger and Chicken George are talking about the face, when another one pops up in the window behind them. It looks like Jase. Kaysar comes over, and they’re still talking, not even seeing it! George laughs that soon Jase will appear wearing a Chill Town shirt. This is pretty funny, now that we know Erika isn’t losing her mind. Nice one, BB!

Howie is now practicing his Jedi moves outside, and he tells Marcellas that, in scary movies, they always kill the gay guy first. Hee! Chicken George and Kaysar are talking about how Howie will retire to the Jedi Retirement Home that’s full of Star Wars memorabilia. They’re laughing it up, but Erika is still freaking out.

Now there’s a female face appearing in the bathroom mirror. It resembles Alison, but I don’t think it’s her. Maybe Nicole from BB2? Janelle walks right by without seeing it. She goes into the bedroom and lies down, and suddenly she lets out a huge scream. Others come running, and Janie says that she saw Alison’s face, all orange and “out for blood”, in the mirror. Danielle thinks she’s lying, but the others believe her and are relieved that Erika isn’t hallucinating.

Soon after this, Booger is screaming like a little girl, claiming to have seen Jase in the bathroom mirror. Janelle and Erika are with him, and they all go running from the room. I guess if Jase had to appear somewhere, the bathroom mirror is appropriate. The face appears again, and it’s not Jase. Not at all. It looks more like the bland guy that hosts Treasure Hunters.

Will isn’t convinced, he says that they’re all crazy. Danielle and Marcellas don’t seem to believe them either, but Booger is insistent. He’s yelling that it’s true, he saw it, and even tells Will to f*ck himself. James whines that the whole thing is boring. Please, for the love of the game, vote James OUT of the house. He sucks the fun out of everything.

Booger and Erika are huddled under the blankets together, freaking out and hoping that this ghost face thing will end soon. They don’t like it at all. Booger says he’s not even going to try and pretend he’s not a coward, because that scared the crap out of him. Gotta give him props for admitting it. Then he adds that he hopes they don’t show his reaction on TV.

Marcellas and Danielle have decided that Erika is hallucinating, Janelle is lying, and Booger saw his own reflection and freaked out because of the stress. Good lord. Smack these people with a clue stick. Kaysar is outside working on George some more. Come on Kaysar, give this everything you have. James must leave! The conversation is logical, honest, and rather sweet. George is actually sticking up for himself, asking questions about why Kaysar fought so hard against him for the veto. And Kaysar is answering honestly, saying that his alliance was all staring at him, cheering him on, and that the adrenaline was keeping him going. He says that he knew it was a mistake to try and get George out, but once it was made, they had to commit to their decision. H points out that they had power the following week too, and if they really wanted George gone they would have nominated him again.

Eventually they start talking about farts and slop and they’re laughing it up like best friends. Seriously, if Kaysar is evicted on Thursday, I hope Howie and George make it to final two.