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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 8th – Ghosts in the Walls

Apologies first for this recap being late, and for being a little less detailed than usual. I’m running behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, not too much went on in the house that needs to be covered! It was a rather dull day overall, with a few exceptions.

At about 8 am, Howie wakes up with a bloody nose. He sits up for a while with wads of toilet paper, trying to get the bleeding to stop. When he finally heads back to bed, he’s groaning like he’s in pain, and has a hard time getting comfy to go back to sleep. Poor Howie.

Danielle and Booger are up and about a couple of hours later, and they head outside to chat about the game and how horrible Janelle is. Yawn. Please people, you need some new material. They rag on Marcellas too, complaining about how he brings everyone down with his negativity. Danielle says for the 76th time this season that he used to call her “vile” on House Calls, and she doesn’t understand the animosity. They think that the viewers are rooting for them now, and that we must have been overjoyed when Danielle won HoH. Er, no. Not really.

More talk about Kaysar and how he’s not as truthful and moral as he’d like people to believe, and that he must have lied to Erika about going out on a limb to keep her safe, since she was just a pawn. They reassure themselves that they have the votes to keep James in the house. I wonder if the rest of the Float Herd will be bitter when they find out that they’re voting against their better judgment only to help keep Danielle’s secret alliance in tact?

James is up and he joins Boog and Dani outside. James is already in trash-talk mode, and he says that he doesn’t understand how Janelle and Howie made it so far into the game last season. They all agree it was luck. Well yeah, a bit of luck, but the ability to win competitions sure helped. Now they’re saying that Will doesn’t really like Janelle at all, and that he was working her yesterday to say things about herself so she’d look bad to the “feeders”. Now it’s time to dissect Janelle’s job – how three of the girls tag-team an unsuspecting male customer, spilling bottles of champagne and chatting him up so that he spends more money. Ugh. Let’s move on, shall we? There’s only so much of this I can listen to after suffering through it last year.

Now Will’s up and outside. Say what you like about Will, but he doesn’t sit around ripping on people behind their backs. Sure he picks on Howie, but he says it to Howie’s face as well. He gets a few digs in here and there, but you won’t find him sitting there for 30 minutes tearing apart someone’s character. A brief conversation about how Howie and Janelle haven’t approached Chill Town about their votes is cut short when Chicken George comes outside. Thanks Georgie!

Now they’re talking about their rock video from the night before. Booger is still excited about having a “hot girl in heels” covered in water. Guess he doesn’t get that kind of excitement in the real world. George doesn’t quite know what to think about all of it, and I have to side with him on this one. I guess when you’re that bored, strange things seem entertaining.

George heads over to the outdoor shower for another cold-water shaving experience. Oh no! He’s cut himself! It was bound to happen, but this looks pretty bad. He sits down with a towel on his face, trying to stop the bleeding. There’s actually a good amount of blood there, and James is running inside to get a bunch of different topical ointments to help. Dr. Will tells George to just hold the towel to his face tightly for a minute to stop the bleeding before putting anything on it. Wow, lots of injuries this season! Will dubs Georgie “Chicken Sores”.

Erika is sitting on the floor upstairs, alone, and begging BB for something to eat. She says “Please BB, please. Just one piece of toast.” She adds that she hasn’t gone to the bathroom in five days. Okay, I’m no Erika fan, but that can’t be good. Then, out of nowhere, she peeks through the railing and calls down to James to tell him that she’s a bad ass and she’s coming after him. Someone give this girl some food.

A lockdown is called, so everyone heads outside. Will and Janie talk about sequester, and how they’ll get to finally read books and watch movies. Meanwhile, Marcellas is saying that the real goal in the game is to get to sequester, and that if Will and Janelle make it there together they’ll probably “do it”. He calls the last few weeks a ridiculously long amount of foreplay between them. Will warns Janelle that if a floater wins HoH, she and Howie are going up. Eventually the conversation turns to the fact that Janelle has new boobs this year. Last year they were saline, and this year they’re silicone. In case you were curious.

Back inside now, the camera focuses on one of the devil rubber duckies missing from the lineup in the bathroom. Guess what the next HoH comp will be? That’s right, the ever-popular “What’s missing in the house?” game. I guess they need the extra time to announce the twist and bring in the Blast from the Past people.

Will and Boog head to the storage room for one of their whisper-fests. Seriously, they’re really good at this – it’s so hard to figure out exactly what they’re talking about! Apparently though, they’re going to vote to evict James because he’s the bigger threat, and not tell Danielle about it until afterwards. Love it – that’ll destroy any trust that Dani has left in them, forcing them to stick with Janie and Howie. Then Erika will actually have to choose sides.

Janelle admits to Howie and Kaysar that she can’t play for veto next week, and tells Howie that he’ll have to save her if she’s on the block. If they’re on the block together though, it’s bye-bye Janie. She asks them not to tell anyone that she can’t play.

George is searching around for his chicken necklace, which appears to be missing. I wonder if it’s part of the comp setup, or if he’s just misplaced it?

Kaysar tells Janelle and Howie that they need one more week of HoH, so they can take Danielle out and break up the Float Herd. They know that James wouldn’t put Dani up, so it has to be one of them. Kaysar adds that they need to try and get Erika on slop for another week to break her will. That’s pretty cruel, but then I don’t think he knows just how much Erika is suffering. He says that he needs to talk to Chill Town once more to find out how they’re voting. Howie leaves to go and walk around the house to see if he can find other things that are missing. Go Howie!

Erika, Danielle, and Marcellas are upstairs, holed up in the HoH room like they make fun of S6 for doing, and going over comps and stats to study for the next HoH comp. They think that, if BB asks questions about the other hamsters, S6 will have a disadvantage because they never took the time to get to know anyone. It appears that they haven’t noticed anything is missing yet, which is good. They complain that they don’t have the buddies that they had in their own seasons, like Amy, Jason, and Jack.

S6 is also studying, focusing on numbers for possible tie-breakers. James is there with them, and they’re correcting him when he gets something wrong. See, if they actually followed up their suspicions, they’d be feeding him false information.

Will and Janie discuss how they are being edited, and wonder if their significant others are understanding that there’s nothing going on between them. They’re still in flirt mode though, when Will asks Janelle if she would date him outside the house. At first she says no, but eventually says she would, which makes Will happy.

While Howie gets his groove on in the jack shack, James is busy kissing Danielle’s butt and listening to her talking about how Kaysar must be lying to Erika because she was never in jeopardy while on the block. That’s not entirely true – there was a lot of discussion over flipping the vote, and Danielle should know that since she initiated quite a bit of it herself. These people have the worst memories ever, but excel at writing revisionist history. Ah, finally James steps up and says that yes, Kaysar did step in to make sure Erika would be safe. Danielle talks about how S6 always told people how to vote, and that you can’t do that.


She said that you can’t tell people how to vote. Out loud. And this is only days after she calls a meeting with the floaters to TELL THEM TO EVICT KAYSAR! Even when they clearly want to evict James. Unbelievable.