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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 7th – All Star Reality Rock Band

Will and Goobie finally get their All Star Reality Rock Band going, apparently it’s with air instruments. Janelle has on her heels, and they want her to stand on a chair while they throw water on her. Howie will be the drummer, and he needs to stand behind them, yell, “1, 2, 3, 4” and then start wailing away on his air drums. They want Kaysar to do security, like he’s from the Nation of Islam. BB tells them they don’t mind if they do the water thing, but they don’t want the mics wet. They change the song from being about Janelle’s “sponsors” to being about showers without hot water.

James and Erika have been added as crazy fans, and Danielle flashes the band … well, just her bra, but still. Will adds a salad bowl to his head, t hen puts it on George, and yells for everyone to jump in the hot tub. Will then decides what was missing was his rubber ducks. After, he and Goobie decide Janie was a pretty good sport to go along with all the stuff they asked her to do, and Will decides he might want Janie to cut his hair. He has second thoughts realizing she’s from Minnesota, as he doesn’t want to end up with a mullet.

Some people are gathered in the living room, and Howie comes walking through in his underwear. Will decides he looks like a mentally challenged gay superhero, then says he says he feels like he has lost control over the space time continuum, as it looks like a worm hole opened up, and a pair of underwear from 1984 was added with Howie falling into them. I love Will’s sense of humor, and think he and Howie are the perfect foils for each other. Howie asks Erika what she thinks, and BB asks Howie to put on his microphone. Attaching it to what, his underwear? Will then says in his BB voice, “Howie, please put on some pants.”

Everyone is getting ready for bed, and with Danielle’s suggestion, they bring the pillows in from outside. Will has a huge pile of them around him, and when Danielle tries to take some, he blows up at her, saying he sleeps in a huge nest of pillows at home with his dog. He then replies that he’s not in the BB house because he’s normal. He has problems. Sounds like Roz from Last Comic Standing. She doesn’t have jokes; she has problems.

When Janie and Howie are doing their Janie doll/beefcake routine, Howie wonders if Julie Chen will ask him in a competition how many girls with real boobs are left in the game. I’m counting, and I think the answer is 0, isn’t it?

Sounding very much like the Nerd Herd, Erika, Danielle, and Marcellas sit up in the HoH room discussing how bad of players the BB6ers are. They call them amateurs, and claim the floaters are too smart for them. Marcellas wants to make Janie sound like a horrible person, but Danielle points out she’s playing game, as everyone she wanted out of the house is now gone. Suddenly they realize it themselves, and realize we are probably all sitting around calling themselves the new Nerd Herd.

Janelle talks to the guys about getting her dog, Bear. She picked up a magazine at the pet store, and fell in love with the one on the cover. She went to the breeder’s home and said she wanted to the dog on the cover of the magazine, and the woman thought she was crazy. She didn’t have any available puppies, but bred some puppies, and Janie got Bear a few months later. He’s named that because he looks like a stuffed teddy bear.

Goobie falls asleep and Janie starts a conversations with him in his sleeve. She asks if he likes Eerika, and he says, “showman with Erika.” He then mumbles something about voting for Kaysar. When Janelle gets real close and asks if he wants to kiss her, Goobie jumps up and yells boo, scaring the crap out of Janie. I kind of figured he was faking it, as when he’s sleeptalking, it’s usually unintelligible.

I ought to check in with my fellow live feed recapper, Aurora, and see what we can do for Janie. She wants a guy either from the midwest or Canada. With me in Chicago, and her in Canada, I t hink we can find her a guy. She talks about bringing Kaysar home to see her mom again, and Kaysar wants the internet to know they do not have feeling for each other, however, Janie also talks about when she was dating Michael last year, and he’d throw fits when she would want to spend time with Kaysar.

Hopefully Chill Town will decide to save Kaysar, but it’s not looking good. I’ll miss that dry humor of his. C’mon Will, reconsider. Do it for Janie.

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