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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 7th – All Star Reality Rock Band

Erika gives Marcellas the big news that Janie has cut him off. She says Janie, Kaysar, and Howie only have each other. As compared to you, Marcellas and Danielle only having … each other? Well, they think they have Chill Town with them, however, Goobie right then is heard whispering to Kaysar telling him that he and Will plan to pull the votes to keep him, as they want a final five of Chill Town, Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle.

Janelle and James have an interesting argument comparing the Float Herd to the Nerd Herd. They both agree to the comparison, but argue over who is which. Janelle sees Erika as April, Danielle as Maggie, and Marcellas as Beau. James argues that George is Beau, Marcellas is April, Danielle is Ivette (huh?), and Erika is Maggie. I tend to Janie’s comparisons a litte easier.

After discussing that they knew something was up during their season when there were no banner planes on 9/11. Goobie and Will devise a plan to tell the internet feeders to send banner planes during the live show Thursday night, as they have to be outside for the HoH competition, and BB can’t make them go inside so they can’t see them. So, if anyone wants to spend money on that escapade for Chill Town, you go ahead.

Janelle talks to Goobie and Will about traveling to Dubai with a guy she was just friends with. When she admits to going on a private plane, Will suggests she asks if she can bring two friends from a reality show next time along with her. Janie doesn’t think her friend would mind, and Will suggests they would pretend to be gay and holds hands in Dubai. Is Dubai ready for these two? Janie also talks about going to Beirut, Monaco, St. Tropez, Greece, Israel, and Thailand. Goobie asks if she stayed in a hut in Thailand, and Janie repeats, “A hut?” and says she stayed in a hotel room. Yeah, that’s our Janie. Staying in huts across the globe, using her $90 shampoo. The guys try to pressure her to admit she’s getting these trips for some type of sexual favors, but she says she just has rich friends, and that they are often guys she meets at the club, but nothing sexual is going on.

Suddenly, Erika has taken a huge liking to the Chicken Man. Suddenly he’s becoming integral to all the floaters’ plans, because they need his vote. When he says he needs to know when to give up in a competition, she tells him right now they really need to win. Erika also explains the BB6 strategy of eliminating the floaters, but keeping Chill Town around, so that there was another target other than themselves. She vows to help and protect him. Yeah, right. That’s because she needs him to vote to get Kaysar out, and she knows there’s a good chance if BB6 is back in power next week, she could be up on the block.

Meanwhile, Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie are vowing alliance with Chill Town, which Chill Town is appearing to go along with, according to Kaysar. I know they would rather be in an alliance with Janelle than the floaters, but the question is how realistic their deal is with the other BB6ers, as like everyone else, they have alliances with everyone, and it’s hard to tell who the true alliances are. Kaysar talks about his conversation with Erika and telling her he needs her vote, and she denied being in an alliance with Danielle. They are trying hard to flip this vote around to take out James. Kaysar also talks about his chat with George saying he’d vote to keep Kaysar, even though the others are pushing for him to vote to keep James, since Kaysar has been the only one in the house to be real good to him. How do you like that, Marcellas? Gave up your slop pass to get the vote this week, and it may not go your way anyway?

Will, in his boredom, decides to make up the All Star Reality Rock band. He will play guitar, and Boogie the bass. Janelle asks for a part, and agrees to Will’s demands of dressing sexy like a vixen on a chair. They plan to do it tonight and all jump in the pool when they’re done. Will asked BB if he could do that, and they said no, so now he really wants to do it. They want alcohol for their show. I’m wondering if they’ll be playing air guitar or what.

The Chicken Man has an idea for the live show this week, and is trying to borrow a jock strap from someone, but no one brought one with them. He wants to use it to create a gas mask with a sign that say s something about “have fart, will travel.” Will says he doesn’t they he has ever even seen one. Did this guy never play sports as a kid? When my son was playing baseball, they’d line the kids up and have a “cup check”, with every kid thumping their cup to prove they were wearing one. Otherwise they weren’t allowed to play. The whole subject to me, goes along with the things I never thought I’d say as a mom. “Please get your jock off the floor!” ” Would you please take the cup out of your jock before your put it in the washer and dryer? I’m tired of hearing it in the dryer.” So I’m thinking the good doctor wasn’t into contact sports as a kid.

The brick has finally hit Kaysar and Janie in the head, and they realize the plan all along with for Danielle to put up James as a pawn, and convince everyone to take out Janelle. Way to get with the program here. James joins them, and Janelle tells him they need to stick together, and he replies okay, unless someone pisses him off. He claims to be just kidding, but we all know when he means it and doesn’t, and it appears that Kaysar and Janie do now as well. Janie wants him to promise to only vote for each other in the end, but of course, he’s a little hesitant about that.

Just when you think you have Chill Town figured out, they talk amongst themselves figuring they’ll still try and throw the competition next week, and they try to figure out what James will do, meaning they are either figuring he will have the votes, or they just don’t want him to stay. They then decide if they win HoH by accident, they’ll put up Janie and Marcellas, tell them they’re both pawns, and evict Marcellas. Huh? Janie? Argh, I don’t know what side they are truly on other than their own. The two also plan their goodbye messages to Kaysar, and laugh about him getting evicted on his birthday, so yeah, I guess they want him to leave.

James, George and Erika discuss season 1, and George says he’s surprised Brittany was voted out over him since she was leading the AOL popularity polls. Erika points out that internet viewers are different than TV viewers, and James says internet people are more hateful, because they hide behind their screennames. Nope, not hiding. I use LauraBelle as a pen name for my writing, but my name is Laura Tucker, and I live in the Chicago area where your girlfriend hails from. Nice to meet you. Not hiding at all.

George must be thinking a lot about what James put him through, as James catches him staring at the memory wall, and asks him if he’s trying to figure out what his picture will look like in black and white. James mentions his key is gone, and George says his was once too. He then says he needed to shave his head and agree to eat slop the rest of the time here to get it back. Keep remembering that George.


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