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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 7th – All Star Reality Rock Band

Goobie and James are the first ones up this morning, with Goobie saying he was so cold and it’s hard to sleep on the floor, he just wants to go outside to warm up, yet they’re on lockdown. I can’t figure out why Danielle isn’t up first today. I would have thought she had caught up on her sleep while in solitary. Maybe she didn’t get a chance because people were constantly calling to her through the window and giving messages, thereby keeping the Black Widow awake. I’ve got a problem, too, BTW, of her referring to herself as that. The Black Widow is named that because she eats her mate, not her enemies.

Eventually the two are allowed to go outside, and after Goobie warms up in the hot tub, he listens to James complain once again about Kaysar and Janie. He feels they’re always targeted because they give away strategies. Ummm, not from where I’m sitting. They’re targeted because you and your buddy, Danielle, targeted them. You, Marcellas, and Erika are the ones giving away their strategy, but if that helps you sleep at night while you kick your friends out of the house … He also says everyone is upset that it looks like Kaysar could be leaving, but Kaysar doesn’t realize it’s Janelle’s fault. They had thought they would split up after sequester, and by then they’d have the votes. He blames that on Janelle, too, but again, if he hadn’t worked with Danielle to put Janelle this week, none of this would be happening.

James is called to the DR, and the house is given a wakeup call that there’s ninety minutes until the PoV ceremony. James comes out looking quite upset, then tells l that he had gotten his phone call. He talked to Sarah, and she apologized for the fight they had before he left to come to BB, as she was less than supportive. Sarah also told him that his grandma is in the hospital, but she’s okay, and one of his nieces, he thinks it may be the 5 year old, is talking, and saying, “James” a lot while she watches the feeds, so he should watch his swearing now.

First off, a 5 year old should have been talking for quite some time now, and judging by what goes on in the house, I’m not clear why 5 year olds, or children that are just learning to talk, are watching the feeds. There’s an old movie, but I can’t remember the name, where there’s a young boy that talks in some odd language no one can understand. They tape him and slow it down, and realize he’s repeating game show talk, just real quickly. James’ niece is going to have everything she says be about throwing people under the bus, farting, jack shack, and “the streets will be flowing with the blood of the non-believers.”

Will and Goobie devise a plan to put up Danielle next week, but make her think she is the pawn, yet really have her be the target. Hmm, the plan is vaguely familiar. Ooh, I know. That’s what she tried to do to James this week. What’s that phrase that she always says? Oh, I know. “PB, Baby. PB.” That’s another for James’ niece.

Goobie then finds Danielle outside and says he and Will want to test Erika to see if they can trust her. They want to tell her that their target next week is Danielle, just to see if it gets back to her or not. He wants her to know so if she hears something, don’t be worried. She asks if he’s kidding, and he assures her it’s just to test Erika, as it’s still Will, Goobie, Danielle and James to the end, because Will Will and James are good at backstabbing. As she mulls over the plan, Goobie says, “Coolio.” Don’t learn this word, James’ niece. You’ll sound like a dork.

Inside, Danielle, who the day before was in solitary with slop and a port-a-potty, is upset that BB only provides heads of lettuce, and not the bagged salad, saying nobody cuts up lettuce anymore, and Will is taking orders for making eggs.

Shortly after, the PoV ceremony begins. As expected, Janie pulls herself off the block, and Kaysar is nominated in her place. Wondering how to control the votes to be sure it’s Kaysar that leaves, James tells Danielle to just inform people that she promised to never vote him out. She says she doesn’t want anyone to know who she’s promised what. That’s right, because otherwise the house would be on to her that she has promised everyone everything. James wonders if they’ll have the votes or if they need to use his Nullify the Vote pass. If he survives, he wants to rename their alliance the Untouchables.

When you have a supposed alliance of four, that’s secret, and each of you has a real alliance, and also other secret alliances that others in your other secret alliance don’t know about, and each of you has been on the block already, I don’t think you can call yourself untouchable. There are so many inner-workings here, actually kind of like a spider web, that everyone is touchable. That’s why it’s funny that Danielle won the web HoH. She made all these promises in the web, and they kind of got tuck in them. All together: “Oh what a tangled web …”

Kaysar asks Erika if she is voting for who she wants or who is is told to vote for. By no one’s surprise, she’s non-committal. He won’t pressure her to vote a certain way, however, he was always honest with her, and got in fights to keep her when she was nominated. But whatever Erika wants to do, it’s her vote. As he goes on to rally George for a vote, Erika goes to bat for him, working on Danielle to keep Kaysar. A day late and a dollar short there, Erika. You could have used that yesterday to tell her to take the Marcellas day. Marcellas and Danielle then comfort Erika as she cries about the situation and calls it a stupid game again. Kaysar is pledging to help the Chicken Man next week if he needs it. Knowing James isn’t exactly George’s favorite, this could be the vote that Kaysar needs, as I don’t think Erika will be able to decide this one for herself.

Erika and Danielle are still commiserating, trying to justify their actions to help them feel better about taking Kaysar out. They decide it’s Janelle’s fault, and Marcellas tries to add input here, but is just going on vicious attacks against Janelle that really don’t make sense to the game, even saying she thinks she’s pretty, but she’s not. He goes on and on, and says Kaysar better not ask him for his vote, and he also says his battle for this year is to keep his mouth closed. Ummm, Marcellas, you’re losing that battle. He leaves after this, and my guess is he’s going to find someone to mouth off to about the S6, then again, the only people that will listen to him are up in the HoH.

Kaysar, Janie, James, and the Chicken Man are in the kitchen cooking, and they hear a scream from upstairs before Marcellas had left the HoH. Kaysar tells them not to worry, as they were just spelling G-A-Y with their legs. I love that dry sense of humor of his. I hope he doesn’t leave. James was entertaining, too, until he started complaining non-stop.


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