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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 6th – Free Danielle!

Janelle and Howie arrive, and Janie offers to come back later. Dani invites her in and tells them that she’s going to nominate Kaysar. She asks if they have a better option in mind, and Janelle points out that they will have three people playing for HoH next week, and she only has one. Those aren’t good odds. Dani agrees and says she’s thought it all out. Howie offers that they should work together and shake things up, and Danielle says “talk to me”. There’s no clear plan however, so that one falls by the wayside. It’s sad how these people just won’t fight for themselves. Danielle tells them that she won’t do their dirty work for them and go after the Chill Clowns.

The meeting over, Janelle calls out that this means war. She’s going after Danielle and Erika the next time she wins HoH. Howie is pumped up too, but he’s not quite in Busto mode yet. James is there too, and he asks how things went. Janie says, “not good at all”. They decide that they have respect for Danielle making a bold move, but that Erika has thrown everyone including Dani under the bus, and that Marcellas flips to whoever has the power.

Will and Booger go upstairs now. They ask if it’s Kaysar they’re meant to be voting out this week, and Dani says it is indeed. She tells them her plan of backdooring Janelle next week. She says that even Marcellas is after her now, but Will and Boog don’t believe her. Will leaves, and Booger says that S6 is falling apart now because they don’t know how to handle not having power.

Another floater conference is held upstairs, but it’s mostly rehash. They figure that, with James “nullify a vote” card, they’ll have to votes to oust Kaysar even if Chill Town doesn’t vote with them. George weakly suggests that Howie is a good guy, even though he’s with S6, but Marcellas snips that they should always vote against S6, no matter what. The group breaks up, and Danielle says to herself that she hopes Julie tells whoever is evicted on Thursday that Dani had alliances with everyone in the house. They all do Dani, get over yourself.

Erika and Marcellas play cards together, and Marcy starts saying that James is making him angry. He says he has enough power in the house that, if he wanted to, he could flip the vote and send James home. Right. Erika tells him that James has to stay, because he’s the only one who will go after Chill Town. What? They both agree that S6 is beyond contempt now, and Marcy can’t even look at them. Erika says she wants to bounce over to them and act all happy because one of them is going home. And they protest being like the Nerd Herd? They’ve made a barricade across the door to the room with cots.

Dani seeks out James, and he suggests that she will be safe with everyone if she just takes out Marcellas. Not so James, because she just told her royal floating subjects that they’re safe with her. But of course he doesn’t know that. They discuss how Kaysar should have played for veto, yadda yadda, it’s a shame that S6 lied to James and now he can’t work with them any more. Whatever.

Danielle goes away, and James decides to join Janie and Kaysar who are walking laps in the backyard. They’re trying to figure out if they have the votes to keep Kaysar in the game, but that talk ends when James shows up. Janie says she’s getting fat again, and then wonders if her boyfriend has broken up with her. Kay suggests that maybe she should tone down the flirting with Will, but Janelle says that she doesn’t use flirting as a strategy. Well, she does, but not quite as blatantly as Shave-My-Legs Erika.

James leaves, and Kaysar tells Janelle that he thinks she really does like Will. She denies it, but he’s onto her. They laugh over it all. James has slithered back up to the HoH room with Dani, and he’s telling her that everyone thinks she has an alliance with Marcellas because she’s refusing to put him up. She says that this is the first time anyone has stood up to S6, and they’re not taking it well. She doesn’t want to put Kaysar up, but he won’t offer to work with her so she has no other choice.

James tells Danielle about the truce between Chill Town and S6 to take out the rest of the floaters. He mentions that Will is even studying things now to prepare for competitions. Danielle is trying to figure out who Chill Town really wants out more now, the floaters or S6. James says they’re both scared of Janelle, so they’ll go after her. Uh, nope. They promise each other final two. Ugh – that would suck.

Marcellas and Erika are still moaning about S6. They want to take them all out now, one by one. Erika says that this is depressing, because their plan was to just float by to the end. Ah-ha! She admits it! She says that she hates doing the work by trying to win comps and nominating people. Then WHY are you playing the game??

Janelle and Will are hiding upstairs throwing candy at people who walk by. It’s kind of funny – I wish more stuff like that would happen. I like seeing them all goof off and have fun, instead of moping around insulting each other.

Kaysar realizes that he’s going to be evicted on her birthday. Aw. That sucks. He says he’ll be happy either way – he wants to stay, but he also wants to go home. Will is shaking the railing upstairs, and he gets a couple of “Stop that” warnings, plus a new one that I haven’t heard – “please be careful on the upper level”. He says that today was so boring that the highlight for him was throwing food at Booger. That would make my day too, Will. George, meanwhile, is grateful to still be there, since he thought he’d be gone in week two.

Booger heads to the jack shack and tells Howie that if he’s not out in ten minutes, to come get him in case the thing has a spring lock or something. Like he hasn’t used it before. Yuck. Once again we can hear it, and the camera starts going up and down slowly, then faster and faster. I’d be laughing, but I’m trying to look at the other feeds instead.

Preparations are being made inside for bedtime. Finally. Erika and Marcy are in the room of the former ginormous bed, and others are milling about showering and brushing teeth.

Janelle and Howie are outside, and Howie has a raging case of the farts. He keeps spraying deodorant, but it doesn’t seem to help much. He blames Janie for putting him on slop. They make a fire in the fire pit, and Howie tries to get it bigger by spraying his deodorant, getting a “stop that” from BB.

Kaysar joins them outside, and they talk about the votes. Janie wonders if they can get Erika and George to vote for James, but Kaysar doesn’t think so. Howie points out that they aren’t floaters any longer – they’re an alliance. They all vow that they won’t let a floater win the game.

I guess Erika and Marcellas didn’t go to bed after all, as they’re upstairs telling Danielle all the stuff that Janelle has told them. Like that she hates women and wants them all out of the house. When did Janie say that? They tell Dani about the barricade they made with cots in the bedroom, and that everyone wanted to get in. Okay, I recall the barricade, but what I don’t recall is anyone really noticing it. They yap and yap about how horrible S6 is and how they have to go, how they targeted innocent people, etc. It’s ridiculously like last summer, and now I’m hoping for Janelle and Howie even more than I did then. These people are even ripping on Chicken George, when earlier he had expressed to them how grateful he was to be included. Ugh. Not again!

Now it’s finally time for people to start settling down and getting to bed. Poor Howie has been banned from most of the bedrooms because of his farting. He tries to sleep on the couch, but every time he farts Erika yells at him. It’s not like he can help it. Geez. They finally all fall asleep, waiting for the hammer to fall on Kaysar tomorrow.

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