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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 6th – Free Danielle!

Solitary confinement report: Danielle is about to be sprung from her cell. She says to BB that she didn’t use the toilet because “that would have been nasty”. The rest of the house (except Janie) is standing outside the door chanting “Free Danielle!” She finally comes out and shouts, “Get outta my way! I gotta pee!” and runs upstairs. George and Will go to the kitchen to heat up some of the leftover Mexican food for her to eat.

Dani comes back downstairs and heads out to the backyard to sit with Booger and Erika. She says that it was tough in there since she was alone with her thoughts the whole time. She’s grateful that she had her robe so she could use it as a pillow. She asks what’s been going on, and they both reply “nothing”. She asks again – no strategy, no nothing? And the answer is the same. She missed nothing.

Boog tells her that “the four” are after Marcellas now. Er, isn’t most of the house after Marcellas? And wasn’t it Booger and Will who came up with the plan to try and get Dani to go after him? Obviously he’s trying to save face with Erika. He says that it was Janelle who put the house on restrictions, but she’s trying to pass them off on Marcy. He adds that if Danielle puts up Marcellas, then the house will vote him out and she’ll be able to take the target off of her back. Danielle, however, refuses to entertain that idea because she’s there to take out a member of S6.

Dani asks Erika to come up to the HoH room with her, telling Booger they’ll talk to him later. Once upstairs, Danielle keeps repeating “they just don’t get it!” She uses colored straws to illustrate that it’s a numbers game, and that S6 has the number to control things after this week if they all stay in the house. It seems that she’s counting James as part of S6, at least to Erika. Speaking of James, he arrives with a plate of burritos and rice for the Black Widow.

Danielle tells James that she cried a lot in solitary, because she was angry and disappointed. She really wanted that phone call, but gave it up so Janelle wouldn’t win the veto. Oops. And there’s James, with the phone call coming up this week. Heh. James goes on a tear about why he thinks Marcy should go this week, but Dani cuts him off and says that she told Marcellas to do what he did in the comp to create animosity. James is silent.

Talk turns to the replacement nomination once again, and James is still pushing for Marcy. Then he mentions Chicken George, but Dani refuses that too. James says that he really loves Kaysar and doesn’t want him to go, and Dani agrees. But it’s a numbers game, and she has to do what the numbers are telling her. She can’t put Howie up, so it has to be Kaysar. James mentions that Will and Booger are leaking information to Janelle, but Dani doesn’t seem too concerned. She says that she’s done with them anyway, since they don’t have her back in the game. She briefly considers putting Will up, but that doesn’t fit in with her numbers thing.

Meanwhile, Will is whispering to Howie and Janelle about what they should say to Danielle. Heh. He’s telling Janie to explain to Danielle that Marcy is a cancer, and that if Dani won’t go after him this week, then Janelle will have no choice than to get her group to go after her next week, and to emphasize that she has “a very large group”. Interesting angle, but since everyone is in alliances with everyone else, the only person who doesn’t have a “very large group” at this point is Georgie. Howie points out that Dani won’t take them up on the offer because it’s a numbers game. Yay Big Boy!

Back upstairs, James is trying to work the numbers. He says that, since he’s not with S6 anymore, their numbers are already down and she can safely take out Marcellas. But nope, Danielle has promised to break up the S6 alliance, and that’s what she’s going to do. Will appears upstairs and he starts talking about what will happen if he wins HoH. Dani cuts in and tells him, very sarcastically, that that’s a big “if”. Will is really selling the Marcellas nomination hard, but Danielle refuses to do it.

Let’s just take a moment here to look at Danielle and her strategy, shall we? She’s been telling every HoH two little nuggets of wisdom every week. One: Only nominate people who you want out of the house. Two: Let the house decide who should leave. So, she’s nominated her ally James for eviction. And now, even though almost everyone in the house wants Marcellas gone and they’ve gone so far as to call a truce in the house to accomplish this, Dani refuses to even entertain the idea. The moral of the story? Danielle is full of it.

Will tells James to give a big emotional eviction speech and ask that only Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie walk him to the door. Then Kay will be surprised when his name is read and he’s evicted. Sounds kinda like the Nerd Herd from last year, doesn’t it?

James heads downstairs to talk to Janelle. He says that there’s no way he’ll be able to beat Kaysar in the vote, so he’ll probably be going home this week. He asks Janelle to talk to Dani on his behalf. Why James, why? Is this really necessary? Janie agrees to do it, and make another plea for Marcellas to go up instead. She adds that now he has to admit that she was right to go after Diane, or else the floaters would have the numbers this week. Not that it matters when two of them are on the block, of course. Janelle is trying to figure out how to keep the four of them together, because she doesn’t want to lose anyone.

Outside, Will is complaining again about the lack of luxury competitions and how lame everything is. He didn’t like the margarita party (I have to agree – it was terrible), and he says that they had luxury comps every week in his season. Of course they didn’t have the veto then either, which Howie helpfully points out. Then he tells them all about the masturbation tent he tried to make last year, but BB made him take it down. That’s how he discovered the jack shack.

Janelle and Kaysar compare notes, and Janie tells Kay about her conversation with Will on the night of the party. Kaysar seems to think that the floaters are all telling lies to stay in good with everyone, and sooner or later those lies will catch up to them. They talk about Erika stringing Booger along because she knows he’s interested in her. Kaysar says that Erika keeps coming over to him, depressed about how awful the game is. He thinks she’s working him to be ready to go up and not be mad at her for voting for him to be evicted.

Upstairs, Danielle is holding a meeting of the Float Herd. Erika, Marcellas, and George are up there, and Dani is using the colored straws again to illustrate the numbers. George is grateful for being included, since he hasn’t been invited to a strategy meeting before. Marcy calls out Chill Town, saying that they’re the real floaters in the game. That’s true, but they’re so much more enjoyable than this motley crew. He adds that Kaysar is the heart of S6, and with him gone, the group will splinter. Danielle wants them to backdoor Janie next week, since she can’t play for veto. But she needs their help, because she’s a “dead woman walking”. Downstairs, people are working out and walking laps around the yard, and Will asks if there’s a floater conference going on upstairs. Hee.

Danielle tells the group to “scatter”. Marcellas sticks around, and they laugh about how the others were just agreeing to everything and not offering any help. Erika returns and Dani goes over her moment of glory in the HoH comp for quite a while, laughing at Howie and tooting her own horn.

Outside, George is telling Will that he goes to Mexico for his dental work. Fascinating. Booger starts throwing grapes, and Will and Janie catch them in their mouths.

The HoH group finally does scatter and Danielle takes a shower. Afterwards, Kaysar comes upstairs to talk with her. She tells him that he should have played for an won the veto, since that was the only chance he had to save himself. She claims that when she told him a couple of days ago that he had to start playing for himself, it was her way of telling him that he would have to win the veto to stay off the block. She adds that she has no choice, she has to nominate him when Janie takes herself off the block.

Kaysar tries to explain that he and Janelle made no deals with the Chill Clowns, and that Janie went after Diane because she felt threatened by her. There was no grand scheme to take out all the floaters first. He says that when he won HoH, it was only week two and too early to make a big power play move in taking down Will or Booger. How is eliminating Booger a “power play” anyway?

Danielle says that she can’t do anything else. Kaysar can play the game looking ahead because he has an alliance to back him up, but she doesn’t have that. (I call BS!) Kay just keeps telling her that she’s in a tough spot. Come on Kaysar, fight for yourself! Danielle asks if maybe they can work together, if she can become part of his alliance. He says that he had hoped they could work together in the future, but right now his loyalty has to stay with S6. She warns him that one member in his alliance might be working with Chill Town. Well duh.